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Best Castles in Europe

Best castles to visit in Europe 


Visiting these castles is like diving into our history. Discover the history of kings, of alliances and vendettas, the history of European territories, of wars, regions and nations, the history of those families who have made and unmade Europe.


Book your hotel at the best price guaranteed as well as your best activities and discover the most beautiful castles of Europe

The Aragonese Castle is the most impressive historical monument in Ischia Copyright Yevgen Belich - European Best Destinations
Copyright evgen Belich

18. Aragonese Castle - Ischia


Ischia (Italy) is a paradise on earth; this destination is very much concerned about environment and has a very good touristic offer. The Aragonese Castle is a symbol of this city and the whole region of Naples It is one of the oldest castles in Europe since it was built in the 5th century BC. Book your hotel at the best price and your activities on the beautiful island of Ischia.


Medieval castle Gravensteen (Castle of the Counts) in Ghent, Belgium. Coyright Thomas Dekiere - European Best Destinations
Copyright Thomas Dekiere

19. Castle of Gravensteen - Ghent


The incredible Gravensteen castle is located right in the center of the beautiful town of Ghent in Belgium. This medieval castle is one of the jewels of this city. Come and discover its torture room, its dungeon. The Gravensteen castle is so beautiful! It is not the only tourist attraction : there are many others which can compete with the ones located in the  neighboring towns of Bruges and Brussels. Book your best activities in Ghent and your hotel at the best price in one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium.


Chateau de Chaumont-sur-Loire, France. This castle is located in the Loire Valley, was founded in the 10th century and was rebuilt in the 15th century Copyright Viacheslav Lopatin  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Viacheslav Lopatin

20. Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire


Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire has just been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This fairytale castle is stunning! It is situated on the banks of the Loire.


The origin of this castle dates back to the 10th century. Like many European castles it experienced very rough times and was destroyed by order of Louis XI in 1465. The king wanted to punish  the owners of the castle who had revolted against him. The Amboise family was able to rebuild the castle in the 15th century. Catherine de Medicis owned the castle which she exchanged  for the Château de Chenonceau.


Discover the history of this castle by booking your hotel and your best activities around the castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire.


Cochem Imperial castle in Germany Copyright nattawit.sree - European Best Destinations
Copyright nattawit.sree

21. Cochem Imperial Castle


If you are passionate about castles, Cochem Castle has to be visited at least once in a lifetime. The castle is an emblem of this  beautiful region of Germany; it  overlooks the valley of the Moselle, a magnificent valley of vineyards.


Come discover this millenium castle rich in German and European history. The owners are neither kings or emperors today! The castle belongs to the city of Cochem now. Come visit this castle and book your hotel at the best price in Cochem and discover our selection of the best activities on the Rhine.


Castle Trencin, Slovakia Copyright TTstudio   - European Best Destinations
Copyright TTstudio

22. Castle Trencin


This Slovakian castle, like many European castles, was built on top of a hilll, overlooking the city of Trencin. Today this castle is  protected as a National Cultural Monument of Slovakia. Enjoy a visit and plan your stay in Slovenia by booking your hotel at the best price as well as your guided tour of the castle of the Trencin castle


Blue spring flowers and Predjama castle on background Copyright Sergey Novikov - European Best Destinations
Copyright Sergey Novikov

23. Predjama Castle


Welcome to Slovenia, the ideal destination for nature lovers. The castle of Predjama is recognizable between all; it was built  cliffside  in a cavity  and  it is inaccessible  to any aggressor.


Come  discover this  38 room castle in  nature and treat yourself with a wonderful holiday in Slovenia. Book your guided tour of the castle and your hotel at the best price in Predjana or in Ljubljana.


Miramare castle with vegetation frame in italy Copyright Pablo Debat  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Pablo Debat

24. Miramare Castle - Trieste


The Archduke Maximilian was a refined person; he decided to build this magnificent castle in 1856 in the sumptuous city of Trieste (Italy). This castle is as beautiful from the inside as from the outside. It deserves a visit by its eclectic and unique style. Book your hotel at the best price and your best activities in Italy and come visit one of the most popular castles in Italy.


