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Most beautiful castles to visit in Europe

Visiting these castles is like diving into our history. Discover the history of kings, of alliances and vendettas, the history of European territories, of wars, regions and nations, the history of those families who have made and unmade Europe. Discover the most beautiful castles in EuropeBook your hotel at the best price guaranteed as well as your best activities and discover the best castles of Europe.


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Palace da Pena - Sintra, Lisboa, Portugal - Best castles in Europe

1. The Palace of Pena

Sintra - Portugal

Located in the Sintra hills, the Park and Palace of Pena are the fruit of King Ferdinand II’s creative genius and the greatest expression of 19th-century romanticism in Portugal, denoting clear influences from the Manueline and Moorish styles of architecture. The palace was built in such a way as to be visible from any point in the park, which consists of a forest and luxuriant gardens with over five hundred different species of trees originating from the four corners of the earth. (© 


There is a lot to explore in the region. For example, take a Walking Tour with Palace, Castle, and Old Town Visit.


Alcazar Castle Segovia - Best castels in Europe
© Sean Pavone

2. The Alcazar Castle

Segovia - Spain

The Alcázar of Segovia (literally, Segovia Castle) is a stone fortification, located in the old city of Segovia, Spain. Rising out on a rocky crag above the confluence of the rivers Eresma and Clamores near the Guadarrama mountains, it is one of the most distinctive castle-palaces in Spain by virtue of its shape – like the bow of a ship. The Alcázar was originally built as a fortress but has served as a royal palace, a state prison, a Royal Artillery College and a military academy since then. The castle is one of the inspirations for Walt Disney's Cinderella Castle.


From Madrid you can take a Toledo & Segovia Tour with Alcázar Ticket.


The Castle in Love with the Wind in Ravadinovo near Sozopol, Bulgaria -  Best Castles in Europe

3. The Castle in Love with the Wind

Ravadinovo- Bulgaria

In Love with the Wind – the castle with the magnificent structures made of marble and metamorphosed limestone from the fairy tales of a talented architect and dreamer, Georgi Tumpalov. The only newly built castle in Europe. 


The Castle In Love with the Wind – a fairy tale near the sea. The place where the Castle is built is a unique natural phenomenon. Here, the wind loves the sun and always when the sun shines, there is a wind. On this bare field near the village, Georgi Tumpalov, an architect and developer, decided to make it child’s dream come true – to build a castle that exists only in fairy tales. But a dream never comes alone. Tumpalov attracted to the modest village of Ravadinovo, standing 6 km from Sozopol, enormous crowds of visitors from all over the world. The castle was awarded the prize for the most attractive tourist site of the year by the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association. In 2013, Walt Disney used its natural décor to make its movie the Sleeping Beauty. In 2016 the castle won the first prize of the international competition "A’ Design Awards 2016” in the category: "A Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design“. 


Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria Germany - Best Castles in Europe
© VOJTa Herout

4. The Neuschwanstein Castle

Bavaria - Germany

Seven weeks after the death of King Ludwig II in 1886, Neuschwanstein was opened to the public. The shy king had built the castle in order to withdraw from public life – now vast numbers of people came to view his private refuge.


Today Neuschwanstein is one of the most popular of all the palaces and castles in Europe. Every year 1.4 million people visit "the castle of the fairy-tale king". In the summer around 6,000 visitors a day stream through rooms that were intended for a single inhabitant. (©


Book tour day Trip to Neuschwanstein & Linderhof Castles from Munich.


Hohenzollern castle Germany- Best castles in Europe
© Jens Ottoson

5. The Hohenzollern Castle

Baden-Württemberg - Germany

The first personal related reference of the Hohenzollern House dates back to 1061 ("Wezil et Burchardus de Zolorin"). First direct mention of the Castle complex ("Castro Zolre") was in 1267. Appearance, size and furnishing of the original Castle are unknown, but presumably it was in the first decade of the 11th century. At that time it must have been a vast and artistically valuable furnished complex. Contemporary sources praised it as "Crown of all Castles in Swabia" and as "the most fortified House in Germany". However in 1423, the Castle was completely destroyed. (© 


Conwy Castle Wales - Best castles in Europe

6. Conwy Castle

Conwy - Wales

Conwy Castle is a medieval fortification in Conwy, on the north coast of Wales. It was built by Edward I, during his conquest of Wales, between 1283 and 1289. 


UNESCO considers Conwy to be one of "the finest examples of late 13th century and early 14th century military architecture in Europe", and it is classed as a World Heritage site. The rectangular castle is built from local and imported stone and occupies a coastal ridge, originally overlooking an important crossing point over the River Conwy. (cc)


Eltz Castle Wierschem Germany - Best Castles in Europe
© Sergey Novikov

7. The Eltz Castle

Wierschem - Germany

You are cordially invited to Eltz Castle and Eltz Forest - welcome! We have been here for more than 850 years and are doing everything within our means to preserve our ancestral home. Experience the Middle Ages and nature in its purest form! (©Eltz Castle)


Take a day trip to Eltz Castle on the Moselle from Frankfurt to discover this fantastic castle. 


