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Christmas in Germany

The 14 Best Christmas markets in Germany for 2020

Christmas time is coming to town! Discover the best Christmas markets breaks in the most beautiful destinations in Germany. Enjoy their Christmas decorations, their beautiful Christmas trees, the best place to find original Christmas gifts for the whole family in one of the best Christmas destinations in Germany


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1. Trier

From 20th  November to 22nd December 2020

Now in its 40th year, the Trier Christmas Market will again be one of the loveliest in all of Germany. Set on the medieval Main Market and in front of the imposing backdrop of Trier Cathedral, the 95 attractively decorated booths offer a fitting framework for this wonderful event.


For the first time, the program for the entire family changes almost daily – from historical puppet theater to star tenor and songsmiths. The Trier Christmas Market is often described by travel organizers as being “romantic with wonderful ambience.”


Germany’s only Mulled Wine Queen Sarah Schmitt is looking forward to the international guests in Trier. A large selection with delicious specialties such as the “Original Moselle Vintner Mulled Wine” and festive arts and crafts attracts visitors from the world over.


Christmas in Leipzig Copyright ©Dirk Brzoska  - European Best Destinations
©Dirk Brzoska

2. Leipzig

From 28th November to 23rd December 2020

Leipzig Christmas market dates all the way back to 1458. Its six areas are set in chime with the fascinating historical scenery of the Leipzig city centre. With more than 250 twinkling stalls embedded harmoniously in the historic centre, Leipzig Christmas market is not only one of the oldest but also one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany. Visitors are offered a multitude of festive delights: indulge in numerous culinary delights or explore the city’s traditional medieval market.


Traditionally, the main area of the Christmas market is Marktplatz (market square) where visitors can marvel at a Saxon spruce Christmas tree as high as twenty meters, and enjoy a wide variety of performances at the market square stage. On Augustusplatz square a 38-metre-high ferris wheel offers seasonal views from a lofty height.

Best Christmas Market in Germany - Braunschweig - Copyright Braunschweig City Marketing  - European Best Destinations
Braunschweig City Marketing

3. Braunschweig

From 25th  November to 29th December 2020

Every year, the squares around St. Blasii Cathedral are transformed into a beautiful Christmas market with elegant illuminations and a delightful atmosphere. 150 artisans and vendors will open their lovingly decorated stalls against an impressive historical backdrop. They offer a broad range of gifts such as wooden toys, jewellery creations, fur-lined leather goods and illuminated Christmas stars. Culinary delicacies from the region and around the world are always popular favourites during the holidays.


With its 500-year tradition, the Braunschweig Christmas Market is amongst the most attractive and atmospheric Christmas markets in all of Germany. Each year, it attracts several hundred thousand visitors.


Christmas market in Aachen, Germany
© HUANG Zheng /

4. Aachen

From 20th November to 23rd December 2020

Every year before Christmas the squares and streets round the Cathedral and the Aachen Town Hall are transformed into a paradise of lights and colours, festive sounds and seductive smells. The glorious fair in the Christmas City, which has been erected with great care and sentiment, fascinates both the young and the old. The enormous choice between original, stylish and precious goods makes small and big dreams come true. It is really no wonder why the Aachen Christmas Market has become an absolute "must" for all people of Aachen and Aachen fans as well.

Christmas in Baden-Baden - Copyright Baden Baden City Council - European Best Destinations
©Baden Baden

5. Baden-Baden

From 26th November 2020 to 6th January 2021

 Situated at the start of Baden-Baden’s world-famous green corridor, the Lichtentaler Allee, visitors will encounter small streets of festive stalls, where the romantic atmosphere is heightened by the thousands of shimmering Christmas lights. The entire experience is capped with a choice program of entertainment, catering for both young and old.


As one of the region’s largest and prettiest Christmas markets, it invites you until 30th December to marvel, browse and shop. Around 100 stalls await you with a selection of arts and crafts, Christmas decorations, handcrafted nativity scenes and much more. Younger visitors can look forward to tasty Christmas treats, a children’s bakery, merry-go-rounds and a program of Christmas entertainment on the open-air stage.


