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Best sustainable wellness destinations

More and more, our fast pace of life can leave us exhausted and in great need of relaxation. Our instinct tells us that staying at home is no longer a solution even if we always have so much to do there.


We have prepared for you a selection of wellness destinations which are eco-friendly and dedicated to sustainability.  They offer complete relaxation in a unique setting and the use of natural produce also contribute to supporting the local economy. Here is a selection of the best wellbeing experiences in eco-friendly destinations rewarded by the European Commission.


EDEN, the acronym for "European Destinations of Excellence" is the largest European network of destinations rewarded by the European Commission for the quality of their tourist offers and their respect for the environment. EDEN is the promise of real experiences, real discoveries, real encounters.


Best sustainable wellness destinations in Europe - Luhacovice - Copyright

Luhacovice - Czech Republic

Seeking for wellness, spa or medical spa care? Luhačovice is a famous wellness destination for more than 200 years. You can be treated in a modern medicinal centers or have a nice time in private wellness, take yoga lesson in the morning grass or have a time for yourself in a meditation yurt.


The picturesque town-park of Luhačovice lies nestled among forests in the foothills of the White Carpathians. The fairy-like impression is created by the unique and irreplaceable architecture. The intactness and picturesqueness of this town-park in connection with the unique curative springs and developing sustainable spa tourism helped Luhačovice win the title of European Destination of Excellence in the field of Spa and Well-being Tourism.


How to get there: book your flights to Brno (1h by car) Ostrava (1h30) or Prague (4h). 


Best sustainable wellness destinations in Europe - Jurmala - Copyright Visit Jurmala
Copyright Visit Jurmala

Jurmala’s SPA and Rehabilitation Centers

Jurmala - Latvia

Jūrmala is a green seaside resort, rich in unique natural resources: pine forests, mineral waters and mud, a healthy maritime climate, dunes and a white sandy beach!


Walking and cycling along the coast, you will be inspired by the whoosh of sea waves, the historical charm of romantic streets, the resort's unique wooden architecture, and you will be charmed by the hospitality.


Jūrmala’s SPA and rehabilitation centers are popular places to recover health and energy. The 26 km of Jūrmala beach, one of the most awesome in Europe, is covered with white quartz sand that has been silt up by seashore stream. The beach is a great place for rest and recovery: the sound of waves calms you down and the ionized and phytonicide air has a positive impact on your lung; walking bare feet on soft and warm sand during the warm months of the year gives you a free of charge very pleasant massage.


How to get there: book your flights to Riga (30 min by car - 1 hour by public transport).


Where to stay: the “Hotel Jurmala Spa” offers various massages and water therapies.


Best sutainable wellness destinations in Europe - Rochefort Océan  Copyright  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Rochefort-Océan

A spa treatment in Rochefort-Océan


 It is in one of the most beautiful cities of Charente-Maritime that you will enjoy enjoy true relaxation and well-being.


The Rochefort thermal spring is known worldwide for its benefits. Imagine that this water fell from the clouds over 30,000 years ago. During all these years it has been loaded with mineral substances including magnesium, manganese, iron and selenium.


How to get there: book your flights to Rochefort (10 min from the city centre) or Bordeaux (1h30).


Where to stay: the "Hotel des Remparts" linked to the Thermes de Rochefort spa facilities.



Best sustainable wellness destinations in Europe - Lasko  Copyright Visit Lasko - European Best Destinations
Copyright Visit Lasko

Healing thermal water  

Lasko - Slovenia

Laško is located almost in the heart of Slovenia and was first mentioned in writing many centuries ago. Featuring the healing thermal water, whose properties were well known even to the ancient Romans, Laško has always been known for its special energy. You can take advantage of the healing properties of the high-quality thermal water at Thermana Laško and Rimske terme spa resorts and discover local wellness experiences based on a long tradition of brewing and beekeeping.


The ancient Romans, who first discovered and introduced the tradition of thermal spas in Slovenia, knew that wellbeing improves our health. Backed with a wealth of experience, the tradition with its thermal springs is carried on today in Thermana Laško and Rimske terme health resorts. Enjoy various wellness programs based on the beneficial effects of thermal water.


How to get there: book your flights to Ljubljana (1h30) or Zagreb (1h30).


Where to stay: the “Hotel Thermana Park Lasko Superior” includes a swimming pool, sauna, fitness and a wellness centre.


Best sustainable wellness destinations in Europe - Nin in Croatia - Copyright Marija Dejanovic
Copyright Marija Dejanovic

Medicinal sludge from Nin 


Nin is not only one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, it is also an ideal destination for a wellness cure.


