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You might have this image in mind, a baroque style sanctuary with a church set on a hill. Magnificent sculptured stairs representing the five human senses will take you to the top.


Its location is ideal with a beautiful park and an incredible hydrolic funicular, ranked among the most beautiful funiculars in Europe. It will take yo up and down through the forest.


The Bom Jesus de Braga Sanctuary has inspired many buildings across the world such as the Matosinhos Sanctuary of Bom Jesus in Congonhas, Brazil and the Our Lady of Remedies Sanctuary  in Lamego, Portugal, to name a few.


Whether you choose to climb the mountain on foot or get to the top by car, take time to stop for a while at the 3 Square Chapels.


If this place is the starting point for the discovery of the Bom Jesus do Monte sanctuary through its magnificent staircases, it also offers incredible views to the entire region of Braga. Avail yourself of the opportunity to stop for an ice cream or a refreshing drink in the small shop wisely installed halfway to the sanctuary and the Bom Jesus Church.

Bom Jesus

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Bom Jesus do Monte near Braga, Portugal
Bom Jesus do Monte by marchello


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