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Best Christmas Markets in Europe


More than 200,000 of you have voted for your favourite Christmas markets in Europe and for the best sunny Christmas markets and most beautiful Christmas lights in Europe.


The most charming Christmas markets in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and many more, have just been setting up their most beautiful wooden chalets and Christmas decorations. Craftsmen are selling exquisite handmade Christmas items, others are cooking gingerbread, serving warm mulled wine or knitting woollen sweaters, hats and scarves to keep you warm as you stroll around the Christmas markets.


If you're not lucky enough to have a flying magic sled, book your flights at the best price for a dream Christmas in Europe. We also offer millions of accommodations such as a magical stay in the Santa Claus Village in Finland and the best winter activities such as an afternoon with Santa’s reindeer or a guided tour of the Christmas market of Strasbourg.


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Copyright Sergei Zjuganov

1. Tallinn


This year thousands of you from all over the world have awarded Tallinn the title of Best Christmas Market in Europe


It has become one of the must-see events in Europe. The Tallinn Christmas market delights everyone with its coziness, historical location, wonderfully preserved medieval old buildings and long traditions. In recent years, the Tallinn Christmas market has a number of times been elected as one of the best Christmas markets in the world. 


For children, entertainment is provided by carousels and Santa Claus, who distributes candy in his little house to those who are better at reciting verses. At the site, you can buy high-quality handicrafts from all sorts of nick-nacks to practical winter accessories, and you can fill your tummy with gingerbread and with hearty Christmas roasts.


Book your flights to Tallinn as well as your accommodation at the best price and your best things to do in Tallinn, such as a "1.5-hour old town walking tour".

 Opening dates: From 15th November 2020 to 5th January 2021


 Nearest airport: Tallinn


 Where to stay: "Centennial Hotel Tallinn" located in the best part of Tallinn.


Copyright: Fütő Beáta

2. Budapest


Advent Feast at the Basilica in Budapest is your favourite Christmas market in Hungary but also one of your 3 favourite Christmas markets in Europe. The organizers of this event work hard every year to offer you what is certainly one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world. Do you know that Santa Claus himself goes shopping to the Advent Feast at the Basilica?


Christmas spirit sparkles in front of Budapest's grandest cathedral during the Advent Feast at the Basilica. This open-air festive-season market welcomes everyone with delightful gift items, delicious Hungarian and international food such as the favourite 'flódni,' the Hungaricum chimney cake, mouth-watering burgers and a range of fish dishes.


Free attractions are also available for all ages - including ice skating for children (offering skateboarding and weekend skating lessons for kids under 14) in a central rink that surrounds a towering Christmas tree.

Book your flights and accomodations at the best price as well as your best activities and tours in Budapest.


Opening dates: From 20th November 2020 to 1st January 2021. 


 Nearest airport: Budapest


 Where to stay: "Hotel Moments Budapest" offers stylish rooms, wellness facilities and an on-site restaurant.   


Copyright Leonid Andronov / European Best Destinations

3. Strasbourg


You have been voting for Strasbourg as one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe for years now. Strasbourg’s market is your favourite Christmas Market in France and among the oldest one in Europe. It is now set up in the heart of the GrandeIle, a UNESCO world heritage site.


Strasbourg, birthplace of Christmas celebrations, invites you on a true sensory journey to marvel and wander around the 300 wooden chalets set up in the historic centre. The Christmas Capital is ‘the’ place to be. 


Book your flights to Strasbourg as well as your hotel and best things to do in Strasbourg such as a 2.5-hour gourmet walking tour.

 Opening dates: From 20th November to 30th December 2020. 


 Nearest airports: Strasbourg, Basel (1h20), Baden Baden (2h), Stuttgart (2h30). 


 Where to stay:  Stay in the heart of Strasbourg by booking at the "Hotel Gutenberg". This is travellers’ favourite place in Strasbourg.


Copyright: Calin Stan

4. Vienna


Vienna is probably the most beautiful European destination and it is a magical city to celebrate Christmas with the family or with a loved one. Vienna has the best Christmas market in Austria and one of the best Christmas markets in Europe.


From mid-November to Christmas, Vienna's prettiest squares transform into enchanting Christmas markets. The tempting fragrances of Christmas baking and mulled wines make for a truly magical atmosphere.


One of the most well-known Christmas markets is the traditional "Vienna Magic of Advent" which turns the City Hall Square into a shining fairytale land. Christmas gifts, tree decorations, sweets, warm drinks, a carousel and craft fun Christmas workshops for kids are awaiting you.


Book your flights to Vienna and your accommodation at the best price and your best things to do in Vienna such as a Christmas & New Year Concert in St. Peter's Church.

