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Monte Palace Tropical garden

One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world

That location should be your priority if you love nature, gardens, breathtaking views, art and history.


Monte Palace Tropical Garden is the work of a man, a lover of trees, flowers, plants and art who brought together an incredible collection there. That art and nature lover purchased the property in 1987. The garden was quickly opened to the public .


Monte Palace Tropical Garden is also an opportunity to discover the history of Madeira thanks to artistic panels all the way through your walk. You will also dive into the depths of the earth with the amazing museum of minerals and will enjoy the collection of sculptures from Zimbabwe. From Asian gardens to Mondrian or Klein’s works, Monte Palace Tropical Garden is a successful blend of natural and human creations in an exceptional area.




The ticket to Monte Palace Tropical Garden gives you the right to taste, for free, Madeira wine on the beautiful terrace of the cafe. Do not miss it and enjoy that unique drink in a unique location.


Price: 10 euros for 17,000 square meters of gardens. This is well worth the price!



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