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Europe's best hidden gems

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You love travelling in Europe and want to get off the beaten track? Discover a unique selection of secret destinations; real treasures are hidden in every corner of Europe.


From Freudenberg in Germany to Agias Nikolaos in Greece and Malcesine in Italy, discover a selection of the finest unknown destinations in Europe and book your hotel, apartment, B&B, villa at the best price guaranteed and your best activities in Europe for a perfect holiday in the most beautiful secret destinations in Europe.


Setenil de las Bodegas - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright elRoce /
elRoce /

Setenil de las Bodegas

Andalusia - Spain

Andalusia is one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. Seville, Malaga, Cordoba, Cadiz are perfect for a gastronomic, cultural  or relaxing city break or an afternoon on the beautiful beaches of Nerja or for a visit to  the "Spanish Wild West", the Tabernas desert in Almeria (ranked among the best film locations in Europe). But Andalusia is also full of beauties and hidden treasures for those who  love venturing off the beaten path. 


This little village of white houses is amazing: many astute people decided to build their houses under a huge rock  to avoid paying for new roofs which cost an arm and a leg. Nearly 3000 inhabitants live in this picturesque and very surprising village. The village of Setenil de las Bodegas is worth a visit and is only 20 kilometres from Ronda, another hidden gem of this beautiful province.


Book your flights to Malaga or Jerez (1H30 by car), your accommodation at the best price, your best tours and activities in Andalusia  such as a "Ronda and Setenil de las Bodegas tour".


If you want to stay in the heart of this village, book at "Casa entre rocas" with a view to the huge rock.


Malcesine - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright Yasonya - European Best Destinations


Verona - Italy

Located in the very romantic province of Verona, Malcesine is a small town (3500 inhabitants). Lake Garda attracts travellers from around the world but also celebrities like Georges Clooney. It is an important agricultural region that produces delicious and pure olive oils.


Book your stay at the best price in Malcesine and your best activities in Veneto.

The nearest airport is Villafranca-Verona Airport, ( 90 minutes drive from Malcesine).


Cochem - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright leoks - European Best Destinations


Rhineland-Palatinate - Germany

Cochem is located in the German side of the Moselle; it is a perfect destination for travellers looking for authenticity.


Cochem is famous for its River, vineyards, beautiful scenery, medieval town centre, half-timbered houses, romantic alleyways and 1000-year-old castle. 


Book your accommodation at the best price guaranteed in Cochem; we recommend the "Hotel Germania" with great views of Cochem Castle, Herbert, The General Manager, and his teams will be very caring for you!


Agios Nikolaos - Day- Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright Vladimir Sazonov
Vladimir Sazonov

Agios Nikolaos

Crete - Greece

Come discover Mirabello bay and its beautiful port. Welcome to one of Crete‘s hidden gems, welcome to Agios Nikolaos! Dive into the turquoise blue waters of Agios Nikolaos, spend beautiful evenings in its restaurants and bars, go shopping, enjoy the beach, walk around or go by boat.


Book your stay at the best price guaranteed in Agios Nikolaos today and your best tours and activities in Crete for a perfect holiday.


Want to rest in nature? We recommend the Minos Beach Art Hotel.


Soller - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright Vulcano -  European Best Destinations


Mallorca - Spain

Soller is the most beautiful village on the island of Mallorca. Surrounded by mountains, it is quiet, relaxing and perfect for a family holiday. Although the location is isolated, Soller is well connected to Palma de Mallorca, (30 minutes from  the airport ) by many lines of trams and buses.


If you like nature, hiking, gastronomy, Soller is for you.


Book your accommodation today at the best price and your best activities in Mallorca. We  recommend the Can Roses hotel; it is a paradise on earth and just 5 minutes walk from the centre.


Peniscola - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright  karnavalfoto


Castellón - Spain

Not surprisingly, Peniscola is one of your best hidden gems in Europe because this destination is also one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Peniscola  is three hours drive from Barcelona.


Discover the castle of Pope Luna, the ancient fortifications of Pensicola, its nature reserve and enjoy the Mediterranean climate with very mild temperatures in winter and more than 300 days of sunshine a year.


Book your accommodation today at the best price guaranteed in Peniscola and your best activities in Spain.


We particularly recommend the "Hotel RH Portocristo" with superb views of the sea and the castle of Peniscola.