 Opening dates: From 14th November to 23rd December 2020.


 Nearest airport: Vienna.


 Where to stay: Hotel Rathaus - Wein & Design located in Vienna's 8th district. Each room is dedicated to a specific Austrian winemaker.



5. Erfurt


Erfurt's Christmas Market is your favourite Christmas Market in Germany and one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. Erfurt's Christmas Market is located in the medieval town of Erfurt and is undoubtedly one of the loveliest in Germany. The Cathedral Square area is the perfect setting for a magical Advent atmosphere.


Fun attractions and amazing sights are awaiting visitors at the market. You will be spoilt with traditional handmade crafts, delicious treats, Thuringian specialties and exquisite Christmas decorations. Enjoy the enormous candle-lit Christmas tree, a 12m high pyramid and a nativity scene with hand-carved, almost life-size figures.


For magical Christmas holidays in Erfurt, book your flights at the best price as well as your hotel, apartment, B&B or guesthouse.

 Opening dates: From 24th November to 22nd December 2020


 Nearest airports: Erfurt-Weimar, Frankfurt (2h30 hours), Berlin (2h45).


 Where to stay: The Krämerbrücke Erfurt Hotel has an excellent regional cuisine restaurant; it is located in a 13th century building, close to the Krämer Bridge in Erfurt's historic district.



6. Poznan


Poznań’s first participation takes the city to the top 10 of the best Christmas Markets in Europe and is your best Christmas Market in Poland.


Poznań Bethlehem or Poznań Christmas Market will take you to a truely enchanted winter land: a land of ice, snowflakes and Christmas attractions and all of the original features located in the Poznań Old Market Square and Freedom Square during this magical time.


Do not miss the ice sculpture festival: it is unique in Europe! Participants from all over the world will turn massive blocks of ice into works of art in front your very eyes. Treat yourself to unique experiences such as a private traditional Polish food tour or a craft beer and food walking tour.


Book your plane tickets and your hotel, guesthouse, apartment or B&B at the best price in Poznan and discover this magical destination at Christmas. 

 Opening dates: From 17th November to 21st December 2020


 Nearest airports: Poznan-Lawica, Bydgoszcz (2h), Wroclaw (3h).


 Where to stay: "Puro Poznan Stare Miasto" Located in the heart of Poznan, 200 m from the Old Market Square.


Brussels Christmas Market
Copyright: Visitbrussels

7. Brussels


Winter Wonders is your favourite Christmas market in Belgium followed by Ghent, Antwerpen, Brugge and Liège. With its 2.5 million visitors, "Winter Wonders" is the unmissable end-of-year event in Brussels which, for the occasion, dons its festive costume and pulls out all the stops on the menu.


The warm and joyful atmosphere of ‘Winter Wonders’ will surround visitors from all over the world: magical lights from the Great North, cultural and fun activities, original gift ideas and other novelties are awaiting you, making for unforgettable shared moments.


Book your flights to Brussels as well as your hotel and your best things to do in Brussels such as a Chocolate tasting tour.

 Opening dates: From 27th November 2020 to 3rd January 2021


 Nearest airports: Brussels, Amsterdam (1H).


 Where to stay:  Novotel Brussels City Centre, located in the heart of Brussels where the Christmas Market is held.


Copyright Dan Race

8. Aachen


Every year before Christmas the squares and streets around the Cathedral and the Aachen Town Hall are transformed into a paradise of lights, colours, festive sounds and seductive fragrances. The glorious fair in the Christmas City has been erected with great care and sentiment and fascinates both young and old.


It is really no wonder why the Aachen Christmas Market has become an absolute "must" for all people of Aachen and Aachen fans as well. The Aachen Market has become famous far beyond the boundaries of the Aachen region. This is due to its pleasant and familiar atmosphere. People come to the Christmas Market in order to meet their families, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. This happens during the lunch break or after work, during the week or at the weekend.


Book your flights today and your hotel at the best price and enjoy the best prices and the best deals.

 Opening dates: From 20th November to 23rd December 2020.


 Nearest airports: Cologne (1h), Maastricht (1h30), Brussels (2h).


 Where to stay: Aquis Grana City Hotel, a 4-star hotel located just 200 m from the Aachen Cathedral.


Copyright: Cge2010

9. Prague

Czech Republic

The best Christmas market in the Czech Republic welcomes travellers from all over the world each year; they are amazed by the beauty of the city dressed in Christmas colours.


Christmas in Prague has an unforgettable atmosphere. The unique atmosphere of the medieval central Prague makes the Christmas markets at the Old Town Square very popular. In contrast to some bigger markets in Europe, the Prague Christmas market has a familiar feel which somehow makes the whole experience more intense. 