Royal chateau de Chambord France - Best castles  in Europe
© S.R.Lee Photo Traveller

8. The Chateau de Chambord

Chambord - France

1519. A palace rises up out of the swampy lowlands of the Sologne region, on the edge of a forest filled with wild boar. François I, the young king who had garnered glory in the Battle of Marignan, ordered its construction. The Château de Chambord was not intended to be a permanent residence; François I would in fact spend only a few weeks here, leaving it empty of furniture and people after his visits. It was an architectural jewel that the king liked to show to visiting crowned heads and ambassadors as a symbol of his power. Although the château was not completed under François I, it is one of the few buildings of that age that has survived without major modifications to its original design. (©


From Paris, embark on a beautiful tour of Chambord and Chenonceau Castles with wine tasting!


Culzean Castle Scotland - Best Castles in Europe
© Christine Dodd

9. Culzean Castle

Maybole - Scotland

Culzean Castle is the jewel in the crown of the National Trust for Scotland. This grand cliff-top country house was remodelled in the late 18th century by the renowned architect Robert Adam in his trademark neo-classical Georgian style. (© 


Eilean Donan Castle Scotland - Best Castles in Europe
© Phaendin

10. Eilean Donan Castle

Highlands - Scotland

Eilean Donan is for many people, the archetypal Scottish castle and is certainly one of the most photographed. Ruined in the early 18th century, it was restored to all its glory some two centuries later and is now the headquarters of the Clan McRae. (©


From Inverness embark on a day tour to discover the natural beauty of Scotland's Highlands, the Isle of Skye and the iconic 13th-century Eilean Donan Castle.


Windsor Castle - Best castles in Europe
© sloukam

11. Windsor Castle

Windsor - England

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and the Official Residence of Her Majesty The Queen. Its rich history spans almost 1000 years.

The Castle covers an area of about 5 hectares (13 acres) and contains :


• Magnificent State Apartments furnished with treasures from the Royal Collection

• St George's Chapel (one of the most beautiful ecclesiastical buildings in England and the burial place of 10 monarchs)

• Queen Mary's Dolls House, a masterpiece in miniature

• The Drawings Gallery featuring an exhibition (see below for current display) (©


Book your Windsor Castle skip-the-line tickets online and avoid the long queues.


Corvin Castle - Best Castles in Europe
© omihay

12. Corvin Castle

Hunedoara - Romania

Corvin Castle was laid out in 1446, when construction began at the orders of John Hunyadi (Hungarian: Hunyadi János, Romanian: Iancu or Ioan de Hunedoara) who wanted to transform the former keep built by Charles I of Hungary. The castle was originally given to John Hunyadi's father, Voyk (Vajk), by Sigismund, king of Hungary, as severance in 1409. It was also in 1446 when John Hunyadi was elected as the regent-governor of the Kingdom of Hungary by the Diet. (©CC)


Chateau de Chenonceau France - Best Castles in Europe
©Viacheslav Lopatin

13. Chenonceau Castle

Chenonceaux - France

Property of the Crown, then royal residence, Chenonceau Castle is an exceptional site not only because of its original design, the richness of its collections, its furniture and its decorations, but also because of its destiny, since it was loved, administrated and protected by women, who were all extraordinary and who, for the most part have marked history.


Today, its guests, who come from all over the world, discover the quality of its reception, thanks to a free visit or audio guide with iPod video (in 11 languages). (


Hohenwerfen Castle - Best castles in Europe
©Boris Stroujko

14. Hohenwerfen Castle

Werfen - Austria

The mighty castle of Hohenwerfen has towered over the 155 metre high craggy rock pillar above the Salzachtal valley for more than 900 years. The powerful fortifications were built at the same time as Hohensalzburg Fortress and are some of the best preserved late medieval defences and rooms on the continent. Over the centuries they have seen countless attacks and sieges, and several great rulers and lords, such as Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, were held prisoner in the castle. (© 

Bran Castle - Dracula's Castle - Best castles in Europe
© Adi Ciurea

15. Bran Castle

Bran - Romania

We invite you to experience the history, the myth, the intrigue and the magic of this wonderful place and its Queen. We hope that you will carry the spirit that makes us love Bran Castle with you, always. (© 


Schwerin Castle -Best castles in Europe
© Ian Kennedy

16. Schwerin Castle

Schwerin - Germany

An eclectic mix of classic and contemporary treasures of high international rank awaits you, not only in the Gallery of Old & New Masters, but also in the historical ambiance of the three former ducal residences of Schwerin, Ludwigslust and Güstrow.


Visiting the gallery and the castles will take you on a sensory voyage of discovery through the heydays of the Mecklenburg principality. (©


Schloss Castle Liechtenstein - Best Castles in Europe - Copyright Sergey Novikov - European Best Destinations
©Sergey Novikov

17. Lichtenstein Castle

Lichtenstein - Germany

Lichtenstein Castle, in German Schloss Lichtenstein, is a Gothic Revival castle built in the 1840s. It is situated on a cliff located near Honau on the Swabian Alb, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Today, the castle is still owned by the Dukes of Urach, but is open to visitors. The castle contains a large collection of historic weapons and armour. (©cc)



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