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Best things to do in Europe
Europe Bucket List

The perfect European bucket list

There are millions of things to do and see in Europe, many activities that will allow you to get to know Europe and indeed yourself better.


Come and watch the dolphins in Madeira, learn how to make chocolate at a workshop with a master chocolatier in Brussels or be overwhelmed by the northern lighting in Iceland


Thousands of travellers voted and have made their European bucket list, the monuments they would like to see, the walks they would like to do, the museums they would like to visit.


Check out this selection of your 50 best things to do in Europe and book your flights, hotel and activities at the best price guaranteed and treat yourself with unforgettable experiences with family, friends, lovers or simply on your own.


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1. Discover Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Fogo 

Sao-Miguel - Azores - Portugal

Book your flight tickets at the best price for Ponta Delgada on the island of Sao Miguel, the main island of the Azores, as well as your accommodation and discover the most beautiful landscape in Europe.


You will be speechless in the face of the beauty of the two lakes formed in the crater of the island of Sao Miguel. Take the opportunity to visit the thermal pools in the natural park of Caldeira Velha and enjoy the Azores’ incredible flora. 


This is the trip of a lifetime if you seek real emotions and intact landscapes. You have ranked it as the thing you would like to do most in Europe, do not waste a second and book your holiday in the Azores, one of the most beautiful regions in the world.


Europe Bucket List - Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi FInland - Best things to do in Europe - Copyright ns023
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2. Get a dream ride with Santa's reindeer

Rovaniemi - Finland

What's more magical and exceptional than visiting the Santa Claus Village in Finland? Come and meet Father Christmas, his workshop and the post office which receives all the letters from children around the world; don’t forget to visit his reindeer and enjoy a little sleigh ride or snowmobile drive in the snow.


Book your plane tickets for Rovaniemi, the Santa Claus Village without delay. Book your tickets online for this visit of the village of Santa Claus and your hotel at the best price guaranteed.


We advise you to stay at the Santa Claus Holiday Village located near the Arctic Circle, 10 minutes from the Santa Claus Village.


Europe Bucket List - Best things to do in Europe - Meteora- Copyright   Kanuman   - European Best Destinations
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3. Find yourself in Meteora

Meteora - Greece

Meteora is one of the most extraordinary places in the world and undoubtedly one of the most spectacular religious sites. Come and discover the Orthodox monasteries built on these incredible rocks.


The best way to enjoy it is by following a hiking trail for a few hours to savour unique moments in this exceptional site classified as UNESCO World Heritage.


Book your plane tickets to Athens and discover Meteora by train. You can buy your all-inclusive tickets (train and meteora tour) online today as well as your best things to do in Meteora and book your accommodation at the best price in Meteora or anywhere in Greece.


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4. Declare your love during a romantic cruise on the canals of Amsterdam

No need to go to Venice to enjoy a romantic cruise on the canals of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Amsterdam is ranked among the most romantic destinations in Europe and is perfect for lovers looking for a city-break that combines relaxation, shopping, museums, bike rides and boat trips.


Buy your tickets for an Amsterdam canal cruise today at the best price and book your hotel and your flight ticket.


We advise you to stay at the hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam facing the Canal, this luxury hotel and its upmarket restaurant will combine the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable stay in Amsterdam. 


Europe Bucket List - Best things to do in Europe - Krka waterfalls - Copyright Ajan Alen  - European Best Destinations
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5. Get refreshed in the Krka National Park

Sibenik - Croatia

Welcome to heaven on earth! The Krka Park is Croatia in all its uniqueness and splendour. It must be seen to be believed! This 110km2 park is probably one of the most beautiful wonders of the world.


Sumptuous cascades of water pour into lakes of turquoise crystalline water. Take your family, lover or friends with you for a few walking hours of delight. The journey is yours. Leave the park at any time and and take a shuttle back to your car in the car park.


To get to the Krka Park, the best way is to fly to Split or Zadar and hire a rental car or transfer to the Krka Park. Book your guided tour of the Krka Park, your transfer by car or wine tasting tour as well as your air tickets and accommodation at the best price guaranteed to discover this wonderful park. 


Bucket list Europe - Best things to do in Europe - Cruise on the bosphorus   -  Copyright muratart - European Best Destinations
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6. Sail Between two continents

Istanbul - Turkey

Istanbul is and remains one of the most incredible destinations in the world. You can try and imagine the beauty of this beautiful city but this will be a far cry from reality. The only way to experience this is to book your flight to Istanbul and your accommodation at the best price. 


Take a walk in this city both very lively and quiet, very gentle. It must be its river, the Bosphorus, which brings all this sweetness to this incredible city. The best way to discover Istanbul is to treat yourself to a cruise between the two continents and a delicious meal on a 3-hour cruise on the Bosphorus. 


Europe Bucket List - Best things to do in Europe  - Copyright  VAndreas - European Best Destinations
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7. Go Pirate Hunting 

Zakynthos Island - Greece

"Schmugglerbucht"? If you find this name unpronounceable, you can always say "Navagio beach" the other name of this hidden beach. Imagine going back in time when pirates roamed the seas. 


