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Rochefort Océan

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Take a break on the West coast of France, a place easy to reach, which easily combines history and heritage with nature and scenery. Here you can go bird watching one day, have a cruise around Fort Boyard the next one, visit the former naval Rope making unit or take the waters at the thermal baths in Rochefort.

Discover one of the biggest estuaries of Europe: the estuary of the Charente river.

In the 17th Century, the village of Rochefort was designed with military precision, using a street system similar to the grid in New York. Did you heard about "the place Colbert" where Gene Kelly, Georges Chakiris and Catherine Deneuve danced in the Young Girls of Rochefort, in 1966 ?

Since July 2019, explore the Arsenal des Mers : step into the legend maker ! A unique adventure with a trip to the Royal Rope Factory, Naval Museum, the Accro-Mâts, an urban theme park and the frigate Hermione.

Or, why not laze or sunbathe in the typical and historical French seaside resort of Fouras or fish, sail or windsurf in Port des Barques…With a 25km coastline, Rochefort Océan is your dream destination for seaside holidays! Fouras-les-Bains is the ultimate family-friendly peninsula with five beaches and lots to do. On the other side of the estuary, the oyster farming Port-des-Barques is ideal for a walk to Ile Madame, the smallest of the four Charente Maritime islands; is the perfect spot for nature lovers who want to enjoy breathing the fresh ocean air for a few hours. Another island getaway awaits... Aix Island: a real change of scene! The only real island of the Charente Maritime, you can only go by boat!

There’s much to do, see and discover in the 25 villages that make up Rochefort Ocean! Get ready to explore the various trails around the Charente river, a bike-friendly area and cross the river thanks to the last Transporter Bridge in France!

What’s more, this is a place with an enviable climate with bright sunny days for a large part of the year. It’s conveniently located just 19 miles south of La Rochelle’s international airport and 93 miles north of Bordeaux.




Rochefort Ocean

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Top things to do

in Rochefort Ocean

The Arsenal des Mers

Louis XIV chose Rochefort to set up an arsenal, a vast industrial, economic, strategic and military area in the 17th century. Over 550 ships were built here in almost three centuries. Explore the Arsenal de Rochefort and set sail on a unique adventure with a trip to the Royal Rope Factory, Naval Museum and the frigate Hermione !

Head to the Arsenal des Mers in Rochefort to experience your own naval adventure! Step into the shoes of an engineer, sailor, topman, captain or inventor on your extraordinary expedition! A single ticket gets you into the Royal Rope Factory, frigate Hermione and Accro-mâts.


Top things to do in Rochefort Ocean
© Marika Domenici

The Routes des Forts

A defensive network arose over the centuries to protect access to the Rochefort Arsenal. Walk, cycle or sail along the Route des Forts on the Charente coastline to visit the stone sentinels. From the most famous, Fort Boyard, to the most beautiful, Fort Lupin, get to grips with all the treasures this military and maritime history has to offer.


Fort Lupin Rochefort Ocean
© Samuel Courtois

Spotlight on Aix Island

The Atlantic's little Corsica and the only island in the Charente-Maritime that can only be reached by boat! You can only explore this protected setting on foot or by bike... The 129ha crescent of land is packed with all the diversity of the region's coastal landscapes. An adventure around the island means getting back to nature for a few hours or days... If you love the seaside then you'll love the 5 beaches on Aix Island ! Take the 20 minute ferry ride from Pointe de la Fumée in Fouras-les-Bains all year round.


Aix Island Rochefort Ocean
©Julie Paulet

Fouras-les-Bains, the family-friendly peninsula

Fouras is the ultimate family holiday destination with everything kids and adults could want for a great time on the peninsula: beach clubs, mini-golf, geocaching trails etc. Plus, there's a casino in a leafy setting near the sea, shows, concerts, bars and restaurants open all year.

The peninsula is the perfect playground for water sports lovers. On the agenda: clubs to learn to sea kayak, catamaran, paddle and windsurf. Fouras-les-Bains also has 5 beaches to suit the sun, wind and sea !


Fouras les Bains - Rochefort Ocean
© Vincent Edwell

Madam Island, 100% nature

Escape whilst the tide's out and explore the smallest and wildest island in the Charente-Maritime! You have to bide your time and watch the tide to reach Ile Madame. When it goes out, it's time to walk, cycle or take a carriage ride over the Passe-aux-Bœufs. When it comes back in, you're cut off from the world.

Explore the flora, fauna and monuments all over the island. Visit Fort de l’île, the famous fishing huts on stilts and end your trip at the fish farm. When it's time for lunch, the farm turns into an inn and serves local produce in a fabulous setting.


Madame Island Rochefort Ocean
© Marika Domenici


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