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There are millions of things to do and see in Europe, many activities that will allow you to get to know Europe and indeed yourself better.


Come and watch the dolphins in Madeira, learn how to make chocolate at a workshop with a master chocolatier in Brussels or be overwhelmed by the northern lighting in Iceland


Thousands of travellers voted and have made their European bucket list, the monuments they would like to see, the walks they would like to do, the museums they would like to visit.


Check out this selection of your 50 best things to do in Europe and book your flights, hotel and activities at the best price guaranteed and treat yourself with unforgettable experiences with family, friends, lovers or simply on your own.


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21. Sleep for one night in Positano

Positano - Italy

Positano is your favourite destination for a honeymoon in Europe. If you cannot afford a weeklong stay, you can still experience a romantic evening with restaurant, spa and one or two nights in one of the very nice hotels with Positano views.


Book your plane tickets to Naples and get yourself a transfer to Positano (you can also opt for a rental car).


We advise you to stay at the Hotel Montemare or the Hotel Savoia. In any case, ask for a room with terrace to make the most of your night in one of the most romantic places in Europe.


Copyright Savchenko

22. Find your roots

Athens - Greece

The Acropolis is not the name of the monument but the name of the rocky plateau on which you will find symbols of Greek culture such as the Parthenon with its many columns. Did you know that this world-famous building represents democracy?


Book your plane tickets to Athens and stay in the Plaka area. You can enjoy a room overlooking the Acropolis if you book at the hotel Electra Metropolis or the Royal Olympic Hotel. Also book your best things to do in Athens as a visit of the Acropolis. 


Copyright Boris Stroujko

23. Like Madonna, treat yourself to a Castle in Portugal

Sintra - Portugal

You've ranked Sintra Castle as the most beautiful castle in Europe, so it's no wonder that it is one of your best things to do in Europe. It is not only Madonna who can afford castles in Portugal, you too can enjoy an afternoon in a sublime castle by booking your online "Skip-the-line" ticket for the castle Pena Palace. So that you do not miss anything, you can also opt for a full-day tour of Sintra, Cabo da Roca & Cascais from your hotel in Lisbon.


Your guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you to discover the most beautiful places in the region. Book your plane ticket, your hotel room and your activities at the best price for a holiday to discover the capital of Portugal and its surroundings. 


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24. Give a whole lot of dreams to the whole family with a day at Disneyland

Paris - France

During your stay in Paris you will have the opportunity to discover the most beautiful places of the capital of love; treat yourself to a boat cruise, a guided tour of Notre-Dame or an afternoon in the footsteps of Amélie. There is an activity that will please the whole family, a day at Disneyland!


Buy your tickets online at the best price as well as your private or bus transfer and tickets for the "Buffalo Bill" show.


Book your flight tickets and hotel at the best price for a dream holiday at Disneyland.


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25. Get caricatured in Montmartre and follow in Amelie’s footsteps

Paris - France

Montmartre is the legendary district where many famous artists lived: Picasso Georges Braque, Auguste Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent van Gogh and many others.  Stop at the metro station "Anvers" or "Pigalle" and climb the stairs of the Sacré-Coeur to discover a breathtaking view of Paris. Rest a while and get caricatured by one of the many painters and draughtsmen of Montmartre.


There are a thousand ways to discover Montmartre. We suggest you opt for themed tours such as "in the Footsteps of Amelie Tour" and take a walk through the movie’s location.


Book a romantic hotel in Montmartre at the hotel Maison Souquet located in a Parisian house decorated in the "Belle Epoque" style.


Book your flight tickets and hotel in Paris and your best activities in the Capital of Love.


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26. Make your own chocolate in Brussels


There are only good excuses to eat chocolate! Treat yourself to a 3-day city break in Brussels, the capital of Europe and Belgium and perhaps more importantly for some, the world capital of chocolate! Do you know why Brussels is linked to the history of chocolate and why the Belgians are best (with the Swiss) at making chocolate? Perhaps because it is a Belgian who invented praline, one of the most delicate ways to experience pure chocolate pleasure.


