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Marginimea Sibiului, region in Transylvania, has always been known as the land of shepherds, sheep cheeses and meat delicacies. Its traditional products reflect the richness of its lands but also the region’s cultural diversity. When here, try the 'telemea', fresh cheese made of local sheep milk.


The various types of cheese of Marginimea Sibiului are an important part of this region’s culinary and cultural tradition, and its diversity comes from specific production techniques. In the alpine pastures of Marginimea Sibiului the local shepherds continue to use ancestral recipes to produce various sheep cheese products such as 'telemea', 'urda' and 'cas'.


Fascinating about the region is the fact that the country life is so authentic, so pure, so real that it’s almost hard to believe that nowadays such a world still exists. For tourists is captivating to discover a wonderful world so different from their own and yet so close by.


Marginimea Sibiului

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Top things to do

in Marginimea Sibiului

Cheese and Tuica Festival- last weekend of August

In Marginimea Sibiului, all year long, visitors can take part in various festivals and activities to taste local products made by local farmers. Markets and fairs provide the opportunity to taste and buy products directly from the small producers.


A great opportunity for travelers to taste delicious local products and listen to traditional folk music are the local festivals in Marginimea Sibiului. For instance, The Shepherds Festival in Jina takes place every year on the last weekend of July. The Cheese and Tuica Festival in Rasinari takes place every year in the last weekend of August. The event is perfect for those interested in both culinary tradition and local culture, and is situated in a beautiful mountain area covered with forest.


Cheese and Tuica Festival
Marginimea Sibiului

Taste sheep cheese in rural guest houses

Having a lunch or dinner in a guest house in Marginimea Sibiului is a great opportunity to discover and taste sheep cheese and specific shepherd dishes and get acquainted with the lifestyle and customs of the inhabitants of this region.


Sheep cheese in rural guest house
©Marginimea Sibiului

The Sheep Cheese Route

The Sheep Cheese Route provides an excellent opportunity for discovering the pastoral world of Marginimea Sibiului, with its picturesque settlements and calm lifestyle. Due to continuous shepherding and transhumance, the 18 villages connected to the route have succeeded in keeping their strong local identity. Following the Sheep Cheese Route interested visitors can discover traditional art, lifestyle and customs, taste cheese and other special dishes.


The sheep cheese route Marginimea Sibiului
©Marginimea Sibiului

Local market in Rasinari

Every Saturday morning in Rasinari takes place a local market, thus a great opportunity to taste and buy local products direct from the locals. Enjoy!


 Local market in Rasinari
©Marinimea Sibiului

Hikking in the Cindrel Mountains

 For mountain lovers, hikking in the Cindrel Mountains is a great escape into a beautiful protected area!




Hikking in the Cindrel Mountains of Marginimea Sibiului
©Marginimea Sibiului


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