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Castra Bonnensia, the Roman camp founded between nine and thirteen years B.C., marks the beginning of Bonn’s city history. Over the graves of the Roman legionaries Cassius and Florentius, who died a martyr’s death, today’s Minster Basilica. Today the Minster Basilica is part of the impressive sights in the historic centre of Bonn with its sacral works of art and a cloister of the 12th century, one of the rare cloisters north of the Alps which are still in good condition, a jewel of religious architecture.


Moreover, Bonn has become a very attractive cultural destination and is well-known for its top exhibitions and events. Finally, the city looks back at a rich and more than 2000-year-old history. It is the place of birth of Ludwig van Beethoven, the world-famous composer, and has been a renowned university city since the early 19th century. Furthermore, Bonn is said to be “The Gate to the Romantic Rhine”, and for all of these reasons it is for sure worth visiting this beautiful city.


The exhibitions and collections at the “Museumsmile” with “Art and Exhibiton Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany”, “Art Museum Bonn” and “House of History of the Federal Republic of Germany”, “Museum Koenig” and “German Museum Bonn”, attract more than two million visitors each year. In the city center the “Beethoven-House”, birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, is definitely a touristic “must-visit”.


The late Baroque Town House also presents itself in a wonderful way at the market place in the middle of the city, where one will find a fruit and vegetable market from Monday to Saturday, and where cafés and bistros put out their tables and chairs on sunny days. Bonn’s wide pedestrian precinct invites you for a shopping tour, and there are lots of modern malls, historic or ingenious shops, which make shopping become a pleasure. Traditional bars, breweries, wine taverns and restaurants with ethno food or sophisticated scenery places are waiting.

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The Gate to the Romantic Rhine

The Siebengebirge with its legendary ruin of a fortress Drachenfels is a very popular destination for tourists. Bonn is said to be the “Gate to the Romantic Rhine”, as from here up the river towards Bingen one will find that special part of the Rhine with plenty of vineyards, hills, castles, fortresses and idyllic villages, which has always been captivating travellers. Pleasure boats for tourists cruise up and down to the river from Easter until the end of October.



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Rhine in Flames

A very spectacular event can be experienced every first Saturday in May on the occasion of “Rhine in Flames”. Thousands of Bengalese fires and several fireworks cast a spell on the scenery at the river Rhine. On board of one of the 60 illuminated vessels this spectacle can be experienced best.


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Beethoven and the Beethovenhouse

Eventually, one of the most famous composers was born here. Ludwig van Beethoven, whose 9th symphony belongs to the cultural treasures of mankind, was born in Bonn at the Bonngasse in December 1770 as the child of a Flemish family of musicians. His house of birth is a place of pilgrimage for music lovers. 


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Every year in the autumn, Beethoven’s native city of Bonn celebrates the Beethovenfest, welcoming top international orchestras, well-known soloists, major ensembles and promising young performers. The Beethovenfest has seen renowned Beethoven interpreters and big stars like Lorin Maazel, Kurt Masur, Hélène Grimaud and Gustavo Dudamel.


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For lovers of fine arts the first-class exhibitions at the “Museumsmile” are definitely an attraction. More than 2 million visitors annually come to the five museums belonging to the “Museumsmile”. The “Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany” shows exhibitions from all over the world and the “House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany” with its exciting productions of the recent past made a name for themselves also due to their architecture.


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