The praline was invented in Brussels by Jean Neuhaus and you will find his workshop and the Neuhaus pralines store in the Galerie de la Reine, a few metres from the Grand Place. Of course, we advise you to book a weekend dedicated to the theme of chocolate starting with a guided tour of the chocolate museum followed by a chocolate workshop that will awaken most of your senses as you make and taste your own creations.  You will be able to take home your own box of homemade chocolates (if you have not eaten them all in your hotel, that is).


Book your hotel at the best price in Brussels. The most central and design hotel is the Hotel des Galeries with its refined and fresh decor and one of the best restaurants in the capital!


Book your plane ticket, hotel and activities at the best price in Brussels! 


Copyright De RossHelen

27. Visit the capital of Fashion

Milan - Italy

Prepare your most elegant clothes for a city break in the fashion capital of the world, the sublime and very chic city of Milan! Milan is an extraordinary city visited every year by millions of travellers from all over the world.


Milan is probably the most modern city in Italy, a city in constant evolution, a city that combines artistic creation, elegance, business and gastronomy.


Book your hotel at the best guaranteed price in Milan; we recommend that you stay at the Palazzo Matteotti which offers sublime views of the Duomo and the Park Hyatt Milano located in the historic centre of Milan.


Do not miss this incredible city, book your plane tickets and best things to do in Milan.  


Copyright Yulia-Mayorova

28. Treat yourself to a weekend of shopping and cultural outings in Amsterdam

The Netherlands

 Amsterdam is a great shopping destination. You will find the biggest brands but also young designers and designers of international repute. We recommend you visit the shopping centre "Magna Plaza" ranked among the most beautiful shopping centres in Europe.


A shopping spree in Amsterdam must absolutely include one of the "Negen Straatjes" - the nine shopping streets and more especially the three biggest shopping streets of Kalverstraat, Nieuwendijk and PC Hoofstraat. 


Fashion is not all and you will want to include an afternoon of culture with the discovery of some of the greatest masterpieces at the Rijksmuseum. From Rembrandt to Hokusai and its famous "Great Wave of Kanagawa", you will discover the most remarkable paintings of the past centuries.


Book your best things to do in Amsterdam such as an hour and a half cruise on the Amsterdam canals, or skip-the-line tickets to see the Rijksmuseum.


Book your hotel, apartment, hostel or B & B at the best price as well as your airline tickets to Amsterdam.


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29. Better than a step class at the gym, discover the "Giant's Causeway"


Located in Northern Ireland, near Bushmills, this incredible volcanic formation is made up of thousands of steps of various sizes. These are actually basalt columns eroded by the sea which form an extraordinary landscape classified by UNESCO. 


It is best to book your plane ticket to Belfast and your hotel at the best price and book a guided tour of this exceptional site. The guided tour will take you to discover the Irish coast and the charming city of Ballycastle.  A stop for a glass of whisky is included. 


Book your best activities in Ireland as well as your hotel at the best price.


Copyright Visit Brussels - Jean-Paul Remy

30. Climb to the top of the Atomium

Brussels - Belgium

Brussels is an extraordinary city, a city that creates event after event such as the superb Christmas market ranked among the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.  Brussels is renowned for its gastronomy (think beer and chocolate) but also for its unusual monuments such as the Manneken Pis or the Atomium.


Built in 1958 for the Universal Expo, this incredible monument represents a huge iron molecule. Just like the Eiffel Tower it was doomed to be demolished after the Universal Exhibition but the public decided otherwise and it has been one of the symbols of the city of Brussels for more than 60 years.   


Buy your tickets online today to climb to the top of this European monument and treat yourself to an unforgettable meal in the atomium's top floor restaurant. Plan your stay in the heart of the capital of Europe and book your room at the best price at the hotel Rocco Forte Amigo, 20 m from the Grand Place or in the very trendy and beautifully decorated Vintage Hotel in the neighbouring chic Avenue Louise. 


