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Cathedral of Saint John Baptist wroclaw

Cathedral of St John Baptist

Plac Katedralny 


Opening times: Monday - Sunday: 10.00 - 17.45


Its history begins with the Congress of Gniezno when in 1000 three dioceses were created: wrocławska, krakowska and kołobrzeska.


Cathedral of St. John Baptist was destroyed many times. Rebuilt in 1951, it was consecrated by Archbishop Stefan Wyszyński, Primate of Poland.


Inside the cathedral we can admire precious statues and paintings: a triptych Dormition of Mary from 1552 (transported from Lubin), a pulpit (1723), oaken stall from 1662-1665 and many tombstones from Middle Ages, Mannerism and Baroque. The cathedral has 21 chapels, among which are: St. Elisabeth (1680-1686) and Electors’ Chapel (1716-1721), a work of an architect from Vienna, J. B. Frischer von Erlach.


On the top of the tower there is a viewpoint where it is possible to get with the lift.




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