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Saint-Emilion guided tour

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You can discover Saint-Emilion for yourself by simply wandering the streets of this beautiful village whose very name evokes journey, discovery, wine, history.


But do you know the origin of the name "Saint-Emilion"? What do you know of its Eglise Monolithe (one of the largest churches in Europe)?  Do you know the source that heals eye diseases? A stone chair that can help you improve your fertility? Incredibly well-preserved remains, disturbing and exciting catacombs and their secrets reveal that Saint-Emilion was an important city for Christians where its priests were expelled during the French Revolution; you may also wonder how this fortified town defended itself against attackers who never arrived, why this area is so conducive to wine growing and the wine trade?


We could give you the answers, but it is much more pleasant to discover all this with a really passionate local guide. The best address: the Tourist Office of Saint-Emilion! Ask your tour organisers to include Saint-Emilion in its programme.


We particularly recommend this as the most incredible places are only accessible with a guide (this is particularly true of the Eglise Monolithe and the catacombs).