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Milos Island is one of the best places for a dream holiday in Greece that you  classified among the best natural pools in Europe, Best beaches in Europe (Sarakiniko Beach and its famous volcanic rocks which offer sunbathers a lunar scenery). It is also classified among the Best Sculptures in Europe with the Venus of Milo now exhibited in Paris and discovered by a peasant on the island of Milos in Greece by pure chance. Finally Milos is obviously ranked among your best islands in Greece.


The best way to get to Milos is to fly from Athens (1 hour). You can also take a ferry or a Sea Jet (faster than the Ferry) from the port of Athens (5 hours). Treat yourself to a relaxing day on the beautiful beach of Sarakiniko or on the most exclusive beach of Firiplaka. For history lovers, do not forget to visit the Ancient Theatre of Milos and the Milos Archaelogical Museum.


Book your flights to Milos, your accommodation in Milos as well as your tours and activities in Milos such as a "Milos: Full day Milos and Poliegos Catamaran Cruise".


How to get there: Book your flights to Milos (direct flights or via Athens).


 Where to stay: We recommend "White Coast Pool Suites". Set right on the sea.


Best hotels

in Milos


Perla Suites

Perla Suites  ★★

Located right on the beachfront of Pollonia

Balcony with views of the sea



Artemis Seaside resort

Artemis Seaside resort ★★★★

Just 50 m from Paliochori Beach

A pool bar and beach bar are also available



White Coast Pool Suites

White Coast Pool Suites  ★★★★

Set right on the sea in Mytakas

Restaurant, outdoor swimming pool



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