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Tallest buildings in Europe
Tallest buildings in Europe

Tallest Buildings in Europe

No need to go to Manhattan or Dubai to see amazing buildings. Our European architects are also very inventive in major European cities!


Come and see the tallest buildings in Europe, book your accommodation and best activities at the best price in these cities and discover the best of Europe!


Tallest buildings in Europe - The Shard in London Copyright piotreknik - European Best Destinations
Copyright William piotreknik

1. The Shard

London - United Kingdom

The Shard is 309 m high and has 72 floors. Welcome to the tallest building in Europe! The Shard is a skyscraper with offices and top end luxury flats. The building can be seen from almost everywhere in London; it is located near the London Bridge, another emblem of the city of London. Originally the tower was called "The London Bridge Tower" but was renamed "The Shard" as it looks like "a shard of glass through the heart of historic London".


Come and discover this building, experience the best things to do in London such as a visit to the Coca Cola London Eye (the view of the Shard is amazing!) and book your hotel, B&B, guesthouse, hostel or apartment at the best price guaranteed in London.


For an exceptional view of the Shard, book your hotel room at the Cheval Three Quays at The Tower of London and if you want an unforgettable experience and 5-star service, book your hotel in The Shard at the Shangri-La Hotel.


Tallest buildings in Europe - Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt Copyright ESB Professional  - European Best Destinations
Copyright ESB Professional

2. Commerzbank Tower

Frankfurt - Germany

Older and only slightly smaller than "The Shard" at 300 m high, Commerzbank Tower dates from 1997 and was designed by the famous architect Norman Foster.


It is one of the emblems of this city. As its name suggests, the tower is still the headquarters of the Commerzbank and has for many years been the tallest building in Europe.


Book your hotel near this building and discover the best activities in Frankfurt such as a panorama boat cruise (the buildings from the River are fantastic!). For incredible views of the Commerzbank Tower, make your hotel reservation at the best price at the Jumeirah Frankfurt.


Tallest buildings in Europe - Messeturm in Frankfurt Copyright Olaf Simon - Shutterstock - European Best Destinations
Copyright Olaf Simon - Shutterstock

3. Messeturm

Frankfurt - Germany

Still in Frankfurt for another emblematic building: the Messeturm (257 m) with 63 floors close by the Commerzbank Towe'. Interestingly, the tower is so big that it even has its own zip code!


Book your activities in Frankfurt as well as your hotel near this tower and see things through a new perspective during your holidays in Europe!


Book your hotel room at the best price at the Jumeirah Frankfurt and enjoy incredible views of the Messerturm,


Tallest buildings in Europe - Torre Foster in Madrid Copyright  ESB Professional -- European Best Destinations
Copyright ESB Professional

4. Torre Foster

Madrid - Spain

It has different names including that of "Cepsa Tower" but its most famous name is its architect’s, Norman Foster who gave it its current name. Norman Foster is not a beginner in this kind of construction since he also built the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt. Come discover the huge tower in the capital of Spain and book the best activities in Madrid such as a visit to the Prado Museum, the Bernabéu Stadium or a guided tour of the Royal Palace.


Select your accommodation at the best price for a perfect holiday in Madrid. For incredible views of the Foster Tower, make your hotel reservation at the best price at the Hotel Vía Castellana


Tallest buildings in Europe - One Canada Square Copyright  r.nagy  - European Best Destinations
Copyright r.nagy

5. One Canada Square

London - United Kingdom

This was London's tallest skyscraper for a long time, until the opening of "The Shard. It is 235 m high and has 50 floors; it was originally supposed to be a bit taller (250 m) but the London City Airport was not happy with that.


Come discover this impressive building and book your activities in London such as a London River Thames Cruise and your hotel at the best price in this innovative city. We recommend the Hilton London Canary Wharf near this legendary skyscraper. 


Tallest buildings in Europe - Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw Copyright PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek - European Best Destinations
Copyright PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek

6. Palace of Culture & Science 

Warsaw - Poland

The Palace of Culture and Science with its 237 m should be ranked above "One Canada Square" but the height of the former includes its high antenna!


It is about 188 metres high and has 42 floors. No need to admire it from below, you can climb to the top and visit one of the tallest building in Poland. It hasn't been the tallest building in Poland (which is Varso Tower with 310 m) for years but it remains one of the iconic buildings of this city. Book your entrance tickets: the view is breathtaking from the 31st floor! 


Discover all the best activities in Warsaw and the best hotels at the best price and treat yourself to an original city trip to Poland.


We recommend  the InterContinental Warszawa; its pool has breathtaking views of the Palace of Culture and Science. 


Tallest buildings in Europe - First tower in La Defense Paris Copyright WorldPictures - Shutterstock  - European Best Destinations
Copyright WorldPictures - Shutterstock

7. First Tower 

Paris - France

The First Tower seems smaller but it is actually taller than The Palace of Culture and Science at 231 m high. It is also more recent (1974) but was well renovated in 2010 and raised. Now it overtakes the Montparnasse Tower which was until then the tallest skyscraper in France.


Book your hotel at the best price in Paris, in the “La Défense” district, for example at the Sofitel Paris La Défense, close to the First Tower.


Tallest buildings in Europe - Tour Montparnasse in Paris Copyright givaga  - European Best Destinations
Copyright givaga

8. Tour Montparnasse

Paris - France

Many Parisians still think of the Montparnasse as the tallest tower in France; it no longer is but it is the most famous and most visited one. Climb to the top of the Montparnasse Tower, for a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower.


With a height of 210 m and 59 floors, the Montparnasse tower was the tallest building in France until 2011 when the "First Tower" in the district of La Défense was renovated.


Book your best activities in Paris such as a River Seine Cruise, a visit of the Eiffel Tower or a Louvre Museum entrance ticket. Also book your hotel at the best price in the capital of love.


We recommend the Hotel Luxembourg Parc near the Montparnasse Tower. 


Tallest buildings in Europe - Turning Torso Copyright kimson - Shutterstock- European Best Destinations
Copyright kimson - Shutterstock

9. Turning Torso

Malmö - Sweden

The Turning Torso is one of the tallest buildings in Europe and it is the tallest tower in Scandinavia (190 m, 57 floors). Its name is due to its twisted shape, a technological feat since it is the first skyscraper in the world with such a shape.


Book your hotel in Malmö and your best activities in Sweden and pick the stars from our selection of the tallest buildings in Europe.


Book your hotel room at the best price at the Park Inn by Radisson Malmö or the Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live as they are very close to the Turning Torso Tower


Tallest buildings in Europe - Intempo in Benidorm Copyright Iakov Filimonov - European Best Destinations
Copyright Iakov Filimonov

10. Intempo 

Benidorm - Spain

This skyscraper (189 m) was completed in 2014, 7 years after the project had started. The Spanish real estate crisis significantly slowed the project. An apartment in this skyscraper is less expensive than any apartment in the poshest neighbourhoods of Paris, but it is still more than 6000 euros per square metre.


Treat yourself to a much cheaper stay in one of the best hotels in Benidorm and discover the best activities in Spain for a perfect holiday.


Book your hotel room at the best price at the Hotel Villa del Mar near the Intempo tower .



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