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Hotels in Istria

Istria is indeed a feast for the eyes. Its streams flow to the sea through deep valleys and gullies which bring to mind the ancient local myths about giants. Rolling hills overlook the fields and valleys with little towns perched on the peaks, recalling some old paintings. The view is splendid: white-topped mountains, lush wheat fields, plateaux, valleys, vineyards and olive groves on hillsides, and, finally the sea.


As you get to know Istria you will notice more and more enchanting details: church facades and portals, tiny village alleyways with their specific architectural touches, the babble of a stream, the blossoming cherries. Everything is warm–hearted and friendly here: nature, towns and people.


Istria is the largest green oasis of the North Adriatic. The coast and the islands are covered with pine woods and easily recognizable green macchia. The main specimens of macchia are holm oak and strawberry trees 35% of Istria is covered with forests.


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Best hotels

in Istria


Grand Park Hotel Rovinj ★★★★★

Situated in the best rated area in Rovinj

Offering amazing views of Rovinj Old Town



Park Plaza Histria Pula ★★★★

The hotel is set 4 km from Pula’s centre

Spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym



Wine & Heritage hotel ★★★★

Located in the charming village of Motovun

An eclectic design hotel in the heart of Istria



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Tours & Activities

in Istria

Top things to do

in Istria

Natural attractions

The Istrian Peninsula has managed to preserve true and original natural values. The protection of such natural treasures, passed on from generation to generation, has also become an unwritten rule for today’s new generations - to preserve the unspoilt, sun soaked hills, highlighted with flourishing Mediterranean greenery, forests shading the Adriatic sea…


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Visit the Amphitheatre

The most famous and important monument, the starting and ending point of every sightseeing tour is the Amphitheatre, popularly called the Arena of Pula, which was once the site of gladiator fights. It was built in the 1st century AD during the reign of Emperor Vespasian, at the same time as the magnificent Colosseum in Rome.


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Horseback riding

Nature and adventure enthusiasts will certainly passionately ride and discover the beauties of natural and historical monuments of this unique Mediterranean pearl. Horse centers and ranches, with their thoroughbred and noble animals will make it possible for you, both for beginners and for more experienced riders, to have various itineraries and trekking paths along with the horseback riding school and excursions and other activities in the nature, complete with enjoyments in gastronomic specialties of the area.


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Coast and beaches

Whether you choose hidden coves with white pebbles, small or larger bays, or rocky sun drenched fragrant reefs, the pure and intact Istrian beaches are true wonders of nature. Though it has always been easier to capture them in paintings than describe them in words, you just have to think about them and the sight will emerge before your eyes.


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©Oleg Sidorenko

Visit the Butterfly Garden 

The Butterfly Garden is in the ecological centre of Eia, and is surrounded by the magic fairy wood, which includes an oak-tree hundreds of years old, known as Nono. Eia is in an area of untouched nature between Bale and Krmede, and has numerous ecological projects and unusual buildings such as a house made of straw, an earthen kitchen and an Indian sauna, as well as the very special Butterfly Garden.


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