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Best Events in Europe

Best Events in Europe in 2024

From unmissable traditional events like the Keukenhof Tulip Festival or the St Patrick's Day in Dublin to exceptional events like the the Festival of Lights Zagreb in Croatia, discover the events not to be missed in Europe in 2024.


The 20 Best Events in Europe to take place in 2024, listed below by date, await you.


Book your flights, your accommodation as well as your tours and activities and live unforgettable moments through the best events in Europe.


European Best trendy Events - Opera Ball - European Best Destinations - Copyright Kateryna Larina
Kateryna Larina /

1. The Opera Ball - Vienna

Immerse yourself in high society and discover the codes of one of the most exclusive balls in Europe.


The Opera Ball, held at Vienna's magnificent State Opera House, is deemed the epitome of ball culture and a top-calibre social event, attracting celebrities from around the globe.


This mega event is fully given over to waltzing bliss at a venue where usually opera stars make their big-time stage appearances.


The 186 couples dancing the opening polonaise - ladies dressed in white and men in black - experience their "introduction to Viennese society". For others, it is an unforgettable evening at this imposing edifice on Vienna's Ringstrasse Boulevard.


How to get there: Book your flights to Vienna and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Grand Hotel Vienna". 3-minute Walk from the Vienna State Opera.


When: 8th February 2024.


 Best events in Europe - Carnival of Venice - European Best Destinations
Copyright Vigen M

2. Carnival of Venice


This is for sure of the best events in Europe. The Carnival of Venice is magic with its fairy tales and fantastic natures: woods,  valleys, seas, mountains, lagoons mysterious animal and vegetable creatures inhabiting them.  Humankind has always felt the need to narrate the mystery of nature through fairy tales.


During your stay do not miss to visit the Best hidden gems in Italy, most beautiful beaches in Italy, best things to do in Italy and most amazing natural wonders in Italy.


Book your flights to Venice, your accommodation in Venice as well as your tours and activities in Venice such as a "Venice: Create your Own Carnival Mask Workshop".


How to get there: Book your flights to Venice and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Carnival Palace - Venice Collection" is 10 m from the Tre Archi Vaporetto water bus stop.


When: 27th January to 13th February 2024


 Best events in Europe - Zagreb Festival of Lights  - European Best Destinations
Copyright M. Tomaš

3. Festival of Lights Zagreb


Festival of Lights Zagreb – When the city becomes a stage of light


Zagreb is preparing for one of the most exciting events this spring – the  Festival of Lights Zagreb!


Creative, imaginative, magical and sometimes quite unusual light installations created by local and foreign artists, including artists from Germany, Spain and Slovakia, will find their place throughout the city center and attract a multitude of visitors from all over the world.


From 20 to 24 March 2024, Zagreb will become a stage for spectacular light installations, projections and animations that will bring the streets, parks, squares and other popular locations throughout the city to life. The Zagreb Festival of Lights, now in its sixth year, will merge art, design, spectacle and architecture over five days in a way that will delight visitors of all generations.


The Zagreb Festival of Lights is more than just an event – it is an opportunity to celebrate the arrival of warmer and longer days together and to reconnect with the city in a unique way. Enjoy more than 25 light installations, explore new parts of the city included in this year’s program and experience Zagreb in a completely new light.


In collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), an international non-governmental organization working to conserve nature and reduce human impact on the environment, this year’s Festival pays special attention to the importance of conserving plant and animal life.


The main symbol of this year’s Festival is the forest cyclamen (Latin: Cyclamen purpurascens), an endangered spring flower, reminding us of the importance of protecting natural beauty and wild species, encouraging us to act to preserve these treasures for future generations. The Zagreb Festival of Lights will also show its support for highlighting the necessity and urgency of nature conservation by participating in the global event Earth Hour.


Join the Zagreb Festival of Lights and become part of this unique experience that will transport you into a world of imagination and enchantment.


