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Hotels in Strasbourg

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Located at a crossroads between the Latin and Germanic cultures, Strasbourg is rich with 2 000 years of history. Its Grande-Ile, a World Heritage site since 1988, was the first urban centre in France to be selected by UNESCO.


With its unique architectural patrimony, the city is brimming with wonders just waiting to be discovered, such as the cathedral, a masterpiece of gothic architecture, La Petite France, one of the most picturesque quarters, long ago the stronghold of tanners, fishermen and millers, and the German imperial quarter, a grandiose urban creation initiated after 1871.


The city also boasts ten superb museums ranging from archaeology to modern and contemporary art.


Strasbourg is also a European capital, the seat of major institutions such as the Council of Europe and the European Parliament.


The diversity of its architecture and its warm and cheerful atmosphere will make you want to stroll through it and discover all its riches. On foot, in a tour boat, mini-tram or on a bike!

Best hotels

in Strasbourg


Hotel Rohan

Hotel Rohan ★★★★

150 m from the Strasbourg Cathedral 

The rooms are furnished in an elegant style



Hotel Regent Contades

Hotel Regent Contades ★★★★

Located in Strasbourg city centre

Free access to the sauna



Le Grand Hotel

Le Grand Hotel  ★★★

Ideally located to visit the surrounding area

Wonderful staff, excellent quality of food



Hôtel Régent Petite France & Spa

Hôtel Régent Petite France ★★★★

In the heart of the Petite France district

Champagne bar and innovative cuisine



Hotel Cathedrale

Hotel Cathedrale ★★

Located in the heart of the historic centre

View of the Cathedral and the Renaissance garden



Cour du Corbeau

Cour du Corbeau ★★★★★

16th-century building in central Strasbourg

Enjoy a buffet breakfast with local produce



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Top things to do

in Strasbourg

Top things to do

in Strasbourg

Walk around La Petite France District

Petite France was once the corner of fisherman, tanners and millers. You must take the time to stroll along the banks of the navigation channel and appreciate the reflections of the half-timbered houses in the water. The pretty medieval houses of the district date from the 16th and 17th centuries, and half-timbering is magnificently decorated. Their steep roofs are open over the attics where skins used to dry.


Cafes in Petite-France in Strasbourg. Petite-France is an historic area in the center of Strasbourg, France Copyright Sergey Kelin
©Sergey Kelin

Climb to the Catheral's platform

If you want to get a beautiful view over the city, this is the place to go to. After climbing 329 steps, you will get an amazing view on the city, reaching, on one side to the Vosges (Alsatian mountains) and, on the other side, to Germany and the Black Forest.


Cathedral of Our Lady (Notre Dame) of Strasbourg at night in Strasbourg, Alsace, France. Copyright Prasit Rodphan
©Prasit Rodphan

Visit the Christmas Market

Strasbourg has been holding its famous Christmas market around its impressive cathedral since 1570! Over the years, the city’s reputation has grown throughout Europe thanks to the traditions it is conveying as well as its spirit of tolerance and humanism. As Christmas approaches, Strasbourg puts on its glad rags.


Christmas tree at a famous Christmas Market in Strasbourg, 2015 Copyright Leonid Andronov
©Leonid Andronov

Sightseeing by boat

A romantic trip on a riverboat is guaranteed to leave you wanting to explore the rest of the town, including Petite France, a picturesque area with some magnificent wood framed houses, once inhabited by tanners and millers.



Street of Strasbourg. City view. Copyright Alex Poison
©Alex Poison

Biking around

In Strasbourg, the bicycle is king! Exploring France’s largest cycle trail network (near 500 km!), cyclists can discover the town and its surrounding area in original and highly unusual manner as they travel along the canals, through the parks and gardens, and through the town’s historical pedestrianised centre.



Bikes in Strasbourg copyright  Pavel Ilyukhin
©Pavel Ilyukhin


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