Lake Bled with castle,Slovenia,Europe Copyright Gaspar Janos  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Gaspar Janos

25. Lake Bled Castle 


Bled Castle is a real fairytale destination. This incredible castle, overlooking Lake Bled is one of the symbols of the region but also of the whole country. Each year hundreds of thousands of visitors go to Slovenia to visit this emblematic place built in the 10th century.They also visit the incredible region that offers the best of Slovenia.


Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday by booking your accommodation at the best price in Bled and discover our selection of the best activities in Bled and the best activities in Slovenia.


Rocamadour, a village in southwestern France. Copyright VanderWolf Images - European Best Destinations
Copyright VanderWolf Images

26. Rocamadour Castle


Welcome to the Dordogne Valley, one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. Rocamadour is a medieval city full of charm on top of a cliff. It is perfect for  history, nature, culture lovers or simply for lovers as it is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe.


Thanks to its position the castle of Rocamadour was impregnable. Don’t miss a visit to this incredible place as well as to the Dordogne Valley. Discover our selection of the best activities in one of the most beautiful regions in France as well as a selection of hotels at the best price


Best castles in Europe - Beautiful view over Marksburg rhine castle braubach world-culture-heritage Copyright Markus Schoeffler - European Best Destinations
Copyright Markus Schoeffler

27. Marksburg Rhine Castle


Autumn,  summer,  winter, or spring, every season is unique to discover the Marksburgh Rhine Castle at the top of one of the highest hills in the city of Braubach in Germany. This castle, built in 1117, has never been destroyed, which is very rare and it is not likely to be destroyed in the coming years : A German association for the protection of castles bought it some time ago.


Come and discover this beautiful castle and book your hotel in Braubach at the best price. Plan your best activities in Germany for a perfect stay in Europe.


Lisbon, Portugal skyline at Sao Jorge Castle in the afternoon. Copyright Sean Pavone  - European Best Destinations
Copyright Sean Pavone

28. Sao Jorge Castle - Lisbon


Lisbon is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe with its hills, its history, its architecture, its River but also its seaside resorts. You will fall in love with this destination rewarded with the title of best European destination.


Located at the top of the highest hill in the historic center of Lisbon, the Saint George Castle "Castelo de Sao Jorge" is the ideal place to enjoy a panoramic view over the whole city of Lisbon.


Discover the best of Lisbon in our selection of the best activities in Lisbon and book your hotel at the best price in the capital of Portugal.


Best Castles in Europe - Scenic panorama view of traditional paddle steamer excursion ship with historic Chateau de Chillon at famous Lake Geneva Copyright Canadastock - European Best Destinations
Copyright Canadastock

29. Castle of Chillon 


Chillon Castle is an exceptional tourist attraction that we invite you to discover during a cruise on Lake Geneva. It is situated near Montreux where you can stay in one of our selection of the best hotels in Montreux. It had belonged to different families in the past but nowadays it is protected and belongs to the State. Come and discover this castle which has inspired many artists including Victor Hugo and Gustave Flaubert.


Best Castles in Europe - Panorama of old town of Dubrovnik in Croatia Ajan Alen   - European Best Destinations
Copyright Ajan Alen

30. Lovrijenac Fortress - Dubrovnik


This fortress which is also called St. Lawrence Fortress is one of the iconic symbols of Dubrovnik. This city inspired the famous TV series "Game of Thrones".


The whole city  is a magnificent playground for lovers of medieval times, wars  and castles. Book your hotel at the best price in Dubrovnik as well as your guided tours in the footsteps of the powerful.


Best Castles in Europe - Swallow's Nest. Crimea Copyright Bessarab   - European Best Destinations
Copyright Bessarab

31. Swallow's Nest 


This beautiful castle located in Gaspra in Crimea  was built in 1912. It looks older than that because it was built in a quite impressive neo-Gothic style on command of a German billionaire.


The castle is  one of the most visited attractions in the Crimea. If you want to get off the beaten track and visit one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, book your hotel at the best price in the Crimea and discover the Swallow's nest. 



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