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La Terrasse Rouge saint-emilion

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Saint-Emilion is not a sleepy village frozen in time. The largest wineries compete to offer visitors a unique unprecedented experience. This boldness has resulted in the realization of some great projects such as this fabulous restaurant designed by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel on the domaine de la Dominique. This is surely a perfect marriage and an incredible architectural boldness where modernity and authenticity form a very successful unique whole.

By climbing to the first floor where the restaurant is located, you will soon understand why this place is called La Terrasse Rouge (the Red Terrace). Much of the terrace is covered with beautiful red and shiny pebble glass. With the vineyards in sight, this incredible landscape is the perfect introduction to this very well equipped and welcoming restaurant.

Nowadays, restaurants are often too noisy and poorly soundproofed; here, however, thanks to modern design, you will not be disturbed by your neighbours; enjoy a generous traditional and refined cuisine in complete tranquility in this beautiful setting. For coffee or digestif, enjoy the terrace and the incredible views of the vineyards.


Location : 

1 La Dominique, 33330 Saint-Émilion