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Search hotels in Bordeaux

Towns have their own icons and Bordeaux is no exception, on the contrary. However, this vibrant city was keen to add its own iconic installation which would symbolize its connection to water. The Miroir d'eau (Water Mirror) or Miroir des Quais (Quay Mirror) was built in 2006 along the quays of the Garonne river across the 'Place de la Bourse'.


It is the world's largest reflecting pool, covering a massive 3,450 square metres.


Made of granite slabs covered with a thin layer of water 2 cm deep,  the installation creates a fog effect every 15 minutes during summer. This water mirror truly reflects the identity of this  welcoming, generous, eclectic and open to the world destination and is the ideal place to freshen up along the quays of the Garonne. 

Location : 

Place de la Bourse, 33000, Bordeaux