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Best things to do in Spain
Best things to do in Spain

Best things to do in Spain 

Spain is one of your favourite destinations in Europe. Madrid and Barcelona have inspired the greatest artists, architects and filmmakers.


If you love Spain so much it is also because cities like Bilbao or San Sebastian manage to mix culture and gastronomy perfectly. It is also thanks to its beautiful castles and beaches.


Anyway, enjoy your stay in Spain and make your choice among the best tours and activities in Spain.


Book your flights and accommodation at the best price and discover the best of Spain.


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1. City Break in Seville

You will have a real crush on this beautiful city in southern Spain. Seville is lively, sparkling, historic, perfect for a city break in Spain.


In addition to its many historical monuments such as the Cathedral of Seville or the Giralda, Seville offers real experiences for travellers including a walk in the lush gardens of Real Alcazar, a Flamenco show or a romantic moment in a boat on the Plaza de Espana (elected among the best places for a marriage proposal). 


How to get there: Book your flights to Seville, your accommodation and your tours and activities such as a "1 hour flamenco show".


Where to stay: Book your accommodation with a roof terrace, so typical of Seville! The "Atico centrico con vistas" with its views of the old town from its terrace, is one of the favourite tourist apartments for travellers who stay in Seville.


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2. Sagrada Familia guided tour with tower access



You would not like to fall into clichés and do what other travellers do? Do you know that only one traveller out of 1000 will be lucky enough to discover what’s inside the Sagrada Familia? And only 1 in 22,000 will have the chance to discover this jewel of architecture with a passionate of Gaudi and Barcelona?


Thanks to your skip the line tickets and your personal guide, discover the secrets of this incredible monument that has been under construction for centuries and what inspired Gaudi to have this monumental work built.


The most beautiful part of the monument is inside. Do not be like these tourists who take selfies in front of the Sagrada Familia and think they know everything about it. Treat yourself to a real unforgettable experience and learn more about this emblematic place in Barcelona.


How to get there: Book your flights to Barcelona.


Where to stay: We love the decoration of the apartment "Barcelona Bs - Las Ramblas", if it is still available do not hesitate to book it.


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3. Walk over the Ronda Brige

Rewarded by travellers around the world as one of Europe's best hidden gems, Ronda is also one of Spain's most beautiful secret destinations.


Ronda is one of the pearls of Spanish tourism, a destination visited each year by travellers looking for destinations off the beaten track. Only 1h20 from Malaga city centre, Ronda is a perfect destination for a day trip to the most beautiful places of Andalusia.


How to get there: Book your flights to Malaga, your accommodation at the best price in Malaga or Ronda and your tours and activities in Andalusia such as a day-trip to Ronda and Setenil de las Bodegas, another hidden gems of Spain.


Where to stay: If you want to stay in Ronda, we recommend the "Catalonia Ronda" located in Ronda Town Centre, this hotel has an infinity pool and a rooftop terrace



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4. A family stay in Tossa de Mar

Costa Brava

It seems to be a bit of a cliché but Tossa de Mar is a real paradise on earth: it's one of Spain's best hidden gems but also one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. 


Come and rest in a place that seems to have been imagined for a children's story. Located in the province of Girona, Tossa de Mar offers not one but several beaches of fine golden sand.


What makes its charm is probably the fact that the many pine trees surrounding the beach perfume the air but also the fact that the old medieval town is of a rare beauty with the turrets formerly used to prevent invasions  from North Africa.


Tossa de Mar is a perfect destination for those who want to combine sun, relaxation, shopping, gastronomy, water sports, all at a low price and away from the crowds.


Book your flights to Barcelona (1h20 by car), your accommodation at the best price in Barcelona and Tossa de Mar and your tours and activities in Costa Brava such as a "Costa Brava half-day tour from Barcelona".


Best things to do in Spain - Segovia Alcazar copyright  Juan Enrique del Barrio   - European Best Destinations
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5. Segovia and Toledo tour with Cathedral & Alcazar tickets


 Do you know that Segovia Castle inspired Walt Disney for  Sleeping Beauty?  Or was it Neuschwanstein Castle, ranked among the most beautiful castles in Europe? In fact, the two castles were a source of inspiration for Walt Disney.


Come feel the magic and discover the history of this castle but also of Segovia and Toledo, two of the most beautiful cities in Spain where Muslims, Christians and Jews used to live in perfect harmony and peace ; they were an example of tolerance for the whole world.


How to get there: Book your flights to Madrid and join Segovia by train (2h) or by car / bus (1h).


Best things to do in Spain - Food toour copyright  RossHelen   - European Best Destinations
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6. Bilbao Foodie tour: Ribera Market & Pintxos

Bilbao, one of the most beautiful and incredible cities in Spain's Basque country, is also a perfect city for gourmets.


Discover the best of Bilbao with a passion for local cuisine. You will explore the most beautiful places, the historical monuments of the city but also the best places to taste Pintxos, tapas of the Basque Country and some typical drinks of this region of Spain.


How to get there: Book your flights to Bilbao as well as your accommodation and your tours and activities in Bilbao the best price.


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7. Caminito del Rey


Dump your fear of emptiness and treat yourself to a Caminito del Rey walkway excursion


Located 50 minutes’ drive from Malaga city centre (1h20 by train), the Caminito del Rey is probably the most impressive trail in Europe.