Come discover this Christmas market with friends, family or lover and book your stay and your plane tickets at the best price guaranteed as well as your best activities in Prague such as a dinner cruise.


 Opening dates: From 28th November 2020 to 6th January 2021.


 Nearest airports: Prague.


 Where to stay: "Hotel MeetMe23" features a restaurant & a bar but above all a beautiful fresh and trendy decor.



10. Cluj-Napoca


Cluj Napoca Christmas Market is the most beautiful Christmas market in Romania.


What best describes the Cluj-Napoca Christmas Fair? It is the perfect place for the whole extended ‘FAMILY’: children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. This all-encompassing word is often used to conjure up warmth and happy memories. This is the feeling that the Christmas Fair wants to offer you and every visitor.


Book your flights to Transylvania and discover a region rich in tradition.

 Opening dates: From 23rd November to 30th December 2020


 Nearest airports: Cluj-Napoca, Targu-Mures (2h), Sibiu (2h20). 


 Where to stay: The "Norm Hill Hotel" is one of the favourite hotels of travellers staying in Cluj-Napoca. 



11. Montbeliard



This is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in France. Located in Franche-Comté (Eastern France), the town of Montbéliard - well known for its hospitality - turns into a pure enchantment a few weeks before Christmas.


During the time of Advent, Montbéliard revives the tradition of Württemberg and organizes a Christmas market like no other with 170 lovely stalls full of authentic and high- quality items. Take a tour of the illuminated streets of Montbéliard, marvel at the variety of art and crafts, dance to the music and sing along choral songs.


Book your flights and hotel at the best price for an unforgettable Christmas in Montbéliard.

 Opening dates: From 23rd November to 24th December 2020.


 Nearest airports: Basel (1h), Strasbourg (1h30), Metz-Nancy (2h30).


 Where to stay: Brit Hotel Bristol set in a 16th century building in the centre of Montbéliard.


Copyright: Benoit-Lapray - Justin-Pix / Office-de-Tourisme-de-Metz

12. Metz


This is one of your favourite Christmas markets in Europe and probably the best Christmas market in Europe for family Christmas holidays. Get into the spirit of the festive season and enjoy the warmest of the six markets. Find hand-crafted gifts in the Christmas pyramid and taste the finest gingerbread around.


Have a twirl on the open-air ice-rink, then warm up cold hands around a mulled wine or hot chocolate. Let the illuminations chase away the dark winter days, enjoy traditional treats like the merry-go-round, a walk through the magical "Trails of the lanterns" or stock up on the gastronomic Christmas essentials at the city market hall.


Discover this wonderful Christmas market and book your stay in Metz.

 Opening dates: From 20th November to 30th December 2020.


 Nearest airports: Metz-Nancy, Saarbrucken (1h) Luxembourg (1h30), Strasbourg (2h30).


 Where to stay: "Hôtel La Citadelle MGallery by Sofitel" set in the heart of Metz. The perfect location to discover the town centre and its many attractions.


Leipzig Christmas market - Copyright Daniel Koehler
Daniel Koehler

13. Leipzig


Leipzig is one of the oldest and most beautiful Christmas Markets in Germany. The Leipzig Christmas Market dates all the way back to 1458. Its six areas are set in chime with the fascinating historical scenery of the Leipzig city centre.


With more than 250 twinkling stalls embedded harmoniously in the historic centre, Leipzig Christmas market is not only one of the oldest but one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany. Visitors are offered a multitude of festive delights: treat yourself to culinary delights or explore the city's traditional medieval market.


Book your flight tickets and discover our best deals as well as a selection of the best things to do in Leipzig

 Opening dates: From 28th November to 23rd December 2020.


 Nearest airports: Leipzig, Berlin (2h), Hannover (3h).


 Where to stay: Vienna House Easy Leipzig. This newly opened hotel is situated in the heart of Leipzig.


Copyright Mapics

14. Dresden


It is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, will be one of the trendiest destinations in 2019 and is one of the most charming Christmas markets in Germany.


Glittering lights, twinkling stars, Christmas carols, beaming children's faces, mulled wine and the scent of gingerbread - Dresden's Striezelmarkt has a unique character, despite being in its 584th year. Regional specialties, such as Mountain wood crafts, Lusatian blue-printed fabrics and Moravian stars, are particularly popular. A piece of the original Dresdner Christstollen fruit loaf under the light of the step pyramid of the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) is of course another must.


Book your flights to Dresden and your guesthouse, B&B, hotel or apartment at the best price guaranteed. Live unique experiences by booking your best things to do in Dresden, such as a "Festive Christmas Concert in the Zwinger".


