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Wax Museum

Nowa 2b, 

50-082 Wroclaw

Opening times: Monday - thursday 09.00  - 16.00

Friday - Sunday 10.00  - 20.00


Daniel Craig, the new blond James Bond, Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor are waiting for you at the Wroclaw Wax Museum. The youngest will run to Spiderman and many cartoon characters such as Batman, Lion King, and the Mignons.  This visit guarantees an afternoon of fun and relaxation for all. 


Come face to face with the Incredible Hulk or take a selfie with Shrek and Fiona.  End the tour at the distorting mirrors and let yourself go utterly crazy for a few moments. What children most enjoy is play and discovery and the wax workshop of creation will delight them in this unusual museum

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