Odeixe - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright ah_fotobox   European Best destinations


Algarve - Portugal

The parish of Odeceixe is situated on the steeply inclined topography that divides the Algarve and Alentejo regions; the south bank of the Ribeira de Seixe which runs through this parish is the dividing line for this frontier.


The parish includes Praia do Odeceixe at the mouth of the Ribera de Seixe. This has one of the few official naturist beaches in Portugal! (copyright CC)


Lauterbrunnen valley - Best hidden gems in Europe - copyright Creative Travel Projects  - European Best Destinations
©Creative Travel Projects


Bern - Switzerland

Discover more than 70 waterfalls in one of Switzerland's most impressive alpine valleys, the Lauterbrunnen Valley. This large nature reserve is a paradise for lovers of unspoiled nature, authentic villages, small charming hotels.


Put on your walking shoes and set off to discover Staubbach waterfall, the highest waterfall in Europe. If you like wintersports, visit the Lauterbrunnen valley in winter. If you like hiking in nature, book your stay in summer.


Do you want a hotel with waterfall view room? Book your stay at the "Valley Hostel" or check our accommodation offer at the best price guaranteed in the Lauterbrunnen valley.


Michael's Mount - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright  Photography Cornwall - European Best Destinations
Photography Cornwall

St Michael's Mount

Marazion - Cornwall - UK

It looks very much like « le Mont Saint-Michel » in Normandy, France; it even bares its name and it is just as beautiful. The Mount is on a wonderful island located in the famous Cornish region of southwestern Britain.


The legend dating from the 5th century says that fishermen from the village are supposed to have seen archangel Michael sitting on a rock; he had just swum out of the sea. From that time the place became a place of pilgrimage and a monastery was built there 500 years later.


Polignano - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright Mi.Ti - European Best Destinations

Polignano a mare

Bari  - Italy

Located in southern Italy, in the Apulia region, Polignano a Mare is famous all over the world for its houses perched on top of limestone cliffs but also for the beauty of the blue waters of the sea that faces this very beautiful destination.


Buy your flight tickets for Bari and discover Polignano a Mare, located only 50 kilometres from Bari. You can stay in Bari in one of the best hotels at the best price and in Polignano a Mare which offers more than 120 hotels.


Amalfi - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright Canadastock - European Best Destinations


Salerno - Italy

Positano on the Amalfi Coast, near Naples is the famous beautiful village you  classified as the best destination for a honeymoon in Europe. The villages of Praiano and Amalfi are also rare beauty destinations.


Amalfi has been classified as World Heritage by Unesco since 1997. Stroll through its medieval streets and book your best activities today such as "a full day private boat cruise" and your hotel at the best price. We advise you to stay at the "Marina Riviera" hotel located 1 minute walk from the beach. 


Nonza - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright  l i g h t p o e t - European Best Destinations
©l i g h t p o e t



Located north of Corsica, 50 minutes drive from Bastia airport, Nonza is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France.


Formerly famous for its olive oil, wine and goat cheese, the island now enjoys tourism in summer and has maintained a production of high quality olive oil. We advise you to book your accommodation at the best price guaranteed in Bastia and make a day trip to Nonza.


San Andres near Santa Cruz - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright Olena Tur - European Best Destinations
Olena Tur

San Andres

Santa Cruz - Tenerife - Spain

San Andres is a charming village just a few kilometres from Santa Cruz of Tenerife on the Canary Islands. San Andres is not just charming, it is also the oldest village on Tenerife island.


If you are not an architecture or history enthusiast, San Andres is also the good place for you : the village faces Las Teresitas beach, the most beautiful golden sandy beach in Tenerife; it is perfect for relaxing after a visit in the village of San Andres.


Book your flight tickets and accommodation at the best price guaranteed in Tenerife today for a dream holiday on the Spanish islands.


Freudenberg - Best hidden gems in Europe - Copyright DanKe - European Best Destinations


North Rhine-Westphalia - Germany

Freudenberg is one of your best European hidden gems; it is an authentic and traditional village. Come admire the half-timbered houses that all look alike. We recommend a visit in autumn or winter; it is even more magical.


Book your accommodation today at the best price guaranteed in Cologne, (an hour' s drive  from Freudenberg) and enjoy a good meal on the spot. We particularly recommend the "Hotel zur Altstadt" in the heart of the village.


Have a romantic and unforgettable holiday in one of Europe's best hidden gems.



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