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Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure

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The site of the Lakes of Eau d'heure is located in the South-Western part of Belgium, close to the French border. It consists of five water planes separated by dams and containing almost stagnating water, which leads to a particularly fragile ecological balance.
The location has been attracting more and more visitors in the past years due to the extraordinary combination of man-made water lakes, nature, sea and the Ardennes all in one single location. This is a perfect family destination, offering a variety of activities such as swimming, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, rowing, rafting and deep-sea diving. A favourite aquatic activity to be explored is the tour with the Red Crocodile, an amphibious bus offering a route half on the road, half on the water.
The uniqueness of The Lakes of Eau d’heure:
This site strikes an ideal balance between man-made lakes with natural heritage that Mother Nature has granted to this region.
These two seem to complement each other perfectly and visitors can enjoy endless water planes, as well as enjoy the silence of the woods and the roughness of the Ardennes. Water in the region plays a crucial role. This is also reflected through the sustainability policies employed in the region to protect the natural heritage. The waters in the five lakes are almost stagnating, which makes the ecological balance particularly fragile and for this reason water management is one of the top priorities. Before leaving, don’t forget to... Visit the forest adventure “Natura Park” Join a guided tour around the Plate Taille dam Take a ride on the ‘Red Crocodile’ – a boat/ bus. Its route lies partially on the ground and partially on the water.


Lakes of Eau d'Heure

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