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Best Places to Invest in Europe
Best Destinations to Invest in Europe

The 10 Best Destinations to Invest in Europe

What are the best cities in Europe to invest? Here is the ultimate guide to the Best Destinations to Invest in Europe based on criteria such as tax advantages, price per square meter, days of sunshine, proximity to university, airports and transport infrastructure, number of green space per m2, entrepreneurial freedom index and happiness index.


Whether these are destinations for large companies weighing several billion euros, for secure real estate investments in luxury or hotels or investments on a human scale allowing financial independence (F.I.R.E.), here are your 10 best destinations to invest in Europe in 2024.


Whether you have 100 million or 1,000 euros to invest in Europe here are the 10 Best Destinations where to invest your money in Europe.


Book your flights, your accommodation as well as your activities & tours and discover the Best Places to invest in Europe.


Best places to Invest in Europe - Monaco - European Best Destinations
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1. Monaco - Best Secure Environment Investment

The Principality of Monaco is renowned throughout the world for its Grand Prix, its casinos and its unique lifestyle, nestled between sea and mountains at the heart of the French Riviera.


But Monaco is also a diversified, hyper-dynamic economic hub, with a resolutely international outlook. Many successful entrepreneurs have made the decision to settle here, in order to benefit from a stable, secure environment conducive to a thriving business and flourishing family life. 


Monaco is a city state on a human scale, where dialogue is easy and decision-making chains are short. At the behest of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, ambitious energy and digital transitions are helping to enhance the country’s appeal. Building on this vision, the Principality is engaged in a new cycle of digital, sustainable and rational growth.


Best for: Sustainable Businesses, Real Estate Investment, Luxury industry, International Markets.


 How to get there: Book your flights to Nice and your transfer.


Where to stay: The “Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo” palace features an American-style piano bar and 2 Michelin star restaurants with views of the famous Place du Casino.


Best Places to Invest in Europe - Geneva - European Best Destinations
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2. Geneva - Best Life Sciences Investment


Geneva is an international economic centre with over 1,000 multinational companies, two thirds of which are foreign. Located in the heart of Europe, the Canton of Geneva is a leader in many areas including banking and financial services, trading, life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals.


The canton of Geneva is also the most active diplomatic centre worldwide with a unique network of international organizations, NGOs and diplomatic representations. 


Thanks to a highly qualified population, companies like Neuria have recently managed to transform unhealthy behaviours such as poor eating habits, alcohol abuse, and smoking into positive lifestyle changes.


Best for: Life Sciences, Financial Services, Biotechnology. 


 How to get there: Book your flights to  Geneva and your transfer.


Where to stay: "CitizenM Geneva". This hotel has an excellent location score.


Best Places to Invest in Europe - Batumi -  European Best Destinations
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3. Batumi - Best Tourism Investment

Adjara Region - Georgia

You are constantly wondering what the next fashionable destination will be, whether to invest in the tourism industry, a second home, to set up an IT company, or a travel company. The answer is Batumi.  


Adjara Region offers many tax benefits to attract investors. In particular, it guarantees the right for investors to repatriate their income once taxes are due, guaranteeing total freedom to do business. Added to this is a very low tax rate, business registration in one day, high return on investment (10-13% for real estate & tourism industry investments).


Opening a business in Batumi is as easy as opening a door. No formality, no administrative paperwork. The price of real estate is one of the most attractive in Europe, at 1000 euros per square meter for a very central apartment, combined with a very low cost of living and a crime rate among the lowest in Europe (25% in Batumi compared to 63% in London, more than double).


For individuals or companies there are simple law and fair taxation with a flat 1% tax rate for company and property tax rates from 0.05 to 0.2% of the fair market value of the property. 


Best for: Low taxes, Liberalized Economy, No paperwork, Affordable Real Estate.


 How to get there: Book your flights to Batumi.


Where to stay: "Sheraton Batumi". This 5-star hotel is located in Batumi City Center. It has a spa area with indoor and outdoor swimming pools.


Best Places to Invest in Europe - Nice
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4. Nice - Best Real Estate Investment


Prices per square meter are among the highest in Europe in the French Riviera and yet it remains one of the most attractive regions for investing. 


Whether for a second home, an hotel investment, a real estate investment or one with seasonal income with management by an agency, according to luxury real estate agencies, there are no financial operations at a loss in the real estate of the French Riviera these last thirty years. 