To make the best of your stay in Zagreb, create your own Zagreb experience with the help of Zagreb Card. Apart from facilitating public transport, it also provides you with the entrance to numerous Zagreb museums and even the zoo, so that you don’t miss out on a single detail of Zagreb’s rich history and culture.


How to get there: Book your flights to Zagreb and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Esplanade Zagreb Hotel". Near the main train station.


When: From 20th to 24th March 2024.


Best Events in Europe - St Patrick in Dublin - European Best Destinations
Copyright Shutterstock Editorial Dave Primov

4. St Patrick's Day in Dublin



If you visit our rankings of the best hidden gems in Ireland, best castles in Ireland, best destinations to visit in Ireland, best things to do in Ireland, you will discover the secret of Saint Patrick and the reasons that link Ireland to this Saint and its iconic symbols like the clover.


Land of legend, Ireland is also a land of beliefs. St Patrick is a central figure in the history of Ireland since he is the founder of Christianity in Ireland. His incredible story (kidnapped by pirates, sold as a slave, turned to be a shepherd,  ended up studying theology) will have enabled him to understand the importance of explaining things with simplicity. He thus had the idea of explaining the Catholic trinity, the father, the son and the holy spirit comparing it to a three-leaf clover.


On March 17, the death of St Patrick is celebrated: people wear green (in reference to the three-leaf clover) , they eat and drink Irish specialties while listening to U2 in the Temple Bar district or by experiencing one of the many experiences, tours and activities in Dublin such as a “Dublin: Jameson Whiskey Distillery Tour with Tastings”.


How to get there: Book your flights to Dublin and your transfer.


Where to stay: Castle Hotel” is just 2’ minutes walk from O’Connel Street.


When:  The 17th March 2024.


 Best events in Europe - Keukenhof Tulip Festival - European Best Destinations
Copyright Ernesto Velazquez

5. Keukenhof Tulip Flower Festival

Lisse  - Holland

Ranked among your best destinations for Easter in Europe and Best things to do in the Netherlands, Keukenhof Tulip Flower Festival is one of the unmissable events in Europe in 2024.


Visiting Keukenhof Gardens is one of the most interesting activities at Easter in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of colourful tulips grow there each year and are admired by visitors at Easter. You can also watch a traditional clog maker at work, walk in the beautiful village of Zaanse Schans and admire its windmills.


Did you know that Keukenhof Tulip Flower Festival was actually a trade show? Horticulturists from all over the country come to exhibit their most beautiful creations to sell them to suppliers from all over the world? It has become a general public event that attracts travellers from all over the world.


During your stay do not miss to visit the best hidden gems in the Netherlands but also the best places to visit in the Netherlands and to make your choice among the Best things to do in the Netherlands such as a "From Amsterdam: Keukenhof Skip-the- Line Ticket and Transfer".


How to get there: Book your flights to Amsterdam (1h by car – 2h by bike).


Where to stay: "De l'Europe Amsterdam" offers luxurious accommodation along the Amstel River in the heart of the city. 


When: 21st March – 12th May 2024.


BEst events in Europe Kings day in Amsterdam  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Shutterstock Editorial Ekaterina Kupeeva

6. King's Day in Amsterdam



Do you like the orange colour, monarchies and  parties²? The "Koningsday" - Kings's Day, is an event made for you. In the streets, on the canals, in the parks, everyone celebrates in Amsterdam during this event which is certainly the biggest street party of the year.


You usually don’t wear orange? Don't worry, King's Day is full of flea markets where you can buy boas, hats, jogging suits, t-shirts, in the colours of this surprising and eccentric country.  King's Day can be a riot of scantily clad revellers drinking local beers on Amsterdam's canals or enjoying the best concerts after dark, it's also a family event with children shows in the Vondelpark. King's day obviously ends with "King's Night" with DJs play parties on public squares, live music.


Finally, you can have your own King's Day party by booking accommodation along the Canal with a terrace to enjoy the best moments of this exceptional party.


