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Best surfing spots in Europe

Best surfing destinations in Europe


No need to go to the end of the world to surf the best waves. Over the past few years, many travellers have come to Europe to discover the best spots to surf and catch the best waves in order to experience the rawest of emotions.


Prepare your best board, book your flight ticket at the best price guaranteed as well as your hotel, apartment, B&B and your best activities and discover the best destinations for surfing in Europe!


Nazare - Best surfing destinations in Europe - Copyright Gustavo Miguel Fernandes - European Best Destinations
Copyright Gustavo Miguel Fernandes

1. Nazare 


Portugal is not fashionable, Portugal is fashion. Inspiration is here, there, everywhere, in its typical villages, its dynamic cities, its start-ups, in the hands of the field workers and in the eyes of the fishermen.


The sea has never been a limit or a frontier for this country of discoverers. It will also be a great playground for you. The Nazare Canyon has long been a world-renowned surf spot. This is where the biggest waves in the world are surfed by the best surfers.


Book your flight and hotel at the best price and discover the most beautiful waves in Europe.


Biarritz - Best surfing destinations in Europe - Copyright Alexander Demyanenko - European Best Destinations
Copyright Alexander Demyanenko

2. Biarritz


Biarritz is a few hundred metres from Anglet and obviously shares beautiful waves and surf spots with its world famous neighbour. Biarritz is a good starting point to surf because the seaside resort is really of exceptional beauty.


Classy and chic, Biarritz is an elegant and dynamic destination, both trendy and timeless. Discover Biarritz, the best accommodation at the best price and the best activities in the region.


San Sebastian - Best surfing destinations in Europe - Copyright Dzmitry Melnikau - European Best Destinations
Copyright Dzmitry Melnikau

3. San Sebastian


San Sebastian is probably one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. 

Look at a picture of this destination and you want to be there. There are a thousand reasons to go to San Sebastian, to enjoy its gastronomy, go trekking, shopping, relax, enjoy its superb hotels or simply to dive into the blue waters of this superb destination.


Thousands of travellers from around the world come to San Sebastian to surf on the famous Zurriola beach. You will feel as if you are in Australia considering the number of surfers around you; in San Sebastian surfing is akin to a religion.


Discover San Sebastian, book your plane ticket, hotel and activities at the best price guaranteed and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in one of the most trendy destinations in Europe.


Peniche - Best surfing destinations in Europe - Copyright ThinAir - European Best Destinations
Copyright ThinAir

4. Peniche


Portugal is an incredible country. Each square kilometer contains a treasure. Bathed in sunshine, rich in tradition, world famous for the welcome of its inhabitants, Portugal has also been for many years the top destination for surfers from all over the world.


Come and discover "Peniche", a fresh and young destination which until recently was an island surrounded by the sea. The biggest waves and the best surfers meet every year in Peniche. Do not miss the beach of "Supertubos" world famous for its tubular waves.


Book your accommodation at the best price and your best things to do in Portugal and enjoy an extraordinary holiday in Portugal. 


Hossegor - Best surfing destinations in Europe - Copyright  Jochen Conrad - European Best Destinations
Copyright Jochen Conrad

5. Hossegor


Hossegor, 30 minutes from Biarritz airport in France is a dream destination. The advantage of surfing in Hossegor is that even if those who accompany you are not surfers they will be seduced by the beauty of the place, the colourful Basque houses, the amazing beaches and forests of the Landes. 


Book your stay at the best price and escape to Soorts-Hossegor.


Anglet - Best surfing destinations in Europe - Copyright cassiede alain - European Best Destinations
Copyright cassiede alain

6. Anglet


Anglet has gained quite an international reputation with its 11 surf spots.  If you love waves go to Anglet at any time of the year and you will have a great time.


Book your accommodation at the best price guaranteed and your best things to do in the Basque Country.


Tenby - Best surfing destinations in Europe - Copyright Billy Stock - European Best Destinations
Copyright Billy Stock

7. Tenby

United Kingdom

Had Robin Hood been able to surf, he would have surfed at Tenby. The city’s beaches served as a backdrop for the shooting of the film "Robin Hood". He would certainly have enjoyed the beauty of those beaches elected among the most beautiful beaches in Europe.


Depending on your level of experience and your desires you will chose to surf at  the beaches of "Freshwater West", "West Dale" or "Marloes" for those seeking a bit of tranquility.


Book your holidays at the best price and come surf in a unique destination in the world.


Budoran  - Best surfing destinations in Europe - Copyright David Soanes - European Best Destinations
Copyright David Soanes

8. Bundoran


The 2000 inhabitants of this magnificent destination are very welcoming and open-minded; each year thousands of travellers from around the world come to Ireland to enjoy the most beautiful waves of Europe.


For those who are afraid to face the sea, you will enjoy the pool in Bundoran and its waterslides. Go on, make a splash and book your hotel at the best price in one of the best destinations to surf in Europe


Ploumanach - Best surfing destinations in Europe - Copyright Pecold - European Best Destinations
Copyright Pecold

9. Ploumanac'h - Perros Guirec


People come with friends or family in Perros-Guirec to surf and also watch the professionals on International Surfing Day regularly held here. To enjoy the best waves and a good swell, surf between late September and late May; chose this beautiful and friendly destination, enjoy the scenery and the company of friendly Bretons.  Don’t miss a real treat: buckwheat pancakes and cider. 


Munich Englischner Garten - Best surfing destinations in Europe - Copyright Sue Stokes - European Best Destinations
Copyright Sue Stokes

10. Englischner Garten - Munich


It might seem surprising, but Munich is one of the best surfing destinations in Europe. How many cities in Europe offer the opportunity to surf on a raging river? Only one and it is the capital of Bavaria!


Come and surf on the river Eisbach in the beautiful and chic Englischer Garten. No need to schedule your visit, the wave is there throughout the year and waiting for you at any time of the day. The only question is: will you dare to confront it?


Give yourself a city break in one of the most popular destinations by booking your best-priced flight,  your hotel and your best things to do in Munich and surf in the heart of Europe! 



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