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Best Sustainable Destinations in Europe 2022

Discover the best sustainable tourism destinations in Europe. Visit destinations rewarded by the European Commission for their commitment to the protection of the environment, the enhancement of local heritage, the development of local activities that respect human beings and the environment.


You will find in this ranking destinations labeled “European Green Capital” as well as destinations labeled “EDEN” (European Destinations of Excellence), all of which have been awarded by the European Commission.


Find more inspiration for your next trip among a wide selection of sustainable tourism destinations among the EDEN sustainable tourism destinations.


Book your flights, accommodation and tours and activities, then relax, the best is yet to come.


Best Sustainable destinations in Europe Lahti

Lahti Region


Lahti is your best sustainable tourism destination in Europe. It is also ranked among the best sustainable destinations for outdoor sport in Europe and among the "Best Green Capitals in Europe".


City of Lahti is a Gateway to the Finnish Lakeland – the largest in Europe. Finland has over 188,000 lakes and the water is the cleanest in the world. Lahti is located only an hour north from the capital Helsinki, international airport and harbors - and 2.5 Hrs away from St Petersburg by train.


As European Green Capital Lahti is a frontrunner in climate work and a pioneer in sustainable and smart solutions. In the Lahti region, you can experience pure and diverse nature sustainably.


From Lahti the waterway opens up from local lake Vesijärvi to the pure Lake Päijänne which is the second biggest lake in Finland - providing drinking water to the whole Helsinki region. 74% of the city area is covered by forest, while 11% consists of bodies of water. The best tap water in the world, filtered and purified naturally by the Salpausselkä ridges, is an everyday luxury for the people of Lahti.


Best Sustainable destinations in Europe Monte Isola

Monte Isola

Brescia - Italy

Monte Isola is not only one of the best sustainable tourism destinations in Europe, it is also one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.


Read this! You have ranked Monte Isola among the Best sustainable gastronomic destinations in Europe (taste the best extra virgin olive oil in Monte and their tasty traditional dishes), but also among your best destinations for a digital detox, Best sutainable events in Europe (Santa Croce Festival ), Best Wedding Venues in Europe, Best Natural Wonders in Italy as well as among the Best sustainable destinations for hiking.


Monte Isola is a green mountain emerging at the centere of Iseo Lake. In every season special, wonderful and suggestive landscape makes this island of almost 5 km2 (450 hectares) a real Italian pearl. In the island there are eleven villages; the connections with the Brescian shore of the lake take place between Sulzano - Peschiera and Sale M. - Carzano.


Cars are banned and only the 1,800 inhabitants are allowed to drive motorcycles. Visitors can use the small bus or rent bikes, so as to start the discovery by cycling along the 9.4 km of the perimeter.


It is possible to explore by foot the bridleways and the footpaths leading to the top of the island where the sanctuary stands. This is an extremely interesting point of view thanks to the extraordinary panorama and the artistic beauty inside its little church dedicated to Mary.


Best Sustainable destinations in Europe Cavtat


Konavle Region - Croatia

Are you dreaming about a place where life is a simple pleasure? On your doorstep, with a great deal of things to do, to see, to enjoy, to experience.


Let us help you with your search… there is a stunningly beautiful part of Europe, precisely in Croatia, near “must visit” Dubrovnik. It is called Cavtat and is located in Konavle region - so called Croatian Tuscany.


The picturesque charming town of Cavtat is possibly the most famous place in Konavle region and it is situated only 18 km from Dubrovnik. Its best kept secret is the old town centerer that hides many lovely cafés and restaurants. It has a stunning waterfront lined with palm trees and has been described as closely resembling Saint Tropez.


Cavtat is not a place for those seeking clubs and wild nights. It is a place to relax and recharge your batteries while enjoying gorgeous scenery, food and wine. Life goes by slowly in this part of the world, a quality which made this place a desirable destination for a proper laid-back vacation.


Best Sustainable destinations in Europe Mostviertel



Mostviertel Region is one of the best sustainable destinations in Europe and has one of the most beautiful sustainable landscapes in Europe.


It is also ranked as one of the Best Hidden Gems in Austria. Waidhofen an der Ybbs is often called the “Rothenburg of Austria” because of its superbly preserved medieval core. It serves as the gateway to the Eisenwurzen, a region which becomes increasingly alpine and forested to the south and which has been shaped since the Middle Ages by its proximity to the Erzberg, a surface-mined ore mountain in the neighbouring province of Styria.


Ybbsitz, Opponitz, Hollenstein, Göstling, Scheibbs, Purgstall and the other communities in the Ybbs and Erlauf Valleys have joined together to form the Niederösterreich Iron Road.


This association has restored numerous forges, hammer works and mansions as well as set up museums, demonstration plants and educational paths to create a diverse program for tourists on the history of the local iron industry.


Best Sustainable destinations in Europe Durbuy



Durbuy is one of the best sustainable tourism destinations in Europe. Pronouncing the name of Durbuy is already being half way to Durbuy, at the entrance of the Ardennes. Breathe deeply and find yourself in this green delight with its unique charm.


Less than two hours from Brussels, Maastricht or Aachen and only slightly further from Lille, you are at the heart of a thousand years of history, in a rural area brimming with heritage and flavours of every kind. At any time of the year the old mediaeval town of Durbuy invites you to stroll through its cobbled streets or to explore the enormous variety of walking trails in the vicinity.


