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    Christmas time is coming!

    Winter in Europe is a wonderful time to discover the most beautiful Christmas markets.


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Hotels in Hasselt

From 19th November 2016 to 8th January 2017


Winterland Hasselt is a winterevent with a Christmas Market with almost 100 participants, an indoor ice-rink, a real Home of Santa Claus, attractions and a lot of food & drink stands. At the ice-rink you will find a Winterland Café with a very cosy Aspen Lounge. 


The Christmas market on the Kolonel Dusartplein is a major aspect of Winterland. It offers various chalets and several tents where participants offer their Christmas articles and let you enjoy the tastiest winter snacks and drinks. 


The winter atmosphere can also be found off the Kolonel Dusartplein. You will find a unique christmas atmosphere in the shopping streets of Hasselt.


So come to Winterland Hasselt and enjoy the unforgettable Christmas atmosphere.

Best hotels for Christmas

in Hasselt

Christmas in Hasselt

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Top things to do

for Christmas in Hasselt


Hasselt Christmas MArket

In a marvellous atmosphere you can skate on our all-weather Ice-Rink of 1.000 m2. You can hire professional Ice-Hockey skates. Entrance fee is € 3,50, Skates for € 4,00.



Hasselt Christmas Market

The Grand Carrouse, The Home of Santa Claus, The Christmas Ride (rollercoaster), The Christmas Thriller and The Christmas Hotel.


Have fun in our Winterland Café or Aspen Lounge

Hasselt  Christmas Market

A unique atmosphere, like an Austrian winterbar you will find in our Winterland Café. In the Aspen Lounge you will find the atmosphere like in a bar in the Rocky Mountains.



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