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Nowadays safety largely dictates where you will want to spend your holiday, so we have selected for you the safest European destinations. We have identified those destinations where theft, crime rate and nuisances are below the European average, thus making them the safest cities in Europe.  


The only trouble you may experience is the desire to remain there for much longer than planned. Book your hotel, apartment, guesthouse or B & B in the safest destinations in Europe with the best activities and tours. Enjoy the safest places in Europe.

Safest destinations in Europe - Gdansk -  Colorful houses in Gdansk, Poland - Kite_rin
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If you want to get off the beaten track while visiting one of the most beautiful and safe destinations in Europe, book your holiday now for Gdansk. It is a sparkling city, rich in history, a city dedicated to freedom, one of the most beautiful cities of Poland. But Gdansk is not just a downtown area, and it boasts beautiful parks. Gdansk is a modern metropolis very tourist-friendly and very safe.


Book your hotel in Gdansk at the best price, book online your best activities and tours in Gdansk as a 'Fighting for Freedom' trip to Gdansk. We suggest the very beautiful "Hotel Hanza" for its location and its panoramic views over Gdansk.


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Heidelberg is a very beautiful German city close to the border with France, Luxembourg and Belgium. The city is  located between Frankfurt and Stuttgart and is a perfect tourist destination for lovers of history and beautiful historical monuments.


Discover Heidelberg by booking a city break in Heidelberg as well as the best tours and activities as a romantic walking tour in the old town in Heidelberg, one of the safest destinations in Europe. 


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Czech Republic

Brno is a very beautiful welcoming city rich in history and peaceful. Brno is one of the safest destinations in Europe and will welcome you for a perfect city break in Europe. Second largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno is a perfect destination for Christmas with its wonderful traditional Christmas market.


Brno offers a friendly cosmopolitan atmosphere and colorful festivities. Discover Brno, one of the safest destinations in Europe and book your accommodation in Brno at the best price.


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You probably know Bruges and Brussels and Antwerp even. We have found for you a city that brings together the best of them all and this city is Ghent. It is as cosmopolitan and lively as Antwerp, as calming as a walk along the canals in Bruges and a gastronomical delight of beers and waffles as in Brussels. Ghent is one of the safest destinations in Europe but also one of the most romantic destinations. For lovers of castles, Ghent also has one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. Come and see Ghent by booking your Ghent hotel at the best price as well as the best activities in Ghent.


Safest destinations in Europe - Norwich Copyright Helen Hotson
Copyright Helen Hotson


United Kingdom

Norwich in Norfolk County, England, is one of the safest destinations for travelers wanting to discover Europe in peace and quiet, with a quality of life and a delinquency rate well below the European average. Famous for the quality of its University of East Anglia, it has many tourist attractions including many medieval churches as well as its old town center and cobbled streets.


Discover the Norwich Cathedral and Castle as well as the Norwich Arts Festival, one of the oldest in Europe, or visit the open-air market in Norwich, one of the largest in England. Book your accommodation at the best price in Norwich for off the beaten track and safe holidays.


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The capital of Slovenia will seduce you. Ljubljana is both one of the safest destinations in Europe and one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Ljubljana is perfect for a city break in Slovenia or as a starting point for your discovery of this beautiful country. Book your hotel, guesthouse, B & B or apartment at the best price in Ljubljana and your best activities such as a day trip to Bled from Ljubljana.


Safest destinations in Europe - Seville Copyright LucVi - European Best Destinations
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Sevilla, the capital of Andalusia, is located in southern Spain, close to Gibraltar but also to the Algarve in Portugal.  As soon as you arrive in Sevilla you will be engulfed by the prestigious and rich past of this city which still remains one of the most important cities of Southern Europe. With its delicious climate throughout the year, probably one of the best climates in Europe, but also its quality of life and the fact that it is one of the safest destinations in Europe, Sevilla is truly a perfect destination for your holiday in Europe.


Book your accommodation in Sevilla and best activities and tours as your river cruise and an unforgettable trip to Ronda from Sevilla at the best price.


Safest destinations in Europe - Stuttgart Copyright canadastock
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Stuttgart is the perfect city for a city break in Germany with friends or family or for a romantic city break in Europe.  Stuttgart is one of the safest destinations in Europe. You will not be bored in Stuttgart well known for its musical shows and its automobile industry. The motto of the city is "Stuttgart is more" so treat yourself to more fun and discovery in one of the safest destinations in Europe. Book your accommodation in Stuttgart at the best price as well as your best activities in Stuttgart


Safest destinations in Europe - Florence Copyright Efired - European Best Destinations
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Tuscany is an incredible region ranked among the best destinations for retirement but also among the best wine destinations in Europe and the best landscapes in Europe. Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is also one of the most romantic destinations in Europe.


Florence is also one of the safest destinations in Europe and is a perfect destination for a city break in Italy or as a starting point for the discovery of Tuscany. Book your accommodation in Florence at the best price guaranteed as well as your best activities as a visit to the Uffizi Gallery. 



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