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Hotels in Riga

Why visit Riga? As the most cosmopolitan of the Baltic capitals, Riga, the capital of Latvia, is a modern city with a historical heart that offers a spectacular variety of natural, culinary and cultural charms.


Exploring the best places in Riga will give you a definitive answer to the question of why Riga is worth visiting. Riga Old town has UNESCO World Heritage status. The historical center holds many winding paths and well-hidden streets to rediscover the


Old Town Riga upon every visit. It is surrounded by Romanticism, Gothic and Baroque testimonials that refresh the views of the modern city. Old Town is not the only architectural masterpiece worth seeing in Riga.


Pedantic luxury of the rich building facades can be admired for a long time at Art Nouveau district because about a third of the houses in the city center are genuine pearls of this style. If the exteriors alone are not enough, the Art Nouveau Museum on Alberta Street will provide a broader insight into this era's interior and everyday life.


Architecture, theaters, art galleries, outdoor events are only a small part of the whole cultural pie that can be tasted in Riga. The luxurious Opera House, various music halls, independent cinemas, and contemporary art scene are among the brightest cultural offerings.  


At the end of 2023 Latvia and Riga joined exclusive Michelin guide family, earing it's first star. In Riga you can find cozy cafes or fancy restaurants on every corner in the city center. Food menus there consist of combinations of local and world cuisine flavors, emphasizing seasonal and locally available products. Whether it is a restaurant with white tablecloths or a place to grab a coffee and some vegan bread, it is evident that Riga likes to eat and enjoy food. And let's not forget about the drinks! The natives of the city knows how to brew – coffee beans as well as the hops. Riga is home to the best coffee roasters in the Baltics, thus finding a decent cup of Joe in the city is not a problem. The same applies for a glass of beer, as there are a quite a few of home-grown breweries that take their IPA’s and lagers very seriously.


Despite the remarkable age of 822, Riga is far from feeling old. The city's youthful spirit is best enjoyed at one of the street food festivals or other creative and urban events held throughout the year. But if you want to get more adventurous and closer to the nature, you just have to spend only thirty minutes from the city center to the beach, districts surrounded by forests and fresh sea air, walking along the pier - unique proximity to nature with breathtaking landscapes that you can enjoy here in Riga. Almost everything nature has to offer is just a short drive away.


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Grand Poet Hotel & SPA ★★★★★

Located in the centre of Rīga

Unlimited access to the fitness centre and spa zone



Hilton Garden Inn ★★★★

100 m from House of Blackheads

This hotel has an excellent location score of 9.7



Neiburgs Hotel ★★★★

Located in the heart of Riga’s Old Town

Excellent location with a beautiful view



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Top things to do

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Top tourist attractions in Riga

Looking for must-visit tourist attractions in Riga? Everyone visiting Riga for the first time should start by visiting the city’s main landmarks. It is best to start getting to know the city's more than 800-year history with a walk through the Old Town and continue in the so-called quiet center district of Riga, enjoying the magnificent Art Nouveau architecture.




Riga top things to do - Old Town
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Top Museums

Art lovers in Riga must plan a visit to at least two museums - the Latvian National Museum of Art and the Riga Bourse Art Museum. The buildings of both museums are architectural masterpieces. The Latvian National Museum of Art has recently undergone an impressive renovation and exhibits the most important works of Latvian artists and regularly hosts contemporary art exhibitions. The Riga Motor Museum, although further from the center, is also definitely worth the time spent to get there. You will be amazed by the large collection of antique vehicles and the museum's interactive solutions. The best way to get acquainted with the history of the region is at the Latvian National Museum of History, the Riga History and Navigation Museum, or on a beautiful day you can visit the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum on the outskirts of Riga. 




Riga top things to do - Top Museums
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Entertainment in Riga for families and children

When it seems that everything has already been seen and experienced, deciding where to spend the next weekend with the entire family might be difficult. If you don't feel like staying at home on a weekday evening or even on your holiday trip, but you don't know where to go to unwind, Riga offers a variety of entertainment options for families with children. 




Riga top things to do  for families trampoline
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Michelin guide restaurants

Get ready to enjoy the culinary delights of Riga, because the prestigious MICHELIN guide has revealed its newest gourmet destinations. The recognition of the MICHELIN guide shows that Riga and Latvia are a favorite place for gastronomic masterpieces, where every plate on the table tells the story of the culinary excellence of the region. All that remains for you is to experience the dynamic flavors of Riga's restaurants. 



Riga top things to do - Michelin Guide Restaurants
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Riga Coffee Guide

Explore Riga's vibrant coffee scene! In the heart of Latvia's capital, charming coffee shops and innovative coffee breweries await. Savor rich, locally roasted blends, paired with cozy atmospheres and Latvian hospitality. A caffeine lover's paradise amidst Riga's historic charm.




Riga top things to do - Coffee guide tour
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