Book your flights to Amsterdam, your accommodation in Amsterdam as well as your activities and tours in Amsterdam such as a "Amsterdam "Light Festival Cruise with Open Bar". 


How to get there: Book your flights to Amsterdam and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Stayokay Hostel Amsterdam Vondelpark". Situated in the heart of the Vondelpark it offers view on the green surroundings.


When: 27th April 2024.


Best events in Europe - Madeira Flower Festival   - European Best Destinations
Copyright Shutterstock Editorial Radim Ryba

7. Madeira Flower Festival


It’s defnitely the most emblematic and colourful event of Madeira. For several weeks Funchal has the aroma of the flowers and the joy of thousands of visitors.


The construction of the Wall of Hope (where children place flowers) and the flower carpets in the streets are unique moments in this event. However, the climax of this event is the Flower Festival Float Parade, where more than a thousand participants, of all ages, join in this parade of aromas, magic and enchantment.


A week after, the city is embellished by the Madeira Auto Parade, combining the beauty of several classic cars with the simplicity and charm of the floral arrangements. A mix of magic not to be missed.


How to get there: Book your flights to Funchal and your transfer


Where to stay: "Quinta da Casa Branca”. Set within a banana plantation in Funchal.


When: 2nd - 26th May 2024.


Best Events in Europe - Art Basel copyright Art

8. Art Basel


When it comes to contemporary art you have several choices: if you are lucky go see openings in art galleries  near you, or  wish that museums validate artists - which often takes about ten years (is art still contemporary then ?) or go to the Mecca of Ultra-contemporary art where the best gallery owners from around the world come to exhibit their best artists: we are talking about ArtBasel.


If the concept is sold around the world with "Art Basel Miami" "Art Basel Paris" "Art Basel Hong Kong" as you have Guggenheim Museums or Louvres all over the world, Art Basel in Basel obviously remains  unavoidable.  Art Basel is more accessible than an exhibition of modern art or contemporary art because the works are made for the public and not especially for a Museum and they are ultra-contemporary: an almost direct mirror of current events in the current world.


Art in Basel is like venturing yourself into listening to musical gems on Youtube Music or Spotify .


Treat yourself to this direct access art experience by booking your flights to Basel, your accommodation in Basel as well as your tours and activities in Basel such as a "Basel Craft Beer Tour'".


How to get there: Book your flights to Basel and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Grand Hotel les Trois Rois". Situated in the centre of Basel's Old Town".


When: June 13-16, 2024.


Best amazing event in Europe - Haro wine festival - Copyright Iakov Filimonov - European Best Destinations
© Iakov Filimonov /

9. Haro wine festival

In the sixth century the rocks around the mountain where the fight is held was home to a hermit monk, who later became the patron saint of the town of Haro.


These mountains became a pilgrimage spot, especially on this special religious day, and after mass the pilgrims would gather for a feast, which would invariably get a little rowdy – to the point that a wine fight would break out.


Every year on the 29th of June, thousands of locals and a handful of lucky tourists climb a mountain in La Rioja, Spain, and throw wine on each other. 


During your stay do not miss the Best Beaches in Spain, Most Amazing Castles in Spain, Best Secret Destinations in Spain and Best Destinations to Visit in Spain


How to get there: Book your flights to Bilbao (1h from Haro by car).


Where to stay: "Hesperia Bilbao". Located near the Guggenheim Bilbao.


When: 29th June 2024.


Best Events in Europe - Roskilde Festival Copyright Roskilde Festival  European Best Destinations
Roskilde Festival

10. Roskilde Festival


9 days of music, spectacular art, events, delicious food,  is the promise of this Danish Music Festival considered one the best Summer Music Festival in Europe.


Created by students in 1971, Roskilde Festival has since grown to become, with nearly 130,000 visitors and the best musical artists of the moment, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe. Created by hippies, Roskilde has tried to keep this spirit by being one of the only non-profit making festivals in Europe, a feat when you know that 30 to 40% of European festivals are managed by large industrial groups.


