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Best sustainable and gastronomic destinations 

Travelling means discovering new cultures, new landscapes… and new cuisines. Discover sustainable tourism destinations offering local produce grown next door.


Savour the healthy food of Cavtat in Croatia, taste the alpine cow cheese from the Soča Valley in Slovenia, dip your slice of bread in the delicious organic first cold pressed oil from Monte Isola in Italy… the best sustainable culinary experiences await you in these eco-friendly destinations rewarded by the European Commission.


EDEN, the acronym for "European Destinations of Excellence" is the largest European network of destinations rewarded by the European Commission for the quality of their tourist offers and their respect for the environment. EDEN is the promise of real experiences, real discoveries, real encounters.


Best sutainable and gastronomic destinations in Europe - Cavtat - Konavle - Croatia  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Bugenvila - Cavtat-Konavle

Enjoy the best of Dalmatian cuisine

Cavtat-Konavle - Croatia

The restaurants and konobas in Cavtat base their gastronomic offer on the Dalmatian and Mediterranean cuisine: fish, vegetables and olive oil, and they seek for and follow the modern gastronomic trends.


In numerous taverns and rural houses, the inland of Konavle offers traditionally prepared plain fare and healthy food in a unique atmosphere of the old Konavle houses. Different meat and fish dishes prepared in the stone oven, domestic smoked ham and cheese in oil, green pasta and other domestic dishes represent only an exclusive supplement to the Dalmatian fish cuisine and offer opposed possibilities of choice, but always with the same pleasure.


Cavtat will seduce you with the beauty of its landscapes but also the richness of its cultural and historical heritage… and its gastronomy


How to get there: book your flights to Dubrovnik Airport (10 min).


Where to stay: Hotel Croatia is probably one of the most beautiful hotels with sea views in Europe. From your terrace admire the sunset and its warm orange rays on the facades of the historic center of Cavtat, one of the best destinations in Europe.


Best sutainable and gastronomic destinations in Europe - Waimes in Belgium  - European Best Destinations
Copyright La Menuiserie Restaurant

Visit the most starred town in the World 

Waimes - Belgium

Waimes is not only one of the best sustainable tourism destinations in Belgium, it is also the most starred town in the world!


Here you can taste very local products. Be sure to taste the "Trout d'Ondeval" and "Le Valet" cheese. A map of the best restaurants is available at the tourist office. For gourmets we suggest the "La Menuiserie" restaurant, awarded by the Michelin Guide.


How to get there: book your flights to Liège (1h) or Maastricht (1h20).


Where to stay: the “Hotel Cyrano”; guests can enjoy an à la carte restaurant.


Wine Cellar Zlati gric and the wine-growing area of skalce 

Slovenske Konjice – Slovenia

Škalce and the company Zlati grič d.o.o. are located directly above the centre of Slovenske Konjice and are known for their wine trade and wine growing, as well as for being synonymous with friendliness, sun and tradition.


The estate comprises 75 hectares of vineyards in one single block, where the beautiful viticultural vistas help preserve the 800-year old tradition of grape cultivation and contribute to the uniqueness of the landscape adjoining the town of Slovenske Konjice. The company’s production operations are supplemented by tourism services auch as guided tours through one of the most modern wine cellars in Europe and wine tastings enhanced by the recounting of local legends.


Also on offer are the unique gastronomic delights of the Grič Restaurant with its variety of tastes set amidst the vineyards, accommodation at the Wine Growing Mansion, and the golf course situated entirely amidst the vineyards.


How to get there: book your flights to Ljubljana (1h20 by car). 


Where to stay: 'Wine Grower’s Mansin Zlati Gric” next to the Gric Restaurant that serves gourmet cuisine and a wide range of wines.  


Best sustainable and gastronomic destinations in Europe - Medimurje Gibanica copyright

Eat the best gibanica in Medimurje 


If you like to walk or cycle, or if you are a gourmet or wine lover, it is time for you to visit Upper Međimurje. This green oasis is part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve Mura-Drava-Danube.


