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Aachen Germany

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Aachen – City in the heart of Europe


The Emperor’s City is a popular travel destination. This is not just because of its favourable geographical position but also due to its large variety of art and culture, elegant shops and pubs.


Aachen is situated in an area, where the three countries of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet. You can easily get to the Eifel hills in a short time. You will soon see how much variety the city has to offer.


The source of the city’s fame is the Aachen water. It is heated by the Eifel volcanos up to a temperature of 74°C and is known to be the hottest volcanic spring water north of the Alps. The hot Aachen water remains the fundamental life elixir of the city.


The Market and small streets were restored with great accuracy and are full of restaurants and pubs. While the beer is flowing in the pubs, a large number of active fountains can be found at all corners of the city. The different designs of these fountains create an interesting and lively atmosphere.


The city of Aachen does not only have a happily splashing side to it. If you are interested in serious and enjoyable art, the Suermondt-Ludwig Museum has a large selection of old treasures. The Ludwig Forum for International Art presents some of the most daring modern pieces of art.


You can get an insight into the living culture of the people of Aachen in the Couven Museum. Various first editions, jubilee and final editions of the international press world can be admired in the Internationale Zeitungsmuseum (International Newspaper Museum).


Visitors appreciate both the monumental stone architecture and attractive nooks and crannies of this city, with its fascinating historic and cultural heritage around every corner. The past is intriguingly present everywhere in the city. This is how «sleeping beauty» reveals her treasures to those who make the effort to look carefully and take their time.


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Aquis Grana City Hotel ★★★★

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Hotel 3 Könige

Hotel 3 Könige ★★★

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Pullman Aachen Quellenhof

Parkhotel Quellenhof ★★★★★

The town square is 900m away

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Aachen Cathedral

It is one of the most important monuments of Carolingian times and in 1978 it was added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Aachen Cathedral is coronation church of German kings and also the burial place of Charlemagne – and for more than 1,200 years it has attracted a large number of visitors from all over the world. Furthermore the Treasury of the Aachen Cathedral accommodates one of the most important church treasures in Europe.



Aachen Cathedral Copyright Henk Bekker
Copyright Henk Bekker


It speaks for the cosmopolitan spirit of Aachen that here event accents of highest level are set in even several and completely different areas: From the award of the Charlemagne Prize and the “Orden wider den tierischen Ernst” (medal for combating deadly seriousness) to the equestrian tournament CHIO and the Aachen Christmas Market.



Aachen Events Copyright Fozzman
Copyright Fozzman

Taste the Aachener Printen

They are not only called “Printen”, but “Aachener Printen” and they are unique in every respect. A volume of more than 4,500 tons of Printen is produced in Aachen’s bakeries every year. In the numerous cafés, bakeries and of course also on the Christmas Market the one who wants to buy Printen has the agony of choice: Meanwhile the Printen topped with nuts or almonds or coated with chocolate or sugar icing have become as popular as the normal herbal Printen.


Aachener Printen Copyright Hamadryades
Copyright Hamadryades

Shopping in Aachen

Besides branches of well-known cloths, shoe and cosmetic companies also many small, individual shops can be found in Aachen. Around Cathedral, town hall and Elisenbrunnen the major shopping roads are found. In the numerous bakeries visitors can buy the most famous speciality: the Aachener Printe.



Aachen shopping Damien Entwistle
Copyright Damien Entwistle

Historic Old Town

Picturesque alleys and historic squares around cathedral and town hall lead visitors through almost 2,000 years of Aachen’s history. While beer is drafted in the pubs, various fountains are bubbling all over the place. Their varied design provides for a lively city shape – from the “Fischpüddelchen” to the popular dolls fountain. Behind numerous monuments there are exciting stories and anecdotes from former times and today.


Aachen Old town copyright Wilfried
Copyright Wilfried


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