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This street truly reflects the new dynamics at work in the beautiful city of Bordeaux. The street of Pas Saint Georges is full of quality shops, independent, atypical and welcoming, in fact very much like the Bordelais themselves. Be carried away by the scent of flowers at Mr.Bloom's the florist and by the utterly delightful goods for children in 'le petit Zouk'. Down the road, on your right you will find the rue du Cancera and 'Dan'  the charming Hong Kong street food restaurant.


Tips: Do not miss the 'Place Camille Jullian', a pretty square where people from Bordeaux come and have a coffee or a drink  in the shade under the fig trees. If you appreciate originality, enter the church on the 'Place Camille Jullian' which  now houses a charming independent cinema.

Location : 

Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges, 33000, Bordeaux