Take a day boat trip on the sublime Zakynthos Island where the water is electric blue, the sea warm and calm, the sand white and where the sun shines almost all year round. You will also discover the wreck of the "Panagiotis" stranded on this beach in 1980 and also the magnificent nature which surrounds this beach voted one of the most beautiful beaches of Europe.


By booking online today you can enjoy a transfer from your hotel, a travel guide and boat tickets for an unbeatable price. Book your plane ticket for Zakynthos airport, your accommodation and your best activities at the best price guaranteed for a holiday under the sun of one of the most beautiful Greek islands.


Best things to do in Europe - Plitvice Lakes copyright Mike-Mareen
Copyright Mike Mareen

8. Discover the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe 

Plitvice Lakes - Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes National Park has been voted by travellers around the world as the most beautiful national park in Europe. Located between two extraordinary cities, the city of Zagreb, voted Best Destination for Christmas and Zadar elected Best Destination in Europe, this national park is one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Europe.


The easiest way to get there is to land at Zadar or Split airport, book your accommodation at the best price guaranteed and rent a car or book a transfer to the national park. This activity is accessible to all audiences since you can choose the duration of your walk and exit at different points of the park. You can use the shuttle to return to your car.


This is by far one of the most beautiful landscapes you can see in Europe so do not delay and treat yourself to a holiday in sunny Croatia.


Best things to do in Europe - River Thames Cruise  - Copyright  Lolostock
Copyright Lolostock

9. Have a tea on the Thames

London - United Kingdom

Whether you are passionate about fashion, history, music, architecture, nature or shopping, you will find happiness in London. Have you ever been there? London moves constantly, constantly innovating; the city you visited 2 years ago no longer exists and has become even more amazing, even more attractive.


During an hour-and-a-half cruise on the Thames you will enjoy a sumptuous meal and finish with tea, the national drink, while observing an incredible city that fascinates millions of travellers each year.


Book your airline ticket and hotel at the best price guaranteed in London as well as your best things to do in London. 


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10. Blow up your Instagram account 

Benagil Caves - Carvoeiro - Algarve 

Classified among the most beautiful beaches in Europe, the beach of Benagil Cave is a hidden beach which you will only be able to access by boat.


Buy your plane tickets to Faro, book your hotel at the best guaranteed price in the Algarve as well as your transfer. The nearest town to this beautiful beach is the city of Carvoeiro but you can also stay in Lagos, Vilamoura, Albufeira or Porches. 


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11. Return to your childhood days

Giant Ferris Wheel in Vienna

You cannot visit Vienna without taking a ride in its legendary Ferris wheel, one of the most beautiful and one of the oldest ferris wheels in Europe.


Discover the Austrian capital at 65 metres high by booking your tickets for the world-famous Wiener Prater. Built in 1897, it has long been considered the largest wheel in the world.


Book your flight tickets for Vienna as well as your hotel at the best price guaranteed and your activities such as Mozart at the Golden Hall.


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12. Discover Porto by boat


 If you are lucky enough to stay in Porto, you simply cannot miss the must of this destination, a cruise on the Douro. You have elected this activity as one of the best things to do in Europe.


The company Douro Azul offers cruises of several days whether you are looking for the gift of a lifetime or for a wedding anniversary or just to have fun. These mythical cruises are popular with travellers but also stars; Andy Mac Dowell, among others, is a regular (she even has a suite in her name). This beautiful cruise goes up the Douro and through the lovely landscapes of the Douro Valley and its sumptuous vineyards; you can also choose a one-hour cruise on the Douro, a good way to discover Porto and its 6 bridges which are real architectural feats. Buy your plane tickets to Porto at the best price guaranteed as well as your accommodation and your best activities in the Douro.


We recommend you to stay at the hotel InterContinental Palacio das Cardosas, the best hotel in Porto and for smaller budgets we highly recommend you to book your room at "Porto Moments", three sublime apartments, some with magnificent views of Porto.


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13. Enjoy a balloon flight over the Dordogne Valley

Dordogne Valley - France

The Dordogne Valley is certainly one of the most beautiful regions in Europe with incredible sites.  The village of Rocamadour is ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, the Basilica of St. Sauveur, the medieval fortress of Castelnau-Bretenoux, the Castle of Montal.


The Dordogne Valley also holds treasures of natural beauty such as the "Gouffre de Padirac". Visit the website of the Dordogne Valley Tourism Office to plan an exceptional trip.


A must is obviously to fly in a hot air balloon over the region to enjoy its sublime landscapes, ranked among the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. You can also discover this region by boat or carriage. For the more active, go for a canoe ride, horseback ride, rock climbing or stand up paddle. There are a thousand ways to discover the Dordogne!