Best Christmas Markets in Germany -  Berlin Christmas City Break - Copyright  VisitBerlin  -  European Best Destinations

6. Berlin

From 23rd November to 27th December 2020

The baroque Charlottenburg Palace is a sumptuous backdrop for this Christmas market in Berlin West. An elaborate light installation bathes the market, the palace, the trees and decorative fence of the palace in a romantic glow. The pivotal point of the market is a pyramid in front of the palace's main entrance.


Wood huts and marquees, decorated entirely with natural materials, provide a festive atmosphere and offer not only a wide range of crafts but also an impressive selection of culinary choices. In addition to the traditional Christmas market stalls selling hot chestnuts, crepes or Hungarian langos, many hotels and restaurants from Berlin and Brandenburg offer fine dining in heated tents.


The Winterwald (winter forest) in front of the small orangery offers magical attractions for children, including a nostalgic carousel, an air swing and a small railway. In the Märchenzelt (fairy tale tent) organised by the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin, the little ones can try their hand at arts and crafts.


A visit to the Christmas market in front of Charlottenburg Palace is wonderfully combined with a tour of the palace or a leisurely walk through its garden.

Cologne Christmas Market ©Weihnachtsmarkt Kölner-Altstad t- Best City Christmas City Breaks in Europe - European Best Destinations
©Weihnachtsmarkt Kölner-Altstadt

7. Cologne

From 23rd November to 23rd December 2020

Advent is the time for Christmas markets, and Cologne is no exception. From 23 November to 23 December 2020, the magic of Christmas will be felt throughout the festively decorated city. The aroma of baked apples, cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine will waft through the alleys, and many differently themed Christmas markets will invite people to stroll, shop and explore.


The larger Christmas markets are held in downtown Cologne, but Cologne’s smaller Christmas markets also have plenty to offer.


Cologne’s Christmas markets attract millions of visitors from all over the world every year. You too can savour the unique atmosphere of this metropolis on the Rhine at this special time of year. You’re sure to be enchanted!

Dresden Christmas City Break - copyright  Frank Grätz- European Best Destinations
©Frank Grätz

8. Dresden

From 26th November to 24th December 2020

If you like Christmas, you’ll love Dresden. A grand total of eleven completely different Christmas markets, from the by no means Dark Ages to the après ski charm of alpine huts, makes for wonderfully conflicting decisions.


Holiday sounds fill the air throughout the city. From the many oratorios, Advent, organ and gospel concerts, Dresden’s churches brim with festive insider tips.


Christmas tales also come to life in the city’s theatres whilst museums host special exhibitions and boats bejewelled with lights glide along the Elbe. If only Christmas could last more than just a few weeks…

Best Christmas Markets in Germany -  Christmas in Dusseldorf- European Best Destinations
©Dusseldorf Tourismus

9. Dusseldorf

From 23rd November to 30th December 2020

Once the St Martins parade has made its way through the streets of Düsseldorf in mid-November, the city gears up for Christmas. The traditional Christmas market of Düsseldorf is staged individually at various locations throughout the bustling city centre. Around the Königsallee elaborately designed theme worlds are set to lead visitors on a real discovery tour.


For five weeks, over 200 huts decorated in Christmas splendour transform the city into a winter wonderland for the whole family to enjoy. As one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, the market in Düsseldorf provides unique experiences for visitors.

Best Christmas Markets in Germany -  Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany. It is one of the large christmas markets in Germany
© Scirocco340 /

10. Nuremberg

From 27th November to 24th December 2020

The enticing aroma of gingerbread, mulled wine and grilled sausage hangs in the air at the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt. First mentioned in 1628, its roots probably go back to the time of Luther, when the tradition of giving children presents at Christmas evolved. Ever since then traditional wares such as handmade Christmas decorations and culinary treats have been offered by the 180 wooden stalls, decorated with red and white canvas. Take a stroll through the festively lighted lanes between the stalls and discover the enchantment of the unique atmosphere. 


