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Lisboa European Best Destination





Local culinary specialties from Bohinj include mohant cheese, zaseka with sausage, and žganci made from the local Bohinj corn. Various types of cheese produced in the traditional way can be tasted along the cheese trail or in small cheese dairies on farms in the valley.


Numerous traditional dishes originate from the kitchens of local inns, and new ones which connect local ingredients with modern tastes are constantly emerging. 

Traditional knowledge and crafts encompass wood working, herbalism and handicrafts.


Gorjuše village was once famous for typical pipes called gorjuška fajfa. Traditional pipe making and decorating wooden products with nacre are still performed by two craftsmen in this village.


Due to the extensive forests, wood crafts developed here and continue with the production of small useful traditional items and wood furniture.


Most hand-made souvenirs relate to the local breed of cattle known as cika and the floral richness, which are closely connected with the local way of life.



The Bohinjsko/from Bohinj sign guarantees geographic origin and the high quality of products and services.



Family-friendly destination.


Water adventures.

Land of Goldhorn – U'konc sveta so pravljice doma

Riding on Icelandic horses.

Rural tasks for the youngest – FARM HOLIDAYS.

Hiking and cycling – Bohinj Cycling Route.

Adrenaline park.






Green weekend, invitation to clean the Bohinj area.

The International Wild Flower Festival connects the local population and visitors at workshops and events connected with wild flowers and traditional knowledge. It raises awareness about the significance of the natural flower meadows and the local communities which preserve them.

Village festivities are most frequently organised by fire-fighter associations to raise money for their work. They usually feature a folk music ensemble and a lottery, while the villagers provide refreshments.




Ethno Weekend presents old and traditional customs of the local people, where wedding customs hold a special place. The Vasovanje event usually takes place on Saturdays, when the old customs of young men knocking on the windows of young women and charming them is presented, and on Sundays a rural wedding takes place, where usually a young couple from Bohinj actually marries according to the old customs.

Music Summer features events with world-famous performing artists. Most events take place at the Church of St Martin in Srednja vas, since it has an excellent acoustic ambience and organ.

The Summer BOfejst festival for children includes workshops, performances and educational activities.



The Cows' Ball (Kravji bal) is a traditional event that celebrates the return of Alpine herders to the valley. The event also offers a wide variety of local and traditional dishes and presents modern farming techniques.

The Hiking Festival in autumn features guided hiking theme tours in the high mountains and the valley.


The Fishing Festival in October invites anglers from around the world to try their luck at fly fishing.




Biathlon World Cup on Pokljuka Plateau.

New Year events start on 26 December (štefanovo) with a traditional custom (otepanje) and take place every day until New Year's Eve. 



Sustainable mobility


With its location in the protected area of Triglav National Park, Bohinj is a synonym for tranquillity and clean air. Therefore, reducing traffic is one of the key challenges in developing Bohinj as a tourist destination. Traffic should be regulated so that the area is people- and nature-friendly, thus enabling a good quality of life for the local population and contributing to the development of sustainable tourism. Bohinj is also committed to reducing traffic by introducing sustainable tourism campaigns like Green Weekend in Bohinj, Bohinj-ski Train, Bohinj Guest Card, cycling routes, and the purchase of e-bikes. Visitors can contribute to sustainability: instead of driving, they can use public transport and bikes or walk, and park only in marked car parks. 





The purpose of Bohinj Mobility Guest Card is to stimulate the use of environmentally friendly transport means. Bus, train, car train as well as the excursion boat are only some of the possibilities, which are offered to card holders, thus contributing to the reduction of motor traffic in Bohinj and to environmentally friendly tourism.

Free public transport, free parking, free addmisions, attractive discounts, special family offer... Available from 1 April to 31 October.



  • Free bus rides around Bohinj
  • Free parking in Bohinj
  • Free services and interesting deals in Bohinj and other parts of Slovenia 


Together for sustainable development.




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