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If you are here, it is because you have already made a choice, or at least you are very curious about Germany. The question to ask now is where to go?


Discover some of the most beautiful and incredible cities in Germany, places to visit at Christmas in Germany or off the beaten track like Germany's best hidden gems. Do you long for nature? Discover the most beautiful nature wonders in Germany. Are you a fan of winter sports? We have a selection of the best ski resorts in Germany for you.


Find inspiration and discover the best things to see and do in Germany, the must-see cities and tailor your trip to experience the best of Germany.




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Best places to visit.

The favorite destinations of travellers in Germany



Germany is one of the most visited countries in Europe along with France, the UK and Italy. This is probably because Germany offers such a diverse and authentic variety of landscapes and destinations.


Germany is the perfect destination for unique experiences in Europe with its magnificent castles, beautiful wild beaches and incredible hidden gems.




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Have you decided to visit Germany and you don't want to miss any of the must-see, best things to see and to do in Germany?


Do you want to see the best of Germany and treat yourself to your own tailor-made holiday?



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Discover the best hotels in Germany but also the best hostels, unusual accommodation on a boat, in a castle, for a romantic getaway or with your dog or cat.


After many city breaks walking from museums to markets, do you want to rest during your next holiday? Let yourself be pampered by booking at one of Germany's best wellness resorts. Do you want to wake up with a view of the sea, the city, with your feet in the water? Are you looking primarily for low-cost accommodation? Do you wish to stay in the most beautiful palaces and 5 stars in Germany? Look no further, the largest offer of hotels, tourist apartments, guesthouses, hostels or villas is here.

Best destinations in Germany.

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You already know a bit about Germany or perhaps not at all. You may have been to Berlin and would like perhaps to go back because you know that shopping, nightlife and exhibitions are really great there.


Want something more? Try Heidelberg or Hamburg, they have become very trendy destinations in recent years. For history buffs, Nuremberg, Dresden and Leipzig will not disappoint. Munich is always ready to party, Frankfurt is the starting point for many adventures and Bremen a city as surprising as it is endearing.


Discover some of the most beautiful destinations in Germany but also the most beautiful wild beaches, the best hidden gems, the best ski resorts in Germany or even the most incredible castles in Germany.



Berlin, Germany

Young and cosmopolitan, Berlin will amaze you.


Cologne, Germany

One of Germany’s greatest shopping centre


Hamburg, Germany

Shopping experiences, culture as well as nature.


Munich, Germany

Discover Bavaria's dream castles


Frankfurt, Germany

A bustling metropolis in the heart of Europe.


Aachen, Germany

A fascinating historic and cultural heritage.


Nuremberg, Germany

Over 950 years old and not a bit tired.


leiPZIG, Germany

Today the city is livelier than ever.


Dresden, Germany

One of the most popular destinations in Germany.


Dusseldorf, Germany

The city of fashion, shopping, culture and lifestyle.


Bielefeld, Germany

A successful, young, university city.


stuttgart, Germany

A city of trade fairs, congresses and culture.


Bonn, Germany

A very attractive cultural destination.


Hannover, Germany

A world-class city.


Duisburg, Germany

From industrial region to cultural melting pot.


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