The "Christkind" with blond curly hair wearing a golden crown and golden white gown opens "its" market traditionally on the Friday before the first Advent. "You men and women who once were children, be young again“, proclaims the "Christkind" when she welcomes guests to the Nuremberg Market Square. And she is right - because with a bit of childish enthusiasm over the Christmas tree decorations, tinsel angels, wooden nutcrackers, cribs and colored stars, you enjoy walking through the romantically lit Christmas Market twice as much. 

Best christmas markets in Germany - Christmas in Rothenburg - European Best Destinations
©Rothenburg Tourismus Service W. Pfitzinger

11. Rothenburg

From 23rd November to 23rd December 2020

Once a year, the medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber transforms itself into a fairytale winter wonderland. Ever since the 15th century, the festive time prior to Christmas has been accompanied by a delightful Christmas Market. Looking back on over 500 years of tradition little has changed over the years and the historical customs have been closely followed.


Everything your heart desires can be found at this charming market, may it be the traditional Christmas pastries or the mulled wine. Gadgets and treasures as well as lovingly crafted Christmas decoration can be found in a variety of booths and are sure to serve as a token of appreciation for loved ones at home as well as a welcomed reminder of your time spent in Rothenburg.

Best Christmas Markets in Germany -  Christmas in Stuttgart Copyright Achim Mende  -  European Best Destinations
©Achim Mende

12. Stuttgart

From 25th November to 23rd December 2020

During the weeks of Advent the Stuttgart Region is bathed in a special yuletide glow. Nearly 300 nostalgic Christmas markets attract visitors to enjoy a leisurely stroll around. 


With its 287 stalls and a tradition of more than 300 years, the Stuttgart Christmas Market is one of the loveliest in Germany and one of the oldest and largest of its kind in Europe. Ornately and lovingly decorated the stallholders are rewarded for their pains with a prize awarded each year by a jury for the Christmas Market's most beautiful stall.


During Advent, Stuttgart's town hall is transformed into a gigantic Advent calendar. Each day a "door" is opened, revealing by degrees the coats of arms of Stuttgart's boroughs.

Best Christmas Markets in Germany - Rüdesheim Christmas Market - Copyright Eric Rehwald - European Best Destinations
Eric Rehwald

13. Rüdesheim

From 23rd November to 23rd December 2020

Within dark European wintertime, Weihnachten, German Christmas marks the highlight and beacon the seasons. For more than 20 years the market community of Rüdesheim Christmas Market of Nations celebrates Advent and Christmas time at River Rhine in a very special tradition:


More than 15 nations from six continents bring and offer their goods, specials, customs and celebrations of the season:

Good and thoughtful things, gifts and delights from Orient and Occident, from Europe and from overseas.


Guests from all over the world and locals together celebrate within the ancient historical landscape of the Rhine Gorge, creating an unique flair and atmosphere. Enchanting Stalls & Glowing Lights. Homes and mansions, decked with lights, greenery and ornaments, show the festive spirit of the season.



Best Christmas Markets in Germany - Wurzburg Christmas Market - Copyright  Rainer Maiores
Rainer Maiores

14. Würzburg

From 27th November to 23rd December 2020

The tradition of Würzburg's highly scenic Christmas Market dates back to the early 19th century. Visitors from all over the world enjoy a stroll through 100 wooden stalls, sampling delicious Christmas cookies and roasted almonds while sipping the traditional “Gluehwein”, a famous hot spiced red wine.


Products for sale at the Christmas market include wooden toys, jewelry, teas and spices, traditional Christmas decorations, scented candles, pottery, embroideries, and hand-knit socks and gloves. To top it off, some 40 artisans display their wares in the festively decorated courtyard of the Town Hall on all Saturdays and Sundays in Advent. The focus here is on handcrafted items that are hard to find elsewhere.




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