Roskilde is situated on the Danish island of Zealand, west of Copenhagen (30 min by car - 1h30 by bike). 


Book your flights to Copenhagen, your accommodation in Copenhagen or Roskilde as well as your tours and activities in Denmark such as a "Copenhagen: Tivoli Gardens Unlimited Ride Pass". 


How to get there: Book your flights to Copenhagen and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde". Roskilde train station is just a 5-minute walk away.


When: 29th June - 6th July 2024.


Best trendy events in Europe - Henley Royal Regatta
Henley Royal Regatta

11. Henley Royal Regatta

Henley Royal Regatta is undoubtedly the best-known regatta in the world and a highlight of both the summer sporting calendar and the social season.


The Regatta attracts thousands of visitors over the week, and spectators are thrilled by over 300 races of an international standard, which can include Olympic rowers, as well as crews new to the event.


Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned Member, the Regatta is sure to offer you a great day out - with plenty of racing action, great food & drink, and an electric atmosphere.


A quintessentially British event that's not to be missed!


How to get there: Book your flights to London and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Kingsland Locke" as a top location highly rated  by recent guests.


When: 2th July to 7th July 2024.


Paris Olympic Games Copyright Paris 2024
Paris 2024

12. Paris 2024 - Olympic Games


It is the most anticipated event of the year 2024. The city of Paris has been preparing for years to host the Olympic Games in the most accessible and green way possible.


It was a titanic project to transform the capital of love into the capital of sport, but the city abandoned its evening outfit to put on sports outfits, its high heels for sneakers and its "bateaux-mouches" for kayaking.


Of course the city will be busy but it will be strangely quite calm as well. Paris is often quieter in summer because Parisians flee the capital to go to the provinces (where the majority of them come from), and with the Olympic Games there will be even more of them giving you their place for a few greenbacks unless you prefer the comfort of a beautiful Parisian hotel or palace.


This summer, discover Paris at the best time of the year, summer, and vibrate to the rhythm of the Olympic Games.


How to get there: Book your flights to Paris and your transfer.


Where to stay: "The Chess Hotel". Located in central Paris.


When: 26th July to 11th August 2024.


Best Events in Europe - St Dominic Fair in Gdansk - European Best Destinations
Copyright St Dominic Fair

13. St Dominic's Fair


The tradition of St Dominic’s Fair in Gdańsk, Poland, goes back to 1260! Over the years, the event had gained international fame, attracting merchants of old from Germany, France, Flanders, England, Spain and Portugal. The city reverberated with different languages as a melting pot of traditions and customs.


It is no different today when the Fair takes over the streets of the Gdańsk Old Town. Everyone, regardless of age, will find something for themselves here. For over 764 years, this unique event, one of the largest open-air events in Europe, has been a festival of good vibrations.


For three summer weeks, from late July to mid-August, the quaint streets come alive with the rhythm of the Fair. This is where the best Polish artisans and artists make their presence felt.


The unique atmosphere of the Fair in an extraordinary historical space transports visitors to the ambience of old Gdańsk. You can feel it especially intensely in Collectors’ Street, full of antiques and works of art. Here, culinary fans can take a spectacular journey around the world by tasting dishes and beverages from all over the globe. 


Various leisure areas, unparalleled shopping opportunities, culinary thrills and a unique artistic programme are the best assets of the Fair. 


With its amazing views of the Gdańsk Fair and its surroundings, the AmberSky Observation Wheel guarantees an exciting time for all. Join us on our journey through the magical world of St Dominic’s Fair and let yourself be swept away by its unique charm!


How to get there: Book your flights to Gdansk.


Where to stay: "Zleep Hotel Prindsen Roskilde". Roskilde train station is just a 5-minute walk away.


When: 27th July - 18th August 2024.


For more information about the event, go to


 Best events in Europe - Stockholm Pride - European Best Destinations
Copyright Shutterstock Editorial Rolf_52

14. Stockholm Pride 


It is probably one of the most historic prides in Europe and one of the oldest. The Stockholm Pride, created in 1998, has become a festive and demanding event that brings together more than half a million participants and spectators in the streets of Stockholm.