Even though prices are quiet high in Nice, they continue to rise for a simple reason: it is impossible to build even the slightest building in many areas of the French Riviera. This real estate market is therefore in a cocoon which can hardly be broken given the internationalization of buyers. If the Russians are more discreet, many South Africans, Americans, Dutch, Germans, English and Austrians dream of a pied-à-terre in Provence or in the posh cities of Cannes and Nice. 


This type of real estate investment starts from one million euros and has no real limit. Count 20 million euros for the most luxurious properties or historic residences with parks. 


A luxury apartment with a sea view costs around 3 million euros and will bring you a weekly rental yield of 15,000 euros in high season. It is a safe investment since no decline has been observed in this luxury market in recent decades. 


If you can no longer build new properties in the most beautiful places on the French Riviera, you can make significant added value by carrying out work with noble materials, a lush garden, home automation. Your property can quickly gain 20 to 30% in a year. Investing on the French Riviera is a bit like buying a millennial Château Rothschild, it's expensive but safe.


Best for: Real Estate Investment, Hostelry, Event Organizers, Wedding Planning, seasonal rental


 How to get there: Book your flights to Nice Airport.


Where to stay: "Hotel Le Negresco". Overlooks the beach and the Promenade des Anglais.


Best Places to Invest in Europe - Madeira

5. Madeira Islands - Best Crypto Investment


Madeira is one of the most attractive autonomous regions of Portugal that has itself one of the most friendly bitcoin jurisdictions in Europe


A fully autonomous region, Madeira has its own government and its own laws that are particularly attractive for investors whether for a real estate investment, a hotel project, a tourist activity, as a Digital Nomad (Madeira is the first destination in Europe to have created a village for Digital Nomad - Ponta do Sol), and the first properties purchased entirely in Cryptocurrencies in Portugal were purchased in Madeira (Promotheus Project).


Investors in cryptocurrencies often seek to diversify their investments and the variations in Bitcoin prove them right. Its currently historically high rate may be an opportunity to invest your capital gain in a property in Madeira.


The latest real estate projects are of high quality and rather luxurious. The south east of the island is interesting if you are looking for recent and luxurious villas with swimming pools (Paul do Mar, Jardim do Mar, Calheta). Funchal, Camara dos Lobos, remain a very good investment for luxury apartments.


Finally, Madeira, led by the centre right, continues to apply the Golden Visa questioned by the resigning socialist government (for suspicion of corruption), it is still possible there to acquire Portuguese Residency through investment.


Best for: Crypto Investors, Real Estate, Hotel Industry, Retired.


 How to get there: Book your flights to Madeira Airport.


Where to stay: "Quinta da Casa Branca" in Funchal or "Madeira Tropical View" apartment in Calheta.


Best Places to Invest in Europe - Paris
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6. Paris - Best Start-ups Investment


We tend to think of Paris for investments in real estate or luxury with big names like LVHM, Ladurée, Dior, Louboutin, but Paris is home to the Aircraft, Electronics, Machinery, Textiles, Chemicals, Food Processing, Automobiles and of course tourism industries. 


Whether you want to produce “made in Paris” or “Made in France” or simply benefit from a large talent pool for your start-ups or your company, Paris is a very good choice. 


Over the past ten years, France has reduced the bureaucracy relating to entrepreneurship and there is much less administrative paperwork to launch your business or resell it. For start-ups, France has made great progress in reducing resale costs, drawing inspiration in particular from Silicon Valley.


You can build your start-up there, raise funds quite easily thanks to the presence of numerous investment funds and business angels and resell it while avoiding taxes which were once significant.


These regulations notably enabled the city to host the world's largest digital business hub in the heart of the city (35,000 m2). MIT Technology Review ranks Paris as the World's Top Eight Innovation Clusters. Your rent may be expensive, your apartment at the beginning may be small, but you can dream big in Paris and make a fortune there by creating your company, your brand, your project, resell it and start again.


Best for: Start-ups, After Work life, Real Estate Investment, Aircraft, Electronics & Luxury Industries, Hostelry, Design.


 How to get there: Book your flights to Paris Airport.


Where to stay: "The Chess Hotel". Located in central Paris.


Best Places to Invest in Europe - Warsaw
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7. Warsaw - Best IT  Investment


Poland is seen as one of the best destinations for companies to invest in Europe. This is true whether you are a multinational or a smaller business. 


Poland offers many favourable tax incentives that are even more attractive in Warsaw, the capital city of this big and attractive country. 


Warsaw is considered the most investor friendly destination in this country. 


Here the rents as well as the salaries will be on average 60% cheaper than in Berlin and two times cheaper than in Dublin for example. You will easily find IT professionals as well as finance professionals in Warsaw.


