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We all have in mind old images of Paris with its narrow romantic streets, where notables and small shopkeepers would meet, where auctions would be held and lovers would court each other on park benches. In reality, Bordeaux matches more closely this vision than Paris, with an unrivalled quality of life and unmistakable romantic atmosphere.

Le 'Petit Commerce', located  at no 22 'rue du Parlement Saint-Pierre', is a wonderful place.

In this restaurant important personalities, politicians, families, tourists and  locals all share precious moments. They are served by a very friendly staff keen to offer them the very  best of Bordeaux cuisine, not the experimental molecular type but real traditional cuisine which seduce the tongue and elevates the mind.

The food is of high quality, orchestrated by a brilliant chef, a genius who knows all there is to know about the products he buys.

If you really want to discover Bordeaux, please take time to visit this place. For those who do not like meat or fish, there is a delicious organic, tasty vegetarian 'a la carte ' menu. And when it comes to  desert, vegetarian or not, let yourself be led astray by the profiteroles ! Simply divine.

Location : 

22, rue Parlement St Pierre, 33000 Bordeaux