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Although tourism obviously plays a major role in the life of the Bay of Arcachon, fishing and oyster farming are the mainstay of this beautiful area. The Bay's configuration constitutes a veritable nursery for oysters. You can discover the Bay of Arcachon by taking a scenic flight or simply accompanying the true oyster professionals. This is probably the best way to understand the exhausting work of these people who spend their time cultivating this rare and fragile product. By moving away from the coast you will also discover how the Arcachon Bay is an unspoilt area where nature rules. You will discover the Dune du Pilat, the Tchanquée, Cap Ferret and the beautiful villas built on the side.


Put on your big boots and dive into the pool to turn the oysters. Oyster farming is as delicate as wine growing; the area and depth of water are important fac tors as well as the farmers’ hard work. Enjoy the coolest oysters in the world, directly out of the Arcachon Bay with a small glass of white wine.


Address: visit the Arcachon Tourist Office for more information on schedules and fares.

Esplanade Georges Pompidou - 33120 Arcachon

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