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If you are not a believer, you will soon become one ! Sameiro Sanctuary near Braga is amazing and stunning. It is the witness of Christian fervor of Portuguese people who put their talent, creativity, generosity and courage in building exceptional religious monuments.


You will be impressed by the very  pure and simple church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, thought to facilitate meditation and prayer. A relic of Pope John Paul II, now sanctified, is being exhibited in the church.


If you feel hungry and realize that you are in the middle of nowhere, do not panic, there is always something to eat and drink within easy reach in Portugal. On the Sameiro site, you will find "Sameiro Maia", a small restaurant that welcomes travelers and pilgrims from around the world. Huge public toilets are available (if their number and size amazes you, remember that Sameiro welcomed Pope John Paul II in 1982 and thousands of pilgrims from around the world).


 Address: Avenida Nossa Senhora do Sameiro 44, 4715-616 Espinho - Braga, Portugal 

Sameiro Sanctuary

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Sameiro church near Braga by Rui Saraiva


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