Best things to do in Europe - Climb to the summit of the Eiffel Tower - Copyright European destinations in Europe - Copyright  Masarik  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Masarik

14. Climb to the summit of the Eiffel Tower

Paris - France

You can visit Paris and decide not to climb on top of the Eiffel Tower because deep down you tell yourself that it's good to see it from below, that it's a tourist catch, that even the Parisians themselves do not climb to the top of this tower. The difference is that they can do it when they want at any time of the year and you are in Paris for only a few days. Do not hesitate for a moment and treat yourself to this pure moment of pleasure and discovery.


You will discover the history of this incredible monument. You will learn that Gustave Eiffel had even built an apartment for himself at the top of the tower, but above all you will enjoy an incredible view over Paris.


To avoid queues, buy your ticket online at the best price. You can even treat yourself to a dream holiday by booking online an Eiffel Tower Dinner, Cruise & Champagne at Moulin Rouge or an Eiffel lunch on the 2nd Floor as well as a Seine River Cruise.


Book your plane ticket, your hotel and your activities at the best price guaranteed for an unforgettable stay in Paris.


Best things to do in Europe - Pisa Leaning Tower - Copyright RossHelen
Copyright RossHelen

15. Try to capture the tower of Pisa

Pisa - Italy

It has been leaning for years, almost a millennium! The most amazing thing is that the Leaning Tower of Pisa has always leaned as it is built on a soft slightly loose soil. It started leaning so much that it had to be closed to the public and slightly straightened up; since then it has remained bent but it is no longer likely to collapse (for the next 100 years).


To discover the Tower of Pisa and try to capture it in your hands, book your plane tickets to Pisa or Florence and schedule an afternoon guided tour with transfer from your hotel. Book your best activities in Pisa and your hotel at the best price guaranteed.


Best things to do in Europe - Best things to do in Europe - Discover the lake Bled in Slovenia - Copyright  Istvan Csak resize
Copyright Istvan Csak resize

16. Discover Slovenia's most famous Island

Bled - Slovenia

Take a ride across Lake Bled in a traditional wooden Pletna boat and discover the tiny but very charming Bled Island. Treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation and discovery on this short cruise on the most famous lake in Slovenia.


You will enjoy unique views of Bled Castle and visit Bled Island. Book your flight tickets to Ljubljana as well as your hotel at the best price in Bled or Ljubljana and your  best activities as a mountain bike tour from Bled.


Europe Bucket list - Best things to do in Europe - Bom jesus in Braga - Copyright Jan Jerman - European Best Destinations
Copyright Jan Jerman

17. Climb the stairs of heaven

Bom Jesus do Monte - Braga - Portugal

Portugal is an exceptional country, probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Millions of you visit the cities of Lisbon and Porto every year and enjoy a sumptuous holiday under the Algarve sun. You are also likely to succumb to the charm of the religious monuments of Portugal since you have classified "The Stairs of Bom Jesus of Monte in Braga" as one of the best things to do in Europe.


Discover "The sacred way" the zig-zag staircase and climb to the top to find out all the secrets of this incredible construction. If your knees cannot take it or if it is too much of a climb or descent, take the funicular. It is classified as one of the most beautiful funiculars in Europe.


Book your flight tickets and accommodation at the best price for Braga or Porto and your best activities as a full day tour of Braga & Guimaraes from Porto.


Best things to do in Europe - Aurora Borealis in Tromos -  - Copyright   Pigprox
Copyright Pigprox

18. Marvel at the northern lighs  

Reykjavik - Iceland

From September to mid-April you will have the opportunity to see the extraordinary spectacle of the northern lights in Iceland. Book your hotel in Reykjavik at the best price guaranteed as well as your plane tickets and go hunting for the most beautiful aurora borealis in the world.


A transfer will take you outside of the city lights to discover Iceland’s beautiful landscapes and, in the evening, the stunning northern lights. Come and discover the northern lights in Iceland by booking your "3-hour Northern Lights Tour" and treat yourself to a lifetime of memories. 


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19. Photograph David's perfect body 

Florence - Italy

He is now over 500 years and still has a dream body. We owe this masterpiece of the Renaissance to Michelangelo who carved a block of gigantic white marble and was able to draw the features of an energetic and determined young man ready to defend the Republic.


Do not be fooled, the original is at the Galleria dell'Accademia but the other David, a copy just as lovely, stands in front of the Palazzo Vecchio.


Book your flight tickets for Florence as well as your hotel at the best price guaranteed and your best activities in Florence such as your entrance to the Palazzo Vecchio.


You are spoiled for choice with over 4000 hotels, B&Bs, apartments and guesthouses in Florence. We recommend the hotel Firenze Portrait with panoramic views of the river and the hotel Rocco Forte Savoy located in the heart of Florence. 


Best things to do in Europe - Discover Burano and Murano Island  -  - Copyright   Olga Gavrilova
Copyright Olga Gavrilova

20. Live your life in colour

Burano & Murano Islands- Italy

Book your hotel in Venice and enjoy a day trip to Burano & Murano. Discover its colourful houses and its famous Murano glass known for its incredible colour. Murano glass will have no secrets for you if you book a Murano Glass Factory Tower & Glass blowing demonstration. Discover the islands of Murano and Burano on a boat tour from Venice.


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