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Hotels in Veszprém

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The city of Veszprém is wedged between the wooded slopes of the Bakony Hills and the northern shore of Lake Balaton. It is a place of rare and distinct natural and environmental assets and an attractive cityscape. Veszprém is known to domestic and foreign visitors by the slogan the City of Queens.


Besides its location, its topography also makes it particularly attractive. Rising above the valley of the Séd Stream, the Baroque buildings on Castle Hill are the most significant landmark of the city and a distinctive part of its heritage. Several memorial sites, many of which are ecclesiastical, tell the story of the city’s thousand-year past and rich history.


Music and contemporary art play a leading role in the city’s cultural life and are important community-building forces. Due to the effervescence and diversity of its music scene, it earned the UNESCO City of Music designation in 2019. The respectable past of the City of Queens is paralleled by its present and future as it is the European Capital of Culture in 2023. Its joint developments and programmes with the Balaton region elevate the area into a European scene of culture and creativity.


Explore this buzzing city of a thousand colours, and let it enchant you by surprise!


Next to the appeal of historical heritage, what attracts tourists most is the tranquillity and beauty of the town and the hospitality of locals. Its geological landscape is excellently complemented by the rich built heritage; the combination of these makes the city a location of exclusive atmosphere. You can’t miss the most significant static attraction, the Castle District with the spirit of olden days.


Veszprém has been a meeting place for cultures for a thousand years. Take your time to explore the contemporary art galleries and experience a diverse creative community’s art through the frequently changing exhibitions. The vibrant music life and the diverse music festivals play an even more significant role in shaping the cultural life of the city.


A world-famous singer performing at VeszprémFest, the premium music festival, simply called the city a musical jewellery box. Soak up the richness of the city’s musical life and experience one of our famous music festivals!


High-quality gastronomy enterprises also make the city inviting: cosy cafés and confectioneries, atmospheric bistros, first-rate restaurants.


A wide range of opportunities for free-time activities is offered by the Cloisters and Gardens pathway - the 12-hectare park area along the Séd Stream with a 3.2 km long walking trail – at the foot of Castle Hill. In this gem of the city wonders of nature and historical heritage can be discovered in unique harmony. For a special family experience follow the signs for Veszprém ZOO. The constantly refreshed attraction awaits both young and old all-year-round for an adventure across six continents.


Year after year, the City of Queens has something new to offer; visitors will always find novelties to explore.


Best hotels

in Veszprém


Oliva Hotel


5-minute walk from the historic Veszprém Castle

It features a grill restaurant with an outdoor terrace



Hotel Historia & Historante

Historia & Historante  ★★★★

Situated in the heart of Veszprém

Features a spa and wellness centre



Villa Medici

Villa Medici ★★★★

Situated in the best rated area in Veszprém

Offers a large spa area with a covered pool



Gizella Hotel & Restaurant

Gizella Hotel & Restaurant ★★

Veszprem Castle is 300 m from Gizella Hotel

Offers a restaurant and free on-site parking



Hostel Mayor Superior

Hostel Mayor Superior ★★

Set in a picturesque Golf Valley

Has a spa, 27-hole golf course



Hotel Historia Malomkert

Hotel Historia Malomkert ★★

The centre of Veszprém is 100 m away

It houses an open brewery 



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Veszprém Castle

The Veszprém Castle was built in the 10th and 11th centuries on one of the city’s hills – Castle Hill. A wall running around the edge of the steep, rugged hillsides marks the site of the former fortress, where historic buildings now rise on different levels.


Visitors should not expect a classic medieval stone building with thick walls. Instead, as you pass through Heroes Gate, you find yourself in a district with ancient atmosphere and spirit. Most of the city’s attractions are concentrated in the now Baroque-style castle district.

Veszprém Castle

Veszprém ZOO

The Veszprém ZOO awaits both young and old all-year-round for an adventure across six continents. You can travel through exotic jungles across the savannah and the Arctic, as well as back in time to the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs.


The wildlife park in the picturesque Fejes Valley and on Gulya Hill has been home to hundreds of animals for more than 60 years. You can come across well-loved animal species, such as Cape penguins, harbour seals, white rhinoceros and gelada baboons, but everyone’s favourites - Asian elephants, lions and black bears - also live at the Veszprém ZOO.

Zoo Veszprém

Cloisters and Gardens

Veszprém boasts a 3.2 km-long walking trail in a 12-hectare park area along the meandering Séd Brook. Wonders of nature and historical heritage can be discovered in unique harmony in the green lung of the city. The path is known by the telling name of Cloisters and Gardens.


The silhouette of Veszprém Castle rises above the foliage as you commence, and walking upstream you will pass by ruins of monasteries, numerous rose gardens and will cross under the iconic Viaduct over the Séd valley before reaching the shores of a small lake.


Veszprém Cloisters and Gardens

Music festivals

Veszprém is a city that loves music and strives to make it an everyday part of life. Not only a brief street music performance or a single live concert, but truly international music festivals - lasting several days and nights each summer - give inhabitants and visitors experiences to remember. Relative to its size, Veszprém is a leading city in organising live music events all year round. Live music not only fills the air of our concert halls, but breathes life into the various cultural spaces across the city. Not a single style or event is emphasized, but music itself as a tool of communication among people and communities.

Music Festivals in Veszprém

House of Arts Veszprém - Home of Art and Culture

The House of Arts Veszprém is a contemporary art centre established in 1993. It currently welcomes visitors of all ages in eight historic buildings of the Baroque castle of Veszprém, serving as an artistic and intellectual centre as well as a tourist attraction.


The House of Arts Veszprém is located next to the Castle Gate and the Fire Tower, where the Baroque environment and spirit inspires artists, visitors and staff alike. The institution’s aim is to bring and present the latest trends in contemporary art in Veszprém, with a conscious focus on the trinity of value - scale - quality. 

House of Arts Veszprém


of Veszprém