In this part of Croatia, you can try the irresistible gibanica from Međimurje. Međimurje is known for its potatoes, high quality pumpkin seed oil, and buckwheat porridge (a must-try specialty).


Small family wineries offer excellent Sauvignon, Welschriesling, Rhine Riesling, Moscato Giallo, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and more… But there is one variety that you simply must try: the Pušipel,a local wine from Međimurje.


How to get there: book your flights to Zagreb (1h by car). 


Where to stay: the 'Holiday Home Gran vista" offers free bikes and a seasonal outdoor pool. 


Best sustainable and gastronomic destinations in Europe - The Burren Food Trail - Copyright The Burren Food Trail
Copyright Linnanes

The Burren Food Trail


The Burren, a UNESCO Global Geopark is a unique and alluring landscape with outstanding geological heritage, rich fertile valleys, vibrant villages and thriving communities that offer some truly inspiring food, heritage and activity experiences.


The Burren has a rich food culture and is the perfect location for foodies who want to follow the path their food takes from farm to fork.


The Burren Food Trail offers a way to uncover the history of the region through its food. The trail and its weekly food series offer the chance to explore the unique and ancient farming system of the Burren, to meet the producers, hear their stories and to dine in award-winning Chef-lead restaurants.


How to get there: book your flights to Shannon Airport (1h by car).


Where to stay: the “Merriman Hotel” has the largest thatched roof in Ireland. It also features a restaurant and a pub.


Best gastronomical and sustainable destinations in Europe - Monte Isola  - European Best Destinations

Taste the best extra virgin olive oil 

Monte Isola - Italy

It is hard to resist Monte Isola, one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy. In Monte Isola you can taste traditional dishes such as salami and the famous “fish in oil” so appreciated by tourists. 


Another important tradition is the production of extra virgin olive which is made by local farmers and then sold on the market. You can learn about the origin of this specialty at the olive oil mill located in Carzano. As for typical dishes, fishermen use specialized methods in order to dry sardines, chub and perch in the sun.


How to get there: book your flights to Milan (1h20) and cross Lake Iseo by boat and reach Peschiera from Sulzano (several crossings per day).


Where to stay: “La Foresta Monte Isola” located on the peaceful shores of Monte Isola.


Best sustainable and gastronomic destinations in Europe - Soomaa - Copyright - European Best Destinations

Mushrooming and cooking with the locals in Soomaa 



You will love your immersion in the great outdoors in Soomaa, one of the most beautiful natural parks in Europe.


Follow a local Soomaa tour guide and learn about various edible and inedible mushrooms. At the end of the day, gather the edible ones and prepare a delicious mushroom meal.


Estonians love mushrooming and gathering mushrooms for winter. Explore different ways to preserve mushrooms, such as drying, pickling, salting and marinating. The season for mushroom trips starts in July and ends in October. Mushroom trips are also suitable for families with children.


How to get there: book your flights to Tallinn (2 h by car - 4 by public transport). 


Where to stay: the “Villa River Rose” offers an on-site sauna. Guests can enjoy fishing and canoeing on the river.


Best sustainable and gastronomic destinations in Europe - Linares
Copyright Linares

Enjoy the best tapas in Linares


One of the most beautiful sustainable tourism destinations in Spain awaits you for a tasting of the best tapas in Spain.


Linares has made the “tapa” a delightful distinguishing mark. The city has bars, taverns and restaurants which have transformed the “tapa” in an art of the traditional and avant-garde cuisine. In Linares, the “tapas” are exquisite miniatures that summarize the varied and rich gastronomy of the city. The difficult thing here will be to choose between the wide range of tapas. This delicacy in miniature is always served for free to accompany a drink. 


How to get there: Book your flights to Granada (1h20).


Where to stay: the “Santiago” set in the heart of Linares.


