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Metz France

Hotels in Metz

Lisboa European Best Destination

Situated in the north-east of France, and only 82 mins from Paris by train, Metz is the perfect sized town for a short break.  Its combination of lively shopping streets and riverside walks make it ideal for pedestrians, cyclists and those in search of a mix of amusement and relaxation. Family-friendly parks and gardens are part of the city lifestyle, just like the animated terraces, cafés and bars. 


The past and the future meet in the city’s well preserved buildings and newly developing quarters with signature buildings by award winning architects including Shigaru Ban, Christian de Portzamparc and Rudy Riccotti. This forms the backdrop to the many street fairs and festivities like the summer Mirabelle Festival with its outdoor concerts, the annual flea market in the Outre Seille quarter and the renowned Christmas Markets


The Cour d’Or Museum has rich collections telling the long history of Metz, and the numerous art galleries display the latest in contemporary art, like the Centre Pompidou-Metz with its unmissable programme of innovative modern and contemporary art exhibitions. 


Good quality food is easy to find.  The Covered Market, patisseries run by award-winning pastry chefs, and the many restaurants serve local and international delicacies for every budget.  


Don’t miss out on an evening stroll to see St Etienne’s Cathedral, the Temple Neuf and the other city monuments lit up a night, it’s a fine way to end the day.





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Top things to do

in Metz

Historic heart

Stroll through the town and through the ages.  Lose yourself in the picturesque medieval streets of the Colline Sainte Croix, be delighted by the elegant 18th century classical style squares or go back to the eclecticism of the beginning of the 20th century and its mix of styles in the Imperial district.




Historic heart of Metz
©Office de Tourisme de Metz / Philippe Gisselbrecht

Artistic inspiration

Be inspired by the wealth of art on display in the city, in the streets, in the buildings …everywhere you go.


Take a look inside the Cathedral, where Medieval and Renaissance stained glass windows rub shoulders with vibrant modern ones.  You’ll see windows by Marc Chagall, Jaques Villion and Roger Bissière, or go along to St Maximin’s church to see Jean Cocteau’s magnificent pastel coloured works.


The FRAC, Octave Cowbell and the Centre Pompidou-Metz are among the galleries that will inspire and delight your artistic sensibilities, open your mind and go on in!



Artistic Inspiration in Metz
©Office de Tourisme de Metz / Philippe Gisselbrecht

Tasty treats

Food glorious food, weather you’re sweet our savoury there’s something for you.  Our Mirabelle plum tart is a dream, the paté Lorrain not to be missed and if you want to be traditional go for the quiche Lorraine.  You won’t be able to stay away from the patisseries and restaurants, the famous French gastronome François Rabelais stayed here 2 years to make the most of them!




Tasty treats in Metz
©Tourisme Lorraine

City Gardens – the home of urban ecology

Urban ecology is about integrating nature into the town and in Metz, trees, rivers and parks are part of city life. Our riversides and green spaces are great for walks, sport, kids’ playgrounds and picnics, not to mention the ducks, swans and insects that share our environment. Add to this the sustainable gardening techniques in place and you’re sure to get a breath of fresh air while enjoying nature at a stones-throw from the city centre.




City gardens in Metz
©Office de Tourisme de Metz / Philippe Gisselbrecht

City Pass – the best value way to visit

A low cost way to visit the key museums and historic sites with reductions at selected restaurants, bars and cafés.  Pick one up at the Tourist Office.





City Pass Metz


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