In Los Ardales Park, this cliff-side path, built more than a century ago and made of rails, ropes and concrete will give you chills. This path was originally created by man to  monitor the hydroelectric dam from closer, and over the years it has become one of the main tourists’ attractions in southern Spain and has been illegally followed by adventurers for many years at their own risk. After closing this road by destroying some parts of it voluntarily, the Andalusian government decided to renovate and secure the whole route.


How to get there: Book your flights to Malaga, your tours and activities and your hotel at the best price.


Where to stay: Located 15 minutes’ walk from the beach, the hotel "Exe Malaga Museos" offers a varied breakfast buffet and beautiful rooms at affordable prices.


Best things to do in Spain - Dolphins cruise in Gran Canaria - copyright ZeedMedia - European Best Destinations
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8. Dolphin watching cruise in Gran Canaria


Travellers to the Canary Islands love Gran Canaria, the second largest island of the Canary Islands after Tenerife. Gran Canaria attracts tourists from all over the world not only thanks to its climate but also thanks to the incredible diversity of its landscapes.


The fauna, flora and marine life are incredible!  Book a Gran Canaria dolphin watching cruise, you will love it ! You will see dolphins and probably whales too aboard your glass-bottom boat. It is obviously more pleasant and respectful to watch wild animals in their natural environment than in a water park.


How to get there: Book your flights to Gran Canaria and accommodation in the low season, it will cost you less ;  autumn, winter and spring are perfect seasons for a holiday in Gran Canaria. 


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9. Discover the fortress of Alhambra and its magnificient gardens

Listed among the most beautiful castles in Spain and among the most beautiful castles in Europe, the Alhambra Castle and its sumptuous gardens is a magical place not to be missed during your trip to Spain.


The Palace, the moorish gardens, the fortress of the Alhambra and the Nasrid Palaces are really worth it!. Do not forget to bring your identity card or passport with you, they are necessary to visit this protected area.


How to get there: Book your flights to Granada and your hotel at the best price. The Alhambra Fortress is located just 15 minutes’ walk from the city centre of Granada.


Where to stay: The "Oasis Hostel". Couples particulartly like the location. 



Best things to do in Europe - Formentera tour Copyright Rocky Reborn - European Best Destinations
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10. Spend the day on the wild Island of Formentera


The smallest island in the Balearic Islands is also one of the most beautiful and wildest island. Formentera offers miles of wild beaches and crystal blue waters. The secret of these beautiful landscapes? A very low occupation of the island by man, little urbanization and underwater bottoms inhabited by small animals that filter the water and make it so pure, 


How to get there: Book your flights to Ibiza and your hotel at the best price and treat yourself to a day trip to Formentera


Best things to do in Spain - Sailing copyright  EpicStockMedia - European Best Destinations
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11. Romantic sunset cruise in Barcelona

Treat yourself to a romantic sunset cruise on a sailboat in Barcelona.


You have strolled on the Ramblas, the emblematic avenue of Barcelona, visited the Sagrada Familia, the Park Güell ,the Gothic Quarter and Barceloneta has revealed all its secrets? Treat yourself to a unique moment and book a romantic cruise aboard a real sailing boat. You will enjoy a sunset over Barcelona aboard a sailboat or a catamaran.


This is one of the best views of the city of Barcelona. Board at the Olympic Port and enjoy a 90 minute cruise including a drink, fruit and snack and free wifi to share these moments with your friends on social networks.


How to get there: Book your flights to Barcelona, your hotel at the best price guaranteed and your tours and activities in Barcelona.


Where to stay: We love the decoration of the apartment "Barcelona Bs - Las Ramblas", if it is still available do not hesitate to book it.


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12. San Sebastian: private tour with panoramic views



San Sebastian is one of the most trendy cities in Spain with the most starred restaurants and  one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.


During this guided tour your guide will give you dozens of anecdotes about San Sebastian and the Basque country and you will discover the most beautiful spots in  the city. 


How to get there: Book your flights to San Sebastian, your hotel at the best price and your tours and activities in San Sebastian.


Where to stay: If you want to stay in a place that mixes culture, art, gastronomy and know-how of the Basque country, book your room at the best price at the "Maria Cristina" hotel, you may come across one movie stars.


Best things to do in Spain - Juzcar Juzcar Copyright  Pabkov   - European Best Destinations
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13. Visit the Smurfs' village


Gargamel was an alchemist who tried hard in all his life to find the Smurfs’ village ; those little blue creatures were essential in his recipe to turn lead into gold. What he did not know is that the village of Smurfs is located in Andalusia.


The village of Juzcar (2 hours from Malaga airport) was once a beautiful village of white houses. A "pueblo blanco" as there are many in the south of Spain. Some tourists used to visit the village, but other destinations like Mijas, with its beautiful geraniums hanging on the facades, used to attract many more travellers.


For the filming of the film "The Smurfs" all the houses in the village of Juzcar were painted in blue by the film crew, with the promise of repainting all in white once the shoot was over. The locals quickly realized that being the only blue village in the middle of a region full of white villages was interesting to attract more travellers. So they decided to keep their houses painted blue.


Before the shooting of the film, only about 300 tourists used to visit Juzcar each year, they are now more than 60,000 a year now!


How to get there: Book your flights to Malaga (2h by car) and your accommodation at the best price in Andalusia.


Where to stay: Do you want to stay in a Smurf’s house ? Book your room at the "Hotel Bandolero", a charming boutique hotel featuring a swimming pool, for both humans and smurfs.



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