Best sustainable and gastronomic destinations - Crispiano in Italy  - Copyhright Masseria Amastuola Wines & Resort  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Masseria Amastuola Wines & Resort

Eno-gastronomy journey in Crispiano


It is a real journey for the “senses”, an authentic route in search of old and new flavours, where masserie offer high quality products like extra-virgin olive-oil, wine, dairy products, focacce and salumi. Furthermore, a long-lasting eno-gastronomic experience offers a large variety of local traditional dishes among which the famous tasty roast meat prepared by the typical “Rosticcerie”.


How to get there: book your flights to Brindisi (1h by car).


Where to stay: the “B&B Donna Lidia” offers free bikes and a bar.  


Best sustainable and gastronomic destinations in Europe - Sarreguemines

Sarreguemines for foodies and art lovers


Sarreguemines is a perfect tourist destination for foodies. Discover the local craft producers on a gourmet and artistic tour through the city! Traditional bakeries, roasters, chocolate makers, ceramics and more. Prepare yourself for new sensations! Some restaurants such as "La Brasserie des Arts" and "La Charrue d´Or" have received the "Destinations terroirs" label and offer you delicious local dishes.


How to get there: book your flights to Strasbourg (1h20) or Luxembourg (1h30).


Where to stay: the "Auberge Saint Walfrid" features a restaurant.


Best sustainable and gastronomical destinations in Europe- Ebro Delta - European Best Destinations
Copyright Visit Ebro Delta

Taste Mediterranean cuisine in Ebro Delta 


Besides being one of the best birdwatching destinations in Europe, Ebro Delta is also a perfect destination for foodies.


Rice, black pudding, fish soup, sea food and vegetables are the protagonists in the Ebro Delta cuisine, a rich gastronomy due to the variety of products grown, hunted or fished. Each Ebrenca ‘bonne table’ also serves olive oil, wine and traditional desserts.


 The cuisine of the Ebro Delta reflects the Mediterranean landscape is a diverse and balanced diet, where both food of the orchard and seafood are present. Some of the quality products more representative of the delta gastronomy are recognized with Protected Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication.


How to get there: book your flights to Barcelona (1h30).


Where to stay: the “Delta Hotel”. This family-run hotel features a restaurant.


Best sustainable and gastronomic destinations in Europe  - Durbuy - Copyright Brasserie de Durbuy - European Best Destinations
Copyright Brasserie de Durbuy

Taste local beers in the smallest town in the world 

Durbuy - Belgium

Durbuy is a glorious mix of colours and experiences that will constantly enchant you throughout your stay. You will be spoiled for choice with 45 restaurants and lots of picnic areas along the 170 km of waymarked paths.


During your stay, taste the "Durbuy" beer. A 100% natural beer. To start the fermentation in the bottles, a little sugar that the yeast will naturally transform into carbon dioxide.


No additives, stabilizers, “glues” to clarify.

An authentic product.


Today, La Ferme au Chêne invites you to discover the manufacture of beers brewed in Durbuy and a wide selection of other regional beers. You can also taste them in local dishes.


How to get there: book your flights to Liege (50 min), Maastricht (1h15) or Brussels (1h20). 


Where to stay :  the "B&B Villa Roma”. Enjoy the peaceful area and the beautiful nature of the Ardennes. 


Best sustainable and gastronomic destinations in Europe  - Copyright - European Best Destinations

Culinary pleasures in Landlust


Landlust is one of the jewels of tourism in Austria for those who love nature, gastronomy, local products and crafts. It is a perfect destination for those who can switch off their phones and enjoy sublime landscapes, fresh and pure air and delicious cuisine.


Living in the midst of nature is the special quality offered by Landlust. There is also plenty to discover in the surrounding area: no fewer than 18 palaces and castles – such as the impressive Riegersburg Castle – invite you to travel through time; the healing properties of the thermal springs benefit both body and soul, and for the gourmets amongst you, southern Styria offers a wide range of culinary pleasures.


