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Hotels in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a city for curious and adventurous souls. The city is a treasure trove of exciting secrets and natural joys. The proud green capital of Slovenia invites all vagabonds who are hungry for culture, art, entertainment, and large green areas, which provide a relaxed atmosphere.


The conglomerate of colourful history and natural heritage adorns the great heart of Ljubljana. Your First visit will not be your last. Ljubljana’s authentic charm is most enjoyed by those travellers who keep coming back for the wonderful culture, cuisine and varied city life.


The strength of the former Roman Emona lies in its openness and character. Ljubljana has not forgotten to evolve and follow global sustainable trends but has still retained the charm and spark for those who love the historical city centre so much.


Every walk down the cobblestone streets brings forth a new inspiring story. Climb to the castle, cross many beautiful bridges, and stop at Prešeren Square, with the lovely Franciscan Church. You can also visit the town hall, the cathedral, and some fascinating galleries and museums in the immediate vicinity. The greatest Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik is the master responsible for the city's modern image we know today. A selection of his works was included in UNESCO's World Heritage List in 2021.


The European Green Capital 2016 nourishes the heart and soul of sustainably-tinged travellers who are regularly intrigued by green spaces, drinkable tap water, efficient public transport, bike-friendliness, city cleanliness and other urban sustainable solutions which are all part of this vibrant capital.


The city is geographically located at a major Central European crossroad which has provided just the right dose of inspiration for a culinary revolution. A visit to the central market is a delight for all the senses, awakening the culinary enthusiast in you. From authentic traditional food and dishes such as Slovenian potica and štruklji to world award-winning restaurants run by internationally renowned chefs, awarded with Michelin stars.


Explore Ljubljana Castle and mystical dragon stories,

Visit the green kingdom of Tivoli,

See the beautiful architecture,

Allow yourself to be taken over by the alternative art scene,

Taste what your palate desires...

And above all, indulge in the special vibe that Ljubljana brings.


Best hotels

in Ljubljana


Hotel Heritage ★★★★

Situated in the real heart of Ljubljana

This hotel has an excellent location score of 9.9



InterContinental ★★★★★

A 5-star hotel located in the centre of Ljubljana

Panoramic wellness and spa centre



City Hotel Ljubljana ★★★

Just 300 m from the central Prešeren Square

Terrace with stunning views of Ljubljana Castle



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Top things to do

in Ljulbjana

Green Queen - The Ljubljanica River and its Bridges

Ljubljanica is the main artery of the city, connecting the banks of Ljubljana into one iconic whole.


It is also the centre of the city's activities. Visit lively squares, colourful restaurants with a rich culinary offer or hit the water by boat or SUP.


Each bridge between the two banks brings new exciting stories and wonderful architectural solutions. So take a walk down the famous Triple Bridge, make a selfie on the Dragon Bridge or padlock your love on a modern Butchers' Bridge to name just a few options. Every step along or across the river Ljubljanica will offer you something exciting to remember. 

Ljubljana top things to do - Ljubljana River and its Bridges
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Creator - Plečnik's Ljubljana

Visionary, artist, architect and above all, the creator of modern Ljubljana, Jože Plečnik, is the one who left the greatest mark on the Slovenian capital. 


In the 20th century he became internationally famous and he brought fresh and innovative ideas back to his homeland. He masterfully transferred the spirit of large metropolises to his hometown Ljubljana.


Every walk around Ljubljana will give you a chance to admire the works of the great master, who gave the capital not only beauty and functionality, but also eternity, as a selection of his works have been recently included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. 


Among his most famous works are Triple Bridge, Congress Square, National and University Library, the central market, the Križanke Summer Theatre etc. Each creation carries its own story and together they form a masterful whole- Ljubljana's architectural heart and soul.

Ljubljana top things to do -Creator Plecnik's Ljubljana
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The Ljubljana Castle

Embark on a journey through over 1,200 years of history on the hill with a proud Ljubljana castle. This landmark offers much more than just ancient walls and a fantastic view from the observation tower. Castle Hill has another unique feature: the castle vineyard, which was revitalized a few years ago. Today, 1,050 vines are planted on it, producing top-quality wine.


In addition to the wonderful gastronomic offer and many cultural and entertainment events, such as summertime open-air cinema “Film under the stars”, you should also take time to visit the exhibition of Slovenian History, the Puppet Museum and the fun adventure Castle Escape.


The decision on how to "conquer" this pearl of Ljubljana is up to you!

Ljubljana top things to do Ljubljana Castle
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City of Dragons

Ljubljana is full of local stories and tales. But there is one legend that will enchant you for sure. Legend has it that the ancient Argonauts, led by the hero Jason, once stopped here on their journey. But before they continued their journey towards the Adriatic Sea, they encountered and fought a horrendous dragon that lived in the Ljubljana Marshes.


From then on, this mystical story has become embedded in the veins of the locals, and the dragon has become a guardian of Ljubljana. It is also depicted on the city's coat of arms. The dragon symbol quickly evolved from a monster to a symbol of strength, courage and wisdom.


The motive of a dragon can be found in many forms across the city. You can find it in the form of a souvenir, a fun game at Ljubljana Castle or the spring Dragon carnival. Above all, do not forget to take a selfie on the unique Dragon Bridge, a superb example of Art Nouveau architecture. 

Ljubljana top things to do - City of Dragons
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Ljubljana's Old Town

Many poets have praised the charm of old Ljubljana but no song will conjure up Ljubljana as much as a walk through the narrow streets of the medieval city centre.


From the Triple Bridge, the path will lead you to the Town square with the famous Robba's Fountain and the Town Hall. Not far away is the Old Square (Stari trg), which will enchant you with a city bustle and beautiful boutique shops.


Upper Square (Gornji trg) is just a minute away. This slightly quieter and mysterious part of Ljubljana hides some gastronomic pearls, which will offer an unforgettable experience combined with a relaxed evening stroll. From here, you will find one path more to the romantic Ljubljana Castle.


Let yourself be taken by the medieval pulse of the city. 

Ljubljana Old Town
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