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Hotels in Poznan


Poznań is perceived as the historical capital of Greater Poland — a region in central-western Poland. In terms of population, it’s the fifth largest Polish city.

It carries many ages of tradition, reaching all the way back to the 10th century, and the beginnings of the Polish nation. For this reason in 2008 Poznań was declared a historical monument. Poznań’s cathedral contains tombs of the first rulers: Mieszko I, and Boleslaus the Brave.


Poznań earned its right to be called the city of greenery, since forest regions uptake almost one third of the city area — approximately 70 thousand square metres. There are two natural reserves within the city borders: Morasko Meteorite, and Żurawiniec.


Most attractive recreational features are focused around Lake Malta. Except for biking and walking trails, this area offers such attractions as an all-year-long Malta Ski slope, a mini-golf course, boules and bowling alley — Bula Park, Alpine Coaster, a zoological garden, Malta Thermes aqua-park, Malta Gallery shopping centre, and multiple playgrounds, restaurants, and spas.


Poznań’s old town is filled with monuments of various eras. The city hall at the Old Market Square is an ideal example of Renaissance architecture. It features the town’s famous billy-goats. Fara church and the former Jesuit college represent Baroque. Poznań also features Poland’s oldest cathedral. Other parts of town feature Secession monuments, and the monumental style of the Caesar’s District.


The promenade leading to the Old City features Old Brewery — an exceptional Centre of Trade, Art, and Business, which received the ISCS award of “the best shopping centre worldwide” in 2008.

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The Old Market Square

The Old Market Square is the heart of the city. A square surrounded by picturesque tenement houses, featuring museums, restaurants, clubs, discos, and pubs. However, that what has been drawing most attention for hundreds of years, is the 14th century city hall. The building, called the pearl of Renaissance, has been designed by Giovanni Battista di Quadro, an architect from Lugano. Every noon a large crowd of onlookers gathers by the city hall.


Poznan top things to do - Old Market Square - Copyright  Małgorzata Gaudysińska
©Małgorzata Gaudysińska

Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul

Poland's first cathedral, located at Ostrów Tumski. In terms of architecture, the cathedral was rebuilt in various styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Neo-Classicist, and after the last war — once more Gothic. Inside the basilica one may find a collection of late Gothic and Renaissance brazen tomb slabs designed by Nuremberg masters.

Poznan top things to do - Archcathedral Basilica of St Peter and St Paul - Copyright  Michał Koralewski
©Michał Koralewski

Lake Malta

An artificial lake formed in 1950s, which is often called Europe's "prettiest kayaking and rowing track". Actually, it's an entire recreation site, with an all-year-long (!) ski and sledging slope, a mini-golf course, and a bowling and boules park. The newest investment is Malta Thermes — an aqua-park supplied with thermal waters from sources located 1.3 km underground, discovered in 1982.


Poznan top things to do - Lake Malta - Copyright  Ollie Harding
©Ollie Harding

Citadel Park

Poznań's largest city park (approximately 100 hectares). Until 19th century this area was simply a hill housing a picturesque Winiary village. In mid-19th century, the hill was rebuilt into a tremendous fort — a crowning of Poznań citadel, which secured the road to Berlin in case of a war with Russia. This fort was used during wartime only once, when such citadels seemed a relic of the past. It was the last bastion of Nazi resistance in 1945.


Poznan top things to do - Citadel Park - Copyright  Michał Zduniak
©Michał Zduniak


One of Europe's largest greenhouses, a hundred years old this year. It features ten pavilions, 17 thousand plants, and a collection of exotic fish. Take a trip through world's all climate zones (except the polar zone) in a single afternoon. The greenhouse is located in one of Poznań's oldest city parks — the Woodrow Wilson park.


Poznan top things to do - Palmiarnia - Copyright  Piotr


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