All along the wine routes you can sample excellent white wines in the numerous wine shops and Buschenschank wine restaurants. Styrian pumpkin seed oil, delicious farmhouse bread, spicy Vulcano ham and hand-made chocolate are just a few of the regional delicacies.  


How to get there: book your flights to Graz (40 min) or Vienna (1h45min).


Where to stay: "Pension Thermenland". A buffet breakfast is available daily. 


Best sustainable and gastronomic destinations in Europe  - Copyright   Visit Clonakilty - European Best Destinations
Copyright Visit Clonakilty

The best of West Cork Food

Clonakilty - Ireland

Clonakilty was founded by Richard Boyle, Great Earl of Cork in 1588 and is usually flush with colour from the traditional shop fronts to the many flowers and plants blooming along the narrow bustling streets.


Close by are Inchydoney Beach, the West Cork Model Railway and the small West Cork Museum with many mementos of Clonakilty in bygone times. A number of festivals take place in Clonakilty every year including the West Cork Rally, an International Guitar Festival and the Michael Collins Festival. Music; good food and a bit of craic can be had in the many hostelries in this delightful town.


 A long list of restaurants, cafés and bars, all serving the very best of what West Cork has to offer will make sure you are well looked after while the wide range of amenities, leisure activities and attractions will ensure that your experience of Clonakilty is truly memorable.


How to get there: book your flights to Cork (50 min by car or 2h by public transport).


Where to stay: 'Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa' overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. 


Best sustainable and gastronomic destinations in Europe - Dakovo - Copyright   - European Best Destinations

Taste ancient specialities in Dakovo


A special gastronomic tradition is nurtured in Đakovo as well as the whole region of Slavonia. For years, the inhabitants of this region have preserved traditional dishes in which they still take great pride today. Kulen, ham, sausages, bacon and čvarci have become brands and a gastronomic delight, which every guest should experience.


The traditional manufacturing method of these delicacies contributes to their originality and distinguishes Đakovo and the Đakovština area as gastronomic jewels.


Wine connoisseurs have been enjoying the wines of the Đakovo wine region for more than two thousand years. The origins of winemaking and viticulture in the Diocese Đakovo-Osijek can be traced back to the Pre-Ottoman period. 


How to get there: book your flights to Osijek (45min) or Zagreb (2h). 


Where to stay: the “Hotel Dakovo” features 2 restaurants. 


Best sustainable and gastronomical destinations in Europe - Drnis - Copyright Drnis Tourism
Copyright Drnis Tourism

Drnis original prosciutto


Drniš sits at the crossroads of the most beautiful and most attractive parts of Krka National Park and the Šibenik-Knin County. It is well known for its original prosciutto, excellent wines and well preserved traditional, cultural and natural heritage. The town is rich in religious buildings and surrounded by medieval fortifications built by the Croatian lords to protect their lands and river crossings over Krka and Čikola rivers.


How to get there: book your flights to Split (1h by car).


Where to stay: stay in an old wine barrel and book at "Agroturizam Duvancic - Konoba dida Marka"


Best gastronomical and sustainable destinations in Europe - Lasko - European Best Destinations

Taste the oldest beer of Slovenia

Lasko - Slovenia

The brewing tradition in Laško dates back to 1825, when the mead producer and gingerbread baker Franz Geyer brewed the first Laško beer. The love for beer brewing was soon followed by know-how.


Visitors can learn about the tradition and modern brewing procedures in the oldest Slovenian brewery. The tour concludes with a tasting of the Laško beer.


How to get there: book your flights for Ljubljana (1h20) or Zagreb (1h40).



Where to stay:  the 'Hotel Trubarjev Art Boutique'. Guests love their excellent breakfasts. 


Best gastronomical and sustainable destinations in Europe - Silly - European Best Destinations

Slow food EDEN Tour 

Silly - Belgium

 For many years Silly has been engaged in sustainable tourism, slow food, support for local producers and the creation of eco-friendly experiences such as the "EDEN Slow Tour". Discover, by bike and at your own pace, the hidden treasures of Silly.