 Opening dates: From 26th November to 24th December 2020.


 Nearest airports: Dresden, Leipzig (1h30), Berlin (2h), Prague (3h).


 Where to stay: Stay in the heart of Dresden by booking your room at the best price at the Steingenberger Hotel de Saxe.



15. Basel



Basel has a deep-rooted tradition as Switzerland’s most beautiful and largest Christmas city, and is well worth a visit every year. Not only the well-preserved Old Town is radiant in the warm Christmas light, but the shops and the facades of many buildings glitter with a golden glow. Roughly a hundred tall pine trees border the streets and stand like brightly lit sentinels pointing the way for the visitor. Particularly recommended is the Christmas market, which is being held not only on Barfüsserplatz, but also on Münsterplatz – one of the most beautiful squares in Basel.


The Basel Christmas Market can be found on Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz, right in the centre of the city and at the heart of the festively decorated Old Town. 


Book your plane tickets to Basel as well as your apartment, guesthouse, B&B, hotel at the best price guaranteed as well as your best tours and activities such as a tour in a vintage streetcar. 

 Opening dates: From 26th November to 23rd December 2020.


 Nearest airport: Basel.


 Where to stay: "Hyperion Hotel Basel", just a short walk from the Old Town offers a sauna and a fitness center.


Copyright: Peter Wollinga

16. Cologne


Advent is the time for Christmas Markets, and Cologne is no exception. The fragrance of baked apples, cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine waft through the alleys, and many other themed Christmas markets invite people to stroll, shop and explore. Several Christmas markets in Cologne have plenty to offer, from selected gifts and individually crafted artisan handicraft to culinary specialities.

You too can savour the unique atmosphere of this metropolis on the Rhine at this special time of year. You’re sure to be enchanted! Book your plane tickets and accommodation at the best price in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

 Opening dates: From 23rd November to 23rd December 2020.


 Nearest airports: Cologne-Bonn, Dusseldorf (1h), Dortmund (1h20).


 Where to stay: "25hours hotel The Circle", one of our top picks in Cologne, the hotel offers a sauna and a sun terrace.


Copyright: Mapics

17. Nuremberg


The enticing fragrance of gingerbread, mulled wine and grilled sausage is hanging in the air at the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt. First mentioned in 1628, its roots probably go back to the time of Luther when the tradition of giving children presents at Christmas evolved. Ever since then, traditional decorations and culinary treats have been offered by the 180 wooden stalls decorated with red and white canvas.


Take a stroll through the festively lighted lanes between the stalls and discover the enchantment of the unique atmosphere.


Book your flights and accommodation at the best price guaranteed and treat yourself to a Christmas City Break in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

 Opening dates: From 27th November to 24th December 2020


 Nearest airports: Nuremberg, Munich (2h), Frankfurt (2h).


 Where to stay: One of our top picks in Nuremberg is the "Sorat Hotel Saxx Nürnberg" situated in the heart of Nuremberg's Old town where the Christmas Market is held.


Copyright: Marché de Noël d'Amiens

18. Amiens


Amiens Christmas Market is the most beautiful and largest Christmas market in Northern France.

Young and old visitors have been enjoying the Amiens Christmas Market since 1997.  With its 130 chalets stretching over 2 km, it has a great choice of gift ideas.


From November 23rd to December 31st craftsmen from France and all over the world offer a variety of handmade gifts, Christmas decorations and delicious delicacies. 


Book your flights and your hotel at the best price and discover one of the most beautiful and largest Christmas Markets in France.

 Opening dates: From 23rd November to 31st December  2020


 Nearest airports: Lille (1h30), Paris (1h30).


 Where to stay: Located in Amiens city centre, Hôtel Le Prieuré is at the foot of the Amiens Cathedral.


Copyright katatonia82 /

19. Seville



Ranked among the Best Sunny Christmas Markets in Europe, the Seville Christmas market is your favourite Christmas market in Spain this year, followed by Madrid and Barcelona.


Each year Nervión's Christmas Market in Seville is visited by travellers from around the world in search of authenticity, tradition, handmade decorations and regional culinary products.


Discover one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe as well as the rich cultural and architectural heritage of this beautiful city where Velázquez was born. 

 Opening dates: From 5th December 2020 to 5th January 2021


 Nearest airports: Seville, Malaga (2.5 hours), Faro (3.5 hours).


 Where to stay: "Sevilla Centre Hotel" featuring a restaurant with panoramic views on Seville.


Copyright Celynnen_Photography - European Best Destinations

20. Chester

United Kingdom

You have put Chester at the top of your ranking of the best Christmas markets in the UK followed by Manchester, Bath, London and Birmingham.


Wrap up warm and enjoