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Catch them all!

At the time of writing this travel guide there are more than 400 dwarfs all over Wroclaw. By the time you discover this destination there will probably be 500 or 600 ! Find the Wroclaw dwarfs with your children and tell them about the reasons why they are in the city. This story is recent: bronze dwarfs were born in 2001 in Wroclaw.


There is an anti-communist protest behind the dwarfs in Wroclaw; it is called the "Alternative Orange" movement ; it is a humourous way of protesting against communism. The first dwarf was displayed in Swidnicka Street, where the anti-communist movement used to gather. Since then many different dwarfs have appeared; some of them are displayed in front of shops : they represent traders such as butchers, fishmongers, hotels and restaurant managers, others are represented on wheelchairs to raise awareness on disabilities.


Want to discover them all? Visit the tourist office: there are many interesting brochures about what to know about them and where to find them all.





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