Cover yourself with mud rich in minerals, watch the birds, take a long romantic stroll in the historic centre of Nin or just relax on the beach; long sandy beaches are one of the trademarks of the ancient town of Nin and its Riviera.  Queen's beach, offers thalassotherapy in an open-air clinic. Treatments and rehabilitation with medical mud have been successfully carried out for 50 years. After a full day of relaxation, indulge in a delicious piece of “fleur de sel” chocolate.


How to get there: book your flights to Zadar (30 min from Nin). 


Where to stay: the "Apartments Lily" are particularly appreciated by couples.


Best sustainable wellness destinations in Europe - Sveti Martin na Muri
Copyright Sveti Martin na Muri tourism

Spa, detox and local food

Sveti-Martin - Croatia

Sveti Martin is a unique destination in Croatia for relaxation and wellness, sport and active holidays with more than 700 km of cycling paths. Local, healthy and tasty products will accompany your spa treatment: surely, the best gift you can offer your body this year.


For the basics, don't miss detox day every Monday. For rest and calm, it has to be Thursdays. Of course, balance must be restored and that is where “Pastries” dedicated to Dr. Rudolf Steiner come in: this delicious treat is typical of the Medjimurje region. But you would not want to travel without your pet. Neither do we! According to Svetin Martin, you can come with your dog, cat, rabbit, hen, so that everyone can feel as good as at home.


How to get there: book your flights to Zagreb (1h30).


Where to stay: the ‘Hotel Spa Golfer’ is surrounded by a vibrant green golf course and the vine covered Medimurje hills.


Best sustainable wellness destinations in Europe  - Copyright WildTaiga   - European Best Destinations
Copyright WildTaiga

Well-being in the Wild

Wild Taiga - Finland

Life at a slower pace… Well-being is a much sought- after goal gained only through peace of mind and body. But where to take a break from a hectic daily life? In the midst of the nature of Wild Taiga, you will find it easy to concentrate on taking care of yourself and your well-being. Enjoy the fresh air and outdoor activities and even ice-swimming at the Kiannon Kuohut Spa or visit the Hotel. Kalevala peat sauna can deepen that experience. Another essential part of well-being is, of course, healthy food.  Fresh produce abounds: mushrooms, berries, fish and game meat guarantee very fine dining.


Come and enjoy berries and bear watching in Wild Taiga, the wildest well-being destination in Europe.


How to get there: book your flights to Kaajani (direct flights or via Helsinki + 1h).


Where to stay: "Kylpylahotelli Kiannon Kuohut" offers wellness facilities including a hot tub and sauna. 


Best sustainable wellness destinations in Europe - Durbuy - Copyright Eau de Roche Durbuy - European Best Destinations
Copyright Eau de Roche Durbuy

A relaxing day in the smallest city in the world

Durbuy - Belgium

Durbuy is a tiny city of experiences, adventures, gastronomy and history. In total, 41 villages and hamlets cover an area, three-quarters of it are covered by forests and meadows. A glorious mix of colours and experiences that will constantly enchant you throughout your stay.


However, you may be spoiled for choice with 45 restaurants and lots of picnic areas along the 170 km of marked paths, you may feel torn between staying at one of the 22 luxury hotels or B&B and you may find it hard to cram kayaking, mountain biking, golf or climbing via ferrata, taking part in a geocaching all into a single day! During your stay in Durbuy, don't forget to treat yourself to a moment of well-being by staying at the "Hotel Eau de Roche". Choose your à la carte treatment, enjoy an invigorating sauna after a walk in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 


How to get there: book your flights to Liège (50 min), Maastricht (1h15) or Brussels (1h30).


Where to stay: "Hotel Eau de Roche". Guests love the spa centre and the delicious orange juice at breakfast.


Best sustainable wellness destinations in Europe  - Copyright Loophead - European Best Destinations
Copyright Loophead

Seaweed baths 

Loop Head - Ireland

Bathe in heated seawater and freshly harvested seaweed to ease away aches and pains. In Victorian times, Kilkee was often referred to as ‘the fashionable bathing place to immerse oneself in the healing waters of the Atlantic’. Indeed, the entire Loop Head area was, and still is, renowned for its clean air.


Both sea and sea air have regenerative, restorative effects on mind and body. By joining us for one of the Loop Head Wellness weekends, you can reap benefits in abundance. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to some well- deserved me-time and space to energize, reflect and experience a complete renewal


Book your flights to Shannon Airport, your accommodation at the best price and your treatments at the Kilkee Thalassotherapy Center.


How to get there: book your flights to Shannon Airport (1 hour by car).


Where to stay: “Glencarrig B&B”.  Guests love their great breakfast.



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