In total, 41 villages and hamlets cover an area three-quarters of it covered by forest and meadows. A glorious mix of colours and experiences that will constantly enchant you throughout your stay.


Durbuy is also ranked among the Best Destinations for a Digital Detox in Europe, Best Sustainable Destinations for Hiking, Best Sustainable Destinations for Outdoor Sport as well as among the Best Sustainable and Gastronomic Destinations in Europe.


Best Sustainable destinations in Europe Sheep's Head

Sheep's Head


The Sheep's Head peninsula, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean on Ireland's south-west coastline, is home to one of Europe's best-loved walking trails.


It's home to the Sheep's Head Way - an award-winning 88km trail that stretches around the entire coastline of this slim peninsula. Begin in the historic West Cork harbour town of Bantry and walk out onto the Sheep's Head. As you look out over Bantry and Dunmanus Bays, take in the glorious unfolding views over the neighbouring Mizen and Beara peninsulas.


You'll discover many local heritage sites in this ancient landscape as you walk!


Cliff paths, ridge walks, and farmland paths can all be found on this varied and well-marked walking route. The views change here with every turn in the road and each shift in the light. You're sure to get a warm welcome from the locals you meet along the trail and in  cozy places to stay.


"Sheep's Head" is also ranked among your Best Destinations for a Digital Detox in Europe, Most Beautiful Sustainable Landscapes in Europe as well as among the Best Sustainable Experiences in Europe.


Best Sustainable destinations in Europe Soomaa National Park


Soomaa National Park - Estonia

The Soomaa National Park is a bog and swamp abundant area in the Pärnu and Viljandi County. Visitors might know Soomaa best for its great flood or the so-called fifth season, when the water from melted snow or heavy rains floods all the lower forests, roads and even yards.


If you are approaching Soomaa from Pärnu, be sure to stop at the mysterious Tori Hell. When headed to the Visitor Centre of the Soomaa National Park, stop by the historical Riisa Study Trail, which is accessible for both explorers in wheelchairs and hikers with baby prams.


Soomaa visitors can take part in regular, canoe and snowshoe hikes; beavers are the popular focus for animal viewing tours. The Beaver Trail, which starts at the Visitor Centre of the Soomaa National Park, is accessible both by wheelchairs and baby prams.


Soomaa is also ranked among your Best destinations for a digital detox in Europe, Best Sustainable Destinations for Families, Best National Parks in Europe as well as among the Best Sustainable Experiences in Europe.


Best Sustainable destinations in Europe Ebro Delta
GG Foto

Ebro Delta


It is scenery of a great biological richness that receives a diversity of fauna and flora of an inestimable value. With 320 km2 of surface, The Natural Park of Ebro Delta constitutes the most extensive aquatic habitat of the Catalan lands (Spain) and represents a place of vital importance within wetlands of the Mediterranean.


The uniqueness of the Ebro Delta is expressed by its physical reality, geographic, natural and also, by its particular traditions, the culture, the architectural heritage and the history.


Ebro Delta was designated World Heritage Site in 1993. 70% of the world population of rare Corsican seagulls breed in the Ebro Delta; The exotic Greater Flamingo can be counted by the thousands and you will find a great quantity of birds, from the Purple Gallinule to the Little bittern.


Whatever the season, you will observe flocks of birds, both residents and reproductive, migration in spring and autumn is full of surprises, and in winter, aquatic areas team with life.


You can go on your own or accompanied by a professional guide from one of the various specialist companies. You will find many establishments where you can borrow binoculars and field guides.


Best Sustainable destinations in Europe Nin
Ilija Ascic



Its magical attractiveness lies in charming location, gentle climate, unique cultural heritage, intact nature, peculiar festivals and preserved traditions.


Nin's old town core, where life began more than 3000 years and that's one of the oldest towns of the Mediterranean, is situated amid shallow lagoon on a heart shaped islet.


Many civilizations left traces which are experienced strolling along the romantic streets of the islet – an open-air museum. In the prehistoric times Nin was important harbour on the Adriatic and afterwards a Roman municipium. 


All its stories, history, legends and monuments combined with its beauty and natural resources are here to be enjoyed and to find so much needed peace, health and happiness.


Nin is mysterious and magical particularly attractive with the Church of St. Cross, known as the smallest cathedral in the world. The Church is compared with Stonehenge because it represents a sundial and calendar.


You have also ranked Nin among the Best Romantic and Sustainable destinations in Europe, Best Sustainable Events in Europe and Best Sustainable and Gastronomic Destinations in Europe. There are only good reasons to visit Nin this year.


Best Sustainable destinations in Europe Bohinj
Gaspar Janos



Imagine a place under the sky, where the sun warms and a gentle wind lightly cools your back and face. Sometimes the clouds travel above you and sometimes you are above them. Silence is all around. And then everything changes. A farmer mows grass and chops wood, children joyfully play. Pine trees move gently in the wind, marmots whistle, ibex, chamois and mouflons tramp.


Bohinj is also listed among your Most Beautiful Sustainable Landscapes in Europe and Best Sustainable Destinations for Hiking in Europe.



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