It's a whole cultural program with exhibitions, readings, debates, festivals, seminars, workshops, films, plays and other performances. Stockholm Pride is  more than a marketing event or a parade of nightclubs or commercial companies that want to reach the LGBTQ+ public, it is also one of the most qualitative prides in Europe for its global cultural offer. Much more than an event, it's a moment to think about a thousand societal issues, living together and the challenges of tomorrow.


Book your flights to Stockholm, your accommodation in Stockholm as well as your tours and activities in Stockholm such as a "Stockholm: Abba The Museum Entrance Ticket".


How to get there: Book your flights to Stockholm as well as your transfer.


Where to stay: "Hotel Esplanade: Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western". Located in a prestigious street in central Stockholm.


When: From 31st July - 5th August 2024.


Best events in Europe - Puppets Occupy Street Festival
Copyright Puppets Occupy Street Festival

15. Puppets Occupy Street Festival

Craiova - Romania


One of the best events 2024 awaits you in one of the best cultural destinations in Europe, Craiova.


This city, recognized as one of the blossoming destinations in Europe, which attracts more and more visitors every year thanks to its exceptional events such as its Easter Market or its Christmas Market, is also world-renowned for its Shakespeare Festival, the largest World Shakespeare Festival, but also its IntenCity Summer Music Festival, one of the Best Summer Music Festivals in Europe.


Among the unmissable events to experience in Craiova, don’t forget to mark in your calendars the “Puppets Occupy Street Festival” from 25th August to 1st September 2024.


This year this unique festival in the world will celebrate its tenth anniversary and once again the puppets will take over the streets of Craiova and spread the passion for art animation.


For 8 days, local and worldwide travellers will vibrate together with private theatre companies and independent artists. This event includes performances, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, video projection, video mapping, visual arts, fine arts, street animation taking place in different spaces in the city.


Do not miss the 2 parades with oversized puppets and allegorical floats. This festival organized by Colibri Theatre and Finances by Craiova City Hall is this year one of your Best European Event 2024 so book your flights to Craiova, your accommodation in Craiova and enjoy one of the Best Events 2024.

How to get there: Book your flights to Craiova

Where to stay: to define


How to get there: Book your flights to Craiova. 


Where to stay: "Acsa Inn". Stay in the heart of Craiova.


When: 25th August - 1st September 2024.


Best events in Europe - Notting Hill Carnival  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Shutterstock Editorial Sampajano_Anizza

16. Notting Hill Carnival

London - United Kingdom

This Caribbean Festival has become an unmissable event in London. Every year, at the end of August, this colourful festival welcomes the best dance groups parade (nearly 40,000 volunteers and nearly 2 million spectators) for 2 days in the very famous district of Notting Hill.


This parade has marched through this area of London since the mid 1960's with DJs, food stalls and bars and the sounds of Carnival. The bands compete for honour but also for money since the sale of tickets for the show, which sees the 5 best bands compete, is donated to the performing bands.


During your stay, be sure to visit the best hidden gems in England, Best beaches in England and Best destinations to visit in England.


How to get there: Book your flights to London and your transfer.


Where to stay: "The Laslett". Spread across 5 Victorian mansions.


When: 25-26th August 2024.


Best Events in Europe - La Tomatina  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Shutterstock Editorial BearFotos

17. La Tomatina

Bunol - Valencia - Spain

World famous "La Tomatina" is a tomato festival held in Bunol, a little village near Valencia in Spain. The rule is simple: participants throw tomatoes at each other (120 tons!) and are sprayed with thousands of litres of tomato coulis; a pure tomatoes fight for entertainment purposes.


La Tomatina is proof that you can have fun without hurting any animal but just spill the “blood “of  tomatoes. La Tomatina takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year in the town of Bunol near Valencia in Spain.


