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A beautiful part of Georgia, the Ajara region is waiting to host you and make you discover why we are ‘‘Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination’’. Ajara’s breath-taking nature is full of diversity and includes four seasons. Our mountains stand close to the sky and make you feel in harmony with nature and the picturesque Black Sea coastline is often crowded with tourists enjoying their holidays during the summertime. Besides the sea, visitors especially admire the region’s pristine and unaltered nature, which has lots to offer to eco-tourist lovers. Explore the trip to the crossroads between Europe and Asia.


Batumi City, known as the Pearl of the Black Sea is located on the coast of the Ajara region of Georgia, awarded by the World Travel Awards as “Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination”. Batumi has more than 2,000 years of history and a lot to offer to its visitors from all around the world. This vibrant city invites you to experience the contrast between ancient sites and modern lifestyles. 


Due to its all-year-round subtropical and mild climate, Batumi is distinguished by its remarkably green nature. Batumi has a 19th-century Botanical Garden, marked with rare species and the city is surrounded by three National Parks, which have recently been recognized by UNESCO as World’s Natural Heritage sites. The architecture of the city was shaped and designed by European architects in the 19th century when Batumi became a port city called “Porto Franco” (freeport). Batumi’s frontline stretches 7 km at the Batumi Boulevard. Batumi is home to diverse cultures and religions, where Christian Orthodox, Catholic, or Armenian churches, Mosques, and Synagogues have lived in harmony throughout the centuries, a way of life that can be a good example for our contemporary world today. 


Batumi has a splendid mix of beautiful scenery, a composition of the sea and high mountains, ancient cultural monuments, monasteries, mediaeval arch bridges, beautiful lakes, and authentic villages, which will make you travel in time. Nowadays, Batumi with its cutting-edge architecture, European-style squares and streets, world-class brand hotels, and old city cafes, turned into a cultural hub and often hosts major regional events, international artists, art exhibitions, and world sports championships. Including, its legendary hospitality is inspirational with a different flavour of the wine and undiscovered cuisine. 


If you want to get acquainted with the history of the city, you should take a walk in old Batumi. Here you will fully feel the charm of European architecture of the XIX-XX centuries, typical for Batumi. You will cross the paved streets and find yourself in old Batumi. The houses decorated with exquisite carvings are mostly two- and three-storied, with flower pots on the balconies, and the houses have beautiful, colourful doors. In the evenings, street lights are lit and old Batumi becomes even more thrilling. You will never get lost in the old part of the city, for this, you need to know one little secret of old Batumi - all the main streets lead to the sea, to the port, which is historically the most important place in the city. That is why Batumi is called a city that looks at the sea.


Batumi Boulevard is an attractive and crowded area. Its development was started by German, French and Georgian gardeners at the end of the XIX century. During the day here you can stroll through the alleys of coniferous trees, here you can taste the famous Batumi coffee and local cuisine, and enjoy the sea view.


If you decide to visit museums, visit the Archaeological Museum. In the museum, you will find ancient gold jewellery found in Ajara, the delicacy of which is still surprising. Every piece of jewellery has its history, behind this history stand the Colchians and the Hellenes, who lived on the territory of Ajara twenty or more centuries ago. In addition to the gold fund, the museum preserves the Greek necropolis of the V-IV centuries and Archaeological materials of the 5th century Colchian cemetery and Hellenism. You can also buy copies of some of the items in the museum. Another interesting place, 12 kilometres from Batumi, is the Gonio-Apsaros Museum-Reserve, a historic fortress that has been of interest to the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires for centuries. Another place we recommend visiting is Batumi Botanical Garden, where you can admire 11 hectares including 107 species of roses and 67 species of camellias. Blooming roses and camellias in the alleys of century-old trees, parks, and panoramas overlooking the sea, make this place unforgettable. From the view of the Botanical Garden, you can see the famous bay of Batumi and the new contours of the city, skyscrapers, and towers.


Batumi has its rhythm and this rhythm is felt everywhere, both in the historic streets and in the newer part of the city, where modern architecture will show you a new look at Batumi. Here the glass skyscrapers reflect the sun coming into the Black Sea, and due to their exquisite shapes, several buildings are even called the architecture of the future. Near the beach, there is a 130-metre-high tower with the letters of the Georgian alphabet, and near the tower is the "Park of Wonders", one of the most romantic places in Batumi, where, by the sea, there is a moving statue of a couple in love. Batumi offers a great choice for nightlife lovers: some like to walk on the Batumi boulevard, where various brightly lit music fountains dance all night, some are attracted to nightclubs, some - Batumi casinos, some in the summer, prefer to have fun in the seaside bungalow. And do not forget to look at Batumi from above. The cable car starts at the old port of the city, which leads to the mountain, 256 metres above sea level. Here, from a panoramic view, you can enjoy the view of Batumi, the contrast of mountains and sea.


Batumi is waiting for you!



Best hotels

in Batumi


Hotel Bloom

Hotel Bloom ★★★★

Located in the best-rated area in Batumi

This property is 3 minutes walk from the beach



Orbi City Hotel

Orbi City Hotel ★★★★★

 Located on the beachfront in Batumi

This 5-star hotel offers a concierge service



Sheraton Batumi

Sheraton Batumi ★★★★★

This 5-star hotel is located in Batumi city Center

Spa area with indoor and outdoor swimming pools



Kartuli Hotel

Kartuli Hotel ★★★★

This property is 2 minutes walk from the beach

Certain rooms also offer a kitchen with a fridge



The Grand Gloria Hotel

The Grand Gloria Hotel ★★★★★

This property is 1 minute walk from the beach

indoor & outdoor swimming pools with SPA center



Tapis Rouge Boutique Hotel

Tapis Rouge ★★★★

The property is close to popular attractions

Features views of the mountain


Batumi & Ajara region

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During the springtime, you’ll find Ajara in bloom. The mountains, fields, gardens, and city markets are given a new life, bursting with colours.


Summer is the most festive time of year in Ajara, with colourful cultural shows throughout the region, the chance to hike high in the highlands of Ajara, and lovely coastal areas, where you can enjoy the sea. The average temperature in summer is 20-30 C and it is pleasantly warm during these months. Ajara is home to several coastal towns, such as Sarpi, Kvariati, Gonio, Chakvi, and Kobuleti which are packed with tourists during summer.  

Batumi - Ajara - A 4-seasons destination


Autumn is another magical time of year in Ajara, with multi-colored trees, harvest activities, and incredibly pleasant temperatures. According to the Georgians themselves, the best time to visit Ajara is September. One of the main reasons is weather conditions. Warm days continue until October due to a subtropical climate, which provides excellent conditions for seaside holidays, rural tourism, and wine tourism. But by the end of October, it can be cooler and rainy, though you will spend an unforgettable time enjoying the foliage.


Batumi - Ajara - A 4-seasons destination


The winter is a great time for visiting Ajara as well, especially for the New Year's holiday or winter sports activities. Ajara is an excellent destination for winter sports. Just 110 km from Batumi lies Goderdzi Ski Resort, situated 2,200m above sea level. It’s covered with soft and dry snow from November till the end of May, which gives great skiing conditions. There are several types of accommodation types: luxury hotels, cottages, and guesthouses.


Batumi Ajara a 4 seasons destination


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