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Nestled in the heart of Europe, Geneva offers an array of unforgettable experiences amid its unique setting. Surrounded by awe-inspiring nature, the city hugs the tip of the largest alpine lake in Western Europe, with the majestic Alps and the Jura mountains in the backdrop. Rolling vineyards and countryside envelop the city, dotted with picturesque villages, where nature is everywhere.


As the second-largest city in Switzerland, Geneva boasts a captivating mix of historical charm and a vibrant cultural scene. Les Nations proudly hosts the European Headquarters of the United Nations, while Les Eaux-Vives invites visitors to witness the iconic Jet d’eau and enjoy a lively beach ambiance.


Beyond its diplomatic significance, Geneva is steeped in rich heritage, celebrated through its world-renowned watchmaking and a delectable chocolate tradition. Discovering Geneva is a journey through the biggest Old Town in Switzerland, dining in top-notch restaurants, and indulging in a plethora of outdoor activities.


The city consistently exceeds expectations, offering a magical experience in every season. Recent additions to its attractions include the family-friendly Science Getaway, the inviting Eaux-Vives public beach, and the indulgent Choco Pass a selfguided chocolate tour. Geneva is truly a vibrant city that seamlessly blends tradition with modern delights, ensuring every visit is a remarkable and dynamic experience.


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Hotel d'Angleterre ★★★★★

Situated in the real heart of Geneva

Panoramic views of the lake and Mont Blanc



citizenM Geneva ★★★★

Just 250 m from Lake Geneva

This hotel has an excellent location score of 9.8



The Ritz-Carlton Geneva ★★★★★

Located in the heart of the city

Spacious, elegant and comfortable rooms



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Get wet under the giant water fountain

140 meter high, the amazing and powerful water fountain in Geneva is such a highlight. In this hot summer weather, enjoy a walk to the famous “Jet d’eau” and get close to it; it has the nice effect of a refreshing water spray. But did you know that the Jet d’eau water fountain was not supposed to be a fountain? Back to 1886 when Geneva city opened a hydraulic pumping station on the Rhône River in order to power factory machines. At the end of each day, when the machines were shut down, a valve was used to release the water pressure in the air. People enjoyed it so much that it shortly became a remarkable symbol of the city. It was then amplified and relocated to the centre of the Lake to become the Jet d’eau of today.


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Climb up the cathedral and take a selfie with the view

 A small historical jewel with medieval charm! The largest historic city in Switzerland, the old town is dominated by St. Peter's Cathedral, the centre of the Reformation. Climb the 157 steps to the top of the tower for a unique panorama of the city. Believe us, the panoramic view is well worth the effort! Then lose yourself in the surrounding narrow streets full of charm. Each of them is home to one of the many treasures of Geneva's history. Here’s a little secret: many secret passageways link up the streets of the old city, don’t hesitate to find them and follow them!


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Try Swiss cheese and learn about the real Cheese Fondue

The Swiss cows are such stars and as they relax in the most beautiful landscapes of Europe, they definitely produce the best milk. And with the best milk, what do we do? The best cheese? Yum, it tastes pure happiness… Try an amazing fondue in one of the traditional restaurants of Geneva or even on a cruise! And you can even learn to cook it yourself during a fondue workshop!


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Discover where the World Wide Web was created

You’re reading this article on the web, right? So, let’s go back to March 1989 when Tim Berners-Lee, a scientist working at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Geneva, submitted a proposal to his boss. His idea was to develop a radical new way of linking and sharing information over the internet, and you know what? It led to what we know today as the World Wide Web and was the starting point of websites development!



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Take the cable car to the Salève Mountain and enjoy Geneva from the top

No, you’re not dreaming! A few bus stops away from the centre and five minutes by cable car will take you to the top of the mountain in no time! A magical view of Geneva and its surroundings awaits you. Hiking, paragliding, mountain biking or cross-country skiing in winter will meet the needs of sports lovers without a doubt on this getaway!


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