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Macarons Fermigier saint-emilion

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If you can visit just one place in Saint-Emilion, you could do worse than visiting Mrs Nadia Fermigier's patisserie. You will fall in love with this place  which serves the best of traditional homemade patisserie. Nadia Fermigier is a bubbly, warm and passionate lady who, with her team, sustains one of the treasures of Saint-Emilion, the best macaroons in the world.


Here no machine is used, no chemical products, no additives, no industrial products. The only ingredients are almonds (sweet and bitter almonds), sugar, egg whites and the expertise of a team who continue to prepare and preserve a great ancestral recipe.


The macaroons as a St. Emilion speciality are second only to the region's famous wines. They were already in existence in 1620 and were prepared by Ursuline nuns who knew a thing or two about good food, apparently. The recipe was then transmitted to a few families, generation after generation, and always kept secret. Today Nadia, who succeeded Mrs Blanchez, is the only true repository of the recipe which dates from 1620.


Come in Nadia Fermigier's shop to share a moment of pleasure and take with you the best macaroons in Saint-Emilion, France, and indeed the world!


Tips: if you have a little space in your suitcase or in your stomach, have a taste of the delicious cannelés (a specialty of the region); they are much better than those found elsewhere and always fresh!


Location : 

9 Rue Guadet, 33330 Saint-Émilion