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Multimedia Fountain wroclaw

Multimedia Fountain

Wystawowa 1, 

51-618 Wroclaw

Opening times: the show takes place every hour


Wrocław Multimedia Fountain (Wrocławska Fontanna Multimedialna) is the biggest fountain in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. It was initiated on 4th June 2009 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first free elections in the postwar Poland. Located in the beautiful Szczytnicki Park, near the Centennial Hall and Wrocław Congress Centre, attracts many Polish and foreign tourists.


The basin of Pergola has 300 water jets, which create geysers, water mists, spurts and many other shapes. The water installation is synchronised with 800 lights - light, water and music together create spectacular shows.


The show takes place every hour, everyday, and vary in length. The Multimedia Fountain plays classical and pop music, for example Madonna, Daft Punk, but one can also hear calm, relaxing music.


During the special night shows there are animations, photos and films projected on water. Many of them show the important events from the history of the city and Poland. 




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