Warsaw Airport is modern and well connected and the city of Warsaw is located close to other countries that could be partners of your business such as Hungary, Romania, Slovakia which, within the EU, offers skilled workers at competitive prices. In addition to this, Warsaw is on the time slot of Paris, Milan, Barcelona, allowing you to work with all the capitals of Europe without time difference and in the best conditions.


Finally, the level of security is two times higher (feeling of security, crime rate) in Warsaw than in a city like Barcelona (26.1% in Warsaw compared to 50.21% in Barcelona, Numbeo data on Crime in Europe).


Poland has long had some of the greatest economic growth in Europe and the latest elections are strengthening ties between Poland and its European partners.


Best for: IT, Finance, Low operating expenses, International Companies.


 How to get there: Book your flights to Warsaw Airport.


Where to stay: "Hotel Bristol Warsaw". Situated on the historical route.


Best Places to Invest in Europe - La Gomera
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8. La Gomera - Best FIRE (Financial Independance) Investment

Canary Island - Spain

Build a solid professional project in the sun by combining real estate investment, seasonal rental and remote working while taking advantage of a large pool of high skills locals & foreigners speaking several languages including German, English and Spanish. 


With an after-work nature, surfing, hiking, beach offer, La Gomera will allow you to benefit from an exceptional living environment and to recruit independent people for your coding business, distance learning courses (sport, languages, nutritionist, copyrighters, video content producers, coaching), or to develop hybrid places mixing co-working and co-living for digital nomads or for the seasonal rental for hikers, surfers, lovers of wild nature.


The inhabitants of La Gomera are hardworking, respectful of deadlines and although it is a small island, its proximity to Tenerife, the main island of the Canaries (50 min by boat) makes it one of the destinations of the Canaries the most attractive in terms of potential, whether for setting up a hotel project, a guesthouse, a restaurant, a tourist activity or remote work.


The price per square meter in La Gomera is 1,932 euros, three times cheaper than in Barcelona and two hays cheaper than in Madrid when you can count on seasonal rental prices of 700 euros per room per month in co-living and up to 1200 euros per room per month if you rent short term.


Develop your business and rent surfboards, electric mountain bikes, diving equipment, massages, picnic baskets, and achieve financial autonomy in this little paradise on earth.


Best for:  F.I.R.E.   – Financial Independence Retired Early, family reconversion project, Nature Lovers, Tourist Industry.


 How to get there: Book your flights to Tenerife Airport + a ferry (50 min to La Gomera) or a flight from Tenerife to La Gomera (30 min).


Where to stay: "Hotel Jardin Tecina"


Best Places to Invest in Europe - Leuven
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9. Leuven - Best Innovation Investment


Considered the most open-minded city in Europe, Leuven is probably the most dynamic and surprising destination in Flanders, Belgium. Just 30 minutes from the European capital, its international airport and its universities, Leuven is also home to some of the most prestigious schools in Europe.


A student city, Leuven offers quality events throughout the year as well as after-work life for young workers. If real estate prices are more affordable than in the upscale neighborhoods of the Belgian capital but the big difference is quality of life and safety. The level of crime is 4 times lower in Leuven than in Brussels (16% in Leuven, one of the lowest rates in Europe, compared to 59.6% in Brussels – Numbeo data).


The proximity of colleges and universities provides companies with well-trained employees, and Leuven is a world player in terms of innovation and development.


Best for:  ManuTech, Start-ups, Biotechnology, Foods & Beverages Industries, Innovation, High Skills Employees, Plurilingual.


 How to get there: Book your flights to Brussels (30 min by train or car).


Where to stay: "Pentahotel Leuven". Located right in Leuven's historical centre.


Best places to invest in Europe - Milan
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10. Milan - Best Fintech & Fashion Investment


Milan has been the economic heart of Italy for decades. With over 800,000 firms headquartered in the regional territory and a regional GDP of +390 billion, it is one of the best European destinations for businesses.


Thanks to favorable tax regulation and fiscal incentives to boost innovation, Milan offers foreign investors a flourishing innovation ecosystem and a great pool of talent at lower cost of doing business relative to European counterparts. 47% of the Italian Fintech companies are located in Milano and, last but foremost, Milan stands out as one of the world capitals of fashion with 11,000 companies operating in the sector. Innovation meets know-how and tradition as the best tanneries in Milan now offer vegetable leathers that are revolutionizing the fashion industry. 




Best for:  FinTech, Fashion, Food, Pharma.


 How to get there: Book your flights to Milan.


Where to stay: "Park Hyatt Milan". The Duomo is 200m away.



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