Your tour starts from the tourist office. Do not miss the picnic basket, made of 100% local slow food products. On the circuit, you will also discover producers engaged in slow food. Then, take a break and enjoy local tasty food at the picnic areas. 


How to get there: book your flights to Brussels South (45min) or Zaventem Airport (50min).


Where to stay: the “Auberge du Vieux Cèdre” offers elegant rooms and a cosy restaurant. 


Best gastronomical and sustainable destinations in Europe - Rochefort-Océan - European Best Destinations

Eat Bouchot mussels 

Rochefort Océan - France

Oysters, the “Jonchée”, bouchot mussels and Pineau des Charentes are culinary specialties of Rochefort Océan, a destination for sustainable tourism. The best way to explore this destination is to get on a boat or sit at the table in a local restaurant.


This simple and tasty cuisine varies with the seasons and depends on fishing. If you visit Rochefort Océan in summer, don't forget to taste a delicious ‘melon Charentais’. 


How to get there: book your flights to Rocherfort (10 min by car) or Bordeaux (2h).


Where to stay: "L'Esprit du 8". Guests love the great breakfast and comfortable beds.



Best gastronomical and sustainable destinations in Europe - Nin salt chocolate copyright onlydarkchocolate  - European Best Destinations
Copyright onlydarkchocolate

Nin and its ‘Fleur de Sel’ chocolate

Nin - Croatia


Nin is a destination of experiences, and sustainable tourism for lovers, families and gourmets.  We visited Nin during our stay in Croatia and this destination has left us memories for a lifetime; with its breath-taking landscapes, beaches and old historic centre, Nin has it all.


If you want to bring something unique from your trip to Croatia, be sure to buy fleur de sel or even mouth-watering fleur de sel chocolate.  Salt works in Nin are one of the oldest economies and the salt is still produced in the old -fashioned way. Salt is the naturally product of sun, sea and wind and in Nin, generations have traditionally hand harvested it with love and care.


There are a variety of salt products, the most famous being the ‘flower of salt’ and chocolate flavoured with salt. Around the salt pans, wetland habitats harbour colonies of marsh birds, making it one of the favourite spots for birdwatchers and ornithologists.


How to get there: book your flights to Zadar (30 min).


Where to stay:  'Zaton Holiday Resort' is perfect for a stay in Nin.


Best gastronomical and sustainable destinations in Europe - Soca Valley  - European Best Destinations

Taste alpine cow cheese from the Soca Valley


"Kobarški štruklji", "Bovški krafi", home-made polenta, alpine cow cheese and cottage cheese today are prepared using modern methods. Discovering and tasting the living ethnological heritage of the Tolminc cheese made in the traditional way on the local alpine pastures for centuries is a special experience.


The Dairy Museum “Od planine do Planike” has developed its delicious products from the ancient dairy tradition of the upper Soča valley.


How to get there: book your flights to Ljubljana (1h30 by car).


Where to stay: the “Hotel Sanje ob Soci” is located 3km from the Soča river.


Best gastronomical and sustainable destinations in Europe - Fiskars  European Best Destinations
Copyright Fiskarsin Panimo Brewery

Taste local beers in Fiskars


The sun is here, you are surrounded by nature, friends and family and you fancy a delicious refreshing local beer; at the local distillery’s tap room, you can taste local beers, ciders and spirits made from natural ingredients and seasoned with local herbs and berries. A cosy and comfortable environment offers a great variety of treats for food lovers.


Quality restaurants serve visitors all year round carrying on a long culinary tradition that is also present at seasonal events which specialise in local and organic products.


Fiskars Village has three restaurants and a handful of comfortable cafes with a nice atmosphere in the old historic buildings. Here you can enjoy local and seasonal food prepared with love. Book yourself a tour and tasting, and dive in the world of artisan beverages.


How to get there: book your flights to Helsinki (1h20). 


Where to stay: the “Hotel Tegel” offers a quiet stay with views of the river.



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