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Hotels in Riga

The first, indelible impression that most visitors get of the Latvian capital is its majestic skyline, as viewed from the left bank of the Daugava River. The slender Gothic spires of the Old Town’s many churches attest to the city’s long history,which stretches back to the 13thcentury. The panorama’s pleasing harmony is just the most visible indication of the superb aesthetic sense that has shaped much of the city’s architecture up to the present day. Nowhere is that aesthetic more pronounced than in Centrs, the central part of Riga,which is the city’s economic, financial and cultural core, as well as a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site.


One will find a breathtaking range of architectural styles in the historical centre – from Baroque to Classicism, from Renaissance to Art Deco, from Romanesque to National Romanticism. Furthermore, Riga’s wealth of Jugendstil or Art Nouveau buildings, complete with their fantastically ornate flourishes, stands out as unparalleled anywhere in the world.


Yet equally unique are the many 19th-century wooden buildingsthat have proudly withstood the pressures of commercialization and gentrification, retaining their place in Riga’s architectural cornucopia and currently undergoing state-of-the-art facelifts.But Riga is much more than just its history.


Proud of its heritage, it is a thoroughly modern city with a highly developed infrastructure and opportunities for a variety of activities and entertainment. A city with rich musical traditions, today it boasts an excellent opera, several world- class choirs and outstanding classical orchestras, not to mention jazz, rock and blues ensembles, plus a variety of other popular music bands performing in both concert halls and clubs.

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Riga's heart - Old town

Old Town Riga is the city's heart. With its historic buildings, friendly leisure venues, spacious squares and narrow and romantic streets, Old Town is the right place for sightseers. Either you prefer sitting in a summer garden or terrace in an old square surrounded by stunning houses or strolling through the winding streets enjoying the historic atmosphere and present liveliness - Old Town Riga is the place to come back to!


Riga top things to do - Old Town - Copyright  Clark & Kim Kays
©Clark & Kim Kays

Find the authentic and true taste of Riga

Riga’s restaurants offer fusion cuisine, where one can taste Latvian traditional meals, and original meals offering an astonishing combination of tastes and taking you for an exciting gastronomic journey.


Riga top things to do - Food - Copyright  Kārlis Dambrāns
©Kārlis Dambrāns

Go shopping!

The Old Town is cut out for leisurely shopping – little shops offering souvenirs, art galleries are settled in the narrow streets of the Old Town, but shopping centres offer items both of foreign and local brands.


Riga top things to do  - Shopping - Copyright  Pablo Andrés Rivero
©Pablo Andrés Rivero

Active holidays in Riga

Marathon, orienteering, and adventure competitions – those are only some of activities, which one may enjoy in Riga. Parks are perfect for jogging in summers and skiing in winters. Water resources, golf fields, motor sport racetrack there is something for all sport enthusiasts.


Riga top things to do - Sport - Copyright  Kārlis Dambrāns
©Kārlis Dambrāns

Beauty & Wellness

Riga is cut out for enjoying SPA treatments and beauty procedures – one can do that in the very centre. When being in Riga, one must enjoy traditional Latvian bath!


Riga top things to do - Wellness - Copyright  Nick Webb
©Nick Webb


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