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31. Visit the most beautiful basilica in the world

Barcelon - Spain

The Sagrada Familia is the most famous basilica in the world. Imagine, its construction started in 1882, and it is still not finished! More than a feat of architecture, this basilica is a real poem.


The ticket entrances to visit the interior of the basilica are used to finance its construction. So, you will be making a good deed as well as discovering a place of unsuspected beauty.


Book your plane tickets to Barcelona and your hotel at the best price. Also book your activities in Barcelona such as "Sagrada 2 hour guided tour and VIP Tower Access".


Best things to do in Europe - Loch Ness copyright jaleel-akbash-514109-unsplash
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32. Look for the Loch Ness Monster and enjoy the best whiskies


Travellers from around the world dream to catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster.  Who knows?  You may be the one! Your best bet is of course on a cruise on Loch Ness. 


One thing is for sure, you will enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish Highlands. If you book your guided tour online you can also discover beautiful Scottish villages, the famous hairy highland cows and the well known ruins of Urquhart Castle.


A stay in Scotland would not be complete without a guided tour of a whisky distillery. Book your hotel at the best price in Edinburgh or the Highlands as well as your plane ticket and guided tours. You will fall in love with Scotland!


Best-things-to-do-in-Europe---Saint-Emilion-Vineyards-and-Macarons---Copyright-RossHelen - European Best Destinations
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33. Taste the best wines and the best macaroons 

Saint-Emilion - France


Saint-Emilion is a beautiful medieval village near Bordeaux, a city awarded the title of Best European Destination for the quality of its tourist offers. 


You can buy your plane tickets to Bordeaux and stay 3 to 5 days on site. We recommend the young and trendy hotel Mama Shelter or the InterContinental Bordeaux Grand Hotel.


Treat yourself to a one or two- day trip to Saint Emilion to discover the most beautiful vineyards. You can choose a cycling tour through the vineyards if you are feeling sporty or simply treat yourself to a food and wine tour. In Saint Emilion itself take the opportunity to buy some macaroons at Nadia Fermigier’s shop.  Her well known kindness and her secret recipe make her macaroons recognized as the best in France! To extend this moment of relaxation and discovery, treat yourself to 3 nights in the 5-star hotel Les Sources de Caudalie, one of the most beautiful hotels in Europe.


Copyright aldorado

34. Whatch dolphins in Madeira


Madeira has been elected for many years as the most beautiful island in the world. We have been there and can confirm that it is indeed beautiful. It's the perfect place to live, never too cold, never too hot, an island where people are hospitable, the food delicious and where nature displays a permanent show.


People come here to observe birds, plants, walk in the "levadas" and also to observe dolphins. Several companies offer sea trips, a great way to discover the island and its cliffs.  We recommend that you choose "The Pirate Ship" with its pirate crew and its pirate parrots and enjoy a traditional Madeira cake whilst being taken to the best places for dolphin watching.


Get your plane tickets online for Madeira and book your hotel, guesthouse, B&B, at the best price and your activities such as a Madeira Wine and Food Walking Tour.


If you want to treat yourself to a dream holiday, book your stay like Churchill and Lady Churchill at the legendary Belmond Reid's Palace, probably the most beautiful hotel in Madeira.


Copyright Boris-Stroujko

35. Eat norman crepes on the Mont St Michel

Normandy - France

It may be a bit of a cliché but what a pleasure it is to step out of time for a moment by enjoying a delicious pancake and a sweet cider made in Normandy in an inn at the Mont Saint-Michel.


Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most visited tourist sites in France, so it's no wonder you've ranked it among your "best things to do" in Europe. You can get there yourself by car and stay in a hotel in Mont-Saint-Michel or near Mont Saint-Michel or enjoy a guided tour with transfer from Paris and book your hotel at the best price in Paris. Also book your best activities as the Mont Saint Michel Tour with Cider Tasting.



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