During your stay, don't miss the most beautiful beaches in Spain, the best hidden gems in Spain and the best destinations to visit in Spain.


Book your flights to Valencia (20 min by car), your accommodation in Valencia as well as your tours and activities in Valencia such as a "Valencia: Flamenco Show Ticket With Drink".


How to get there: Book your flights to Valencia and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Hotel Dimar" Situated in Valencia’s Cánovas Square.


When: 28th August 2024.


Best events in Europe - Oktoberfest  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Shutterstock Editorial FooTToo

18. Oktoberfest in Munich

Bavaria - Germany

Did you know that most of Oktoberfest takes place…in September? Recently brought under the world spotlight by stars and celebrities, the Oktoberfest is anything but the image one can think of. This event is an opportunity for Bavarians to carry on their traditions; purists come in traditional clothes, some will have been training for months to master the most complicated Bavarian dances, others will have spent days cooking hearty Bavarian dishes.


Of course, beer is the star of the show and you will enjoy the festival's many activities and the giant funfair. Surprisingly, few marquees are open access and you will have to organize yourself in advance.


Book your flights, your accommodation in Munich as well as your tours and activities in Bavaria such as a "Munich: Oktoberfest Ticket Tour, Lunch and Drinks" to immerse yourself in this incredible festival and have access to the best marquees.


How to get there: Book your flights to Munich and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Motel One München Campus".


When:  21st September– 6th October 2024.


Best events in Europe - Riga Lights Trail  - European Best Destinations

19. Riga Christmas Lights Trail 


From December 1st 2024 to February 5th 2025 hundreds of lights brighten the canalside of Riga city center, which is the biggest Christmas light trail in Latvia.


Be fascinated by the Christmas light trail this year in Riga! See for yourself how these places transform with illuminations when you step into this winter wonderland. Take a walk through Opera Square, Bastejkalns, and Kronvalda park where you will experience and learn about different Latvian fairytales. The music that accompanies these tales and trails will create new memories to never forget. 


There is no better time to visit Riga than in this winter! Why? Riga’s Christmas market in the very heart of Riga’s OId Town in Doma square is back and has a lot to offer to visitors.


What’s the most important criteria that makes the difference for Christmas markets? Mulled wine, aromas of cinnamon, ginger, and roasted almonds filling the air are in every city, but special Riga’s atmosphere and vibe is unique and unrepeatable, as well as cities architecture, cultural life, cuisine, and parks.


How to get there: Book your flights to Riga and your transfer.


Where to stay: "Hilton Garden Inn". Stay in the heart of Riga.


When: From 1st December 2024 to 5th February 2025.


Best events in Europe - New Year Eve in Marbella   - European Best Destinations
Copyright Marbella Turismo

20. New Year's Eve in Marbella

Andalusia - Spain

For a sparkling, festive and sunny New YearMarbella is the best choice; it has one of the largest concentrations of designer boutiques, haute-couture boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants, 5-star hotels, an ultra-trendy Marina and a beach among the most beautiful beach in Spain,.. so many good reasons to celebrate the New Year in Marbella.


Film stars but also artisticocratic and royal families have made Marbella their pied-à-terre for holidays combining relaxation, sun, outdoor sport, shopping, parties and  beach.


The finest hotels in Marbella offer New Year's Eve parties including meals and dancing. You can also enjoy New Year's Eve party in Marbella night clubs.


Why celebrate New Year’ Eves in Marbella? Because there is nothing nicer than waking up on a New Year's sunny day near the sea, lying on a deckchair, enjoying a massage or a hammam for a detox after party.


Book your flights to Malaga Airport (35 min by car), your transferaccommodation and tours and activities in Andalusia such as a "Marbella: Guided Wine & Tapas Tour". 


How to get there: Book your flights to Malaga Airport (35 min by car / taxi / uber). 


Where to stay: "Marbella Club Hotel - Golf Resort & Spa" a luxurious beachfront hotel set between Marbella and Puerto Banus.


When: The 31st December 2024.



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