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Best destinations for digital detox in Europe

Best destinations for a digital detox in Europe

Discover perfect destinations for a digital detox. You are hyperconnected, whether at work or in your personal life. You are connected when you work, when you eat, when you rest,... it may be time to disconnect for a few days and  discover perfect sustainable destinations  for a digital detox.


Stunning landscapes, sports, gastronomy and cultural activities will take you away from the tyranny of your emails and social networks.


Copyright Monte-Isola

1. Monte Isola


If you fancy a nice get away from daily routine, Monte Isola is the Best Destination in Europe for a real digital detox.


Monte Isola is a green mountain emerging at the centre of Iseo Lake. It is very special any time of year and its landscapes are stunning ; the island is about 450 hectares ; it is a real Italian pearl.


Cars are banned and only the inhabitants are allowed to drive motorcycles. Visitors can travel by bus or rent bikes to discover the 9.4 km long island.


Wash all your worries away and dive into the fresh, pure lake that surrounds the island rated as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe by travellers from all over the world. 


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Best destinations for digital detox in Europe - Azores - Flores - Pozo Ribeira do Ferreiro copyright Mikadun    - European Best Destinations
Copyright Mikadun

2. Flores Island

Azores - Portugal

The island of Flores is one of the Best European Destinations for a Digital Detox and reconnection with nature. Fairly easy to access from the main island of Ponta Delgada (1h15 by plane), Flores is with Corvo, the westernmost island of the Azores archipelago.


Cascata da Ribeira do Ferreiro (Poço da Alagoinha) is a must-see during your stay in Flores. Meditate with your eyes wide open, watch the different shades of colours, the thousand variations of green, the sunrays or clouds that can change the landscape in the blink of an eye. Garden of Eden? Jurassic Park? don’t think too much about what that might look like or surf the Internet, just go (be sure to wear the right shoes)!  Park your car upstream, walk for a while then sit on a tree trunk or the luscious grass and watch the landscape: you will remain speechless. 


During your stay at Flores we recommend the "tortas de erva patinha", a typical local dish; this "duck leg pie" is neither a pie nor duck meat: it's a tasty omelette mixed with coastal seaweed. The Azoreans who live on the continent all have the “saudade” (nostalgia) of this typical Azorean dish.


Do not miss the delicious jams from the guava tree and the honey which owes its intense taste to the thousands of flowers that grow on the island.


Want to live real adventures and connect with nature? Book your stay in the Azores, Europe's green sanctuary.


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Best places for digital detox in Europe - Jurmala - Latvia
Copyright Jurmala

3. Jurmala


Jūrmala is a green seaside resort ; it is rich in natural resources: a maritime climate. pine forests, mineral waters, mud, white sand dunes and beaches and it is one of the Best Sustainable Destinations for a Digital Detox in Europe


Listen to the rustling waves while walking or cycling along the coast, feel the historical charm of the romantic streets, have a look at the resort's unique wooden architecture, and meet friendly people.


Jūrmala’s SPA and rehabilitation centres are popular and can help you recover and recharge your batteries.


Best places for digital detox - Landlust
Copyright Landlust

4. Landlust


Discover Landlust and reconnect with nature in one of the Best Destinations for a Digital Detox.


Landlust is a must if you want to detox in the wild far from your favourite social networks and email boxes. Record a new voicemail message  "I'm away - I'm having a great holiday in Landlust. Call you when I’m back home”. 


The place is fantastic with old houses «rooted » in nature, a colourful farm garden, a sweet-scented meadow of flowers, a huge nut tree that invites you to sit down in the shade it provides and  let your thoughts wash over you, a sweet-scented meadow of flowers,.. No doubt, your holiday dream will become an enchanting reality in the cosy, rustic Landlust houses.  


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Best places for Digital Detox - Faial's Caldeira_ Copyright Visit Azores
Copyright Visit Azores

5. Faial

Azores - Portugal

We are familiar with Faial (in the Azores) as we visited the place some time ago. The ever changing landscapes are stunning, the inhabitants friendly.


Faial is the perfect place for a week of family digital detox. Bearing in mind that, under the terms of the new Regulation on Access to the Boiler, the visit to the interior of the Boiler is mandatory, between sunrise and sunset and always accompanied by a guide and is conditioned to a maximum daily load capacity of 40 visitors, being that the stay in this protected area should not exceed 3 hours, we suggest to change the photo of the interior by another that effectively illustrates the circular trail through the ridges.


Enjoy the Faial Botanical Garden and wild Caldeira, the Bay and view of the last volcanic eruption on the island. Start the day with a delicious breakfast (the food is local) and sleep in one of the most beautiful places in the island; we recommend the "Quinta das Bougainvillias"; it is the best place to start your digital detox cure on this beautiful island. 


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Best places for Digital detox - Nin copyright  Ivan Smuk
Copyright Ivan Smuk

6. Nin


Nin is an incredible, unique destination, one of your Best European Destinations for a Digital Detox; enjoy breathtaking sea and mountain landscapes, taste delicious sea salted Nin chocolate or cover yourself in medicinal mud :this is the best way to get disconnected!


You will love Nin’s legends, history, monuments, beauty and natural resources.


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Best places for Digital Detox - Mulranny
Copyright Mulranny

7. Mulranny 


How about horse riding on the beautiful Irish beaches of Mulranny in Ireland? It is a perfect destination for a one or two weeks digital detox in the heart of nature.


The Great Western Greenway – Mulranny – Co. Mayo has been formally designated a European Destination of Excellence for the quality of its achievements including the opening of the Great Western Greenway, the sensitive restoration of the stunning Mulranny Park Hotel, and the regeneration of Mulranny’s Victorian Causeway and Look Out Hill Walk. These achievements enhance an already remarkable place.


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Best places for digital detox - Durbuy
Copyright Durbuy

8. Durbuy


Durbuy is probably the most beautiful destination in Wallonia and one of the Best European Destinations for a Digital Detox.


The smallest city in the world has it all: good restaurants, fun activity parks centered on nature, sport activities, delicious local products, authenticity. 


Durbuy is brimming with a thousand years of history and flavours of every kind. The old mediaeval town invites you to stroll through its cobbled streets and explore numerous walking trails any time of year.


Play golf, taste local food, visit the old town, live a unique experience in « Durbuy Adventure » or try to find your way in the famous maze. 


A visit to Durbuy is the opportunity to detox from social networks, reconnect  to nature, and discover your deep inner self. Come taste exquisite local products and get back home with an unforgettable experience in Durbuy.


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Best places for digital detox - Soomaa
Copyright Soomaa

9. Soomaa National Park


There is no better destination than Soomaa in Europe to get detoxed from your Ipad, smartphone. You will be immersed in nature in one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe.


There are loads of things to do such as canoeing in the forest, snowshoe hiking or bird watching, deer, wild boar, lynx, wolf and bear watching. The only reason to use your phone in Soomaa is to take pictures of the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Discover Soomaa and the best things to do and see in  and get ready for a wonderful trip.


Best places for Digital Detox - Skagafjordur
Copyright Skagafjordur

10. Skagafjordur


Discover nature in the wild and treat yourself to a real digital detox in a sustainable tourism destination.


Skagafjordur is a land of adventure for all! It offers a wide variety of activities set in beautiful surroundings.


Want to go white water rafting down foaming glacial rivers, heli ski on the Trollaskagi mountain, go horse-riding in an amazing and unique landscape, sail to the majestic Drangey island, delve into local history, relax in a natural hot spring, enjoy the magic of the northern lights in winter, treat yourself with  excellent local food ? Skagafjordur is the must destination .


Best places for Digital Detox - Silly
Copyright Silly

11. Silly


Halfway between Lille and Brussels, Silly is a perfect destination to reconnect with oneself in nature and one of the Best Destinations in Europe for a Digital Detox.


Silly is not virtual! Silly is a world apart with 70 km of marked pedestrian trails and networks of cycle paths that invite you to discover 6 amazing castles, remarkable trees, churches, beautiful houses and farms.  


Enjoy long walks through the fields and reconnect.


Best destinations for digital detox in Europe - Azores - Furnas - Sao Miguel Island - Copyright  Cicero Castro  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Cicero Castro

12. Sao Miguel

Furnas - Sao Miguel Island - Azores - Portugal

Bathing in the thermal waters of "Parque Terra Nostra", one of the emblematic places of the Azores is a unique experience and one of the Best Places for a Digital Detox in Europe.


This park, built in 1780, is famous for the thermal waters of its beautiful and gigantic swimming pool, unchanged since 1935. You will not only bathe in waters rich in minerals but also in the Azores ‘past and in one of the most emblematic sustainable tourism destinations in Europe.


Reconnect with nature and recharge your batteries with the minerals of its exceptional thermal waters. The magnificent gardens are there to contribute to your well-being and relaxation.


Staying at the iconic hotel located in this park has to be a great experience; but you can also come for a walk or a tasty meal at the restaurant.


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Best places for Digital Detox - Soca Valley
Copyright Soca Valley

13. Soca Valley


Breathe deeply, live, forget about the pressure of work, the worries of everyday life, leave your cell phone in a drawer, jump on any bike and be dazzled by the sublime landscapes of this destination ranked among the Best Destinations for a Digital Detox in Europe.


The picturesque nature of the valley makes it a paradise for water sports on the Soča River (rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hydro-speed, canyoning, etc.), para-gliders, fly-fishers, rock climbers, hikers and mountain bikers. The Soča valley also has the Juliana alpine botanical garden; it is attractive for naturalists and botanists. Marked trails lead to numerous natural landmarks, like the gorges of the Soča and Tolminka, and the Kozjak waterfall.



Best Places for Digital Detox - Kuldiga
Copyright Kuldiga

14. Kuldiga


Escape from your daily problems, from  the pressure of work. Forget about your boss, about  mountains of mails, turn your phone on airplane mode and enjoy life in Kuldiga, one of the most beautiful destinations in Latvia.


The magical and most charming Kuldīga, (West Latvia) is situated less than two hours drive from Capital Riga. The town has kept its medieval appearance and charm with its architecture. The hills and valleys are red, ocher, green, and grey in autumn, The landscapes are amazing all year round!



Best places for Digital Detox - Delbro Delta - PUNTA DE LA BANYA MCEBOLLA
Copyright Delbro Delta

15. Ebro Delta Nature Park 


The Natural park of Ebro Delta is an attractive place: the beaches are natural and the coast quiet and relaxing, the perfect destination for a digital detox in Europe.


Enjoy interesting and original sustainable tourism experiences that can be performed personally or with a guide. Do not miss the wonderful landscapes and bird watching


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Best places for Digital Detox - Waimes
Copyright Waimes

16. Waimes


Come relax and live a real digital detox week. Feel rejuvenated in the heart of an authentic and welcoming destination!


The change of scenery is guaranteed: Waimes is a place of character at the top of Belgium, at the borders of the Roman and Germanic areas ; the destination is unusual, sparkled with a lot of (good) surprises such as authentic local products, skilled craftsmanship, award-winning restaurants and a large selection of quality accommodation.


The historic sites are wonderful with their medieval castle, old border markers, Prussian train station but they can sometimes bring up very bad memories. Nature is wild with gorgeous landscapes . 


Best places for digital detox - Goierri
Copyright Goierri

17. Goierri 


The Spanish Basque country is a unique destination that leaves no one indifferent. Turn your mobile phone on airplane mode and fly to the county of Goierri, a gourmet paradise. Visit the first "agro village" and meet the traditional sheep cheese producers ; you will have the opportunity to taste their products and admire the beautiful landscapes around you. Deeply breathe pure air  and experience a unique moment in the County of Goierri.


Best Places for Digital Detox - Sheep's Head Ireland
Copyright Sheep's Head Ireland

18. Sheep's Head


Have a walk or bike ride to Sheep's Head; it is a perfect sustainable tourism destination for a week of digital detox away from  noise, stress, phone, computers or Ipad screens.


There are 20 loop walks on the Sheep's Head Way and there's a walk to suit everyone in this fantastic 200km trail network. Walk on Whiddy Island, trek to the lighthouse, hike along the Peakeen ridge, or enjoy valley views on the Coomkeen loop walk. Lovely inland trails lead you to the hills and valleys around Drimoleague, Castledonovan, and Carriganass Castle.  


Discover Sheep's Head and the best things to do in Sheep's Head and treat yourself to a timeless moment in one of the best destinations for digital detox.


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Best places for Digital Detox - Wild Taiga
Copyright Wild Taiga

19. Wild Taiga


The name of this destination tells it all! You will live wild moments in the heart of one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. Swap your cell phone for a pair of binoculars and discover the wild and beautiful Wild Taiga, certainly one of the best destinations in Europe for a digital detox weekend.


Evergreen forests, clean water and rich wildlife form the second important part of Kuhmo and Suomussalmi.  Watch and take photos of rather rare or extinct bears, wolves and wolverines.


Best places for Digital detox - Lac de l'Eau D'Heure - Copyright François de Ribaucourt 2
Copyright François de Ribaucourt

20. The Eau d'Heure lakes


It is certainly one of the most pleasant places in Belgium for a break away from cities, noise and visual pollution and very far from the stress of everyday life. The Perfect Digital Detox Break. Treat yourself to a week of digital detox at the Eau d'Heure Lakes, a perfect family destination for young and old alike with lots of activities such as swimming, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, rowing, rafting and deep-sea diving.


A favourite aquatic activity to be explored is the tour with the Red Crocodile, an amphibious bus offering a route half on the road, half on the water.


Best places for Digital Detox - Marginimea Sibiului
Copyright Marginimea Sibiului

21. Marginimea Sibiului


This destination located in Transylvania (Romania) is the perfect destination for a digital detox in the middle of nature. 


The region is so fascinating that it seems unreal. Travellers from all over the world are amazed with the many wonders of these eighteen Romanian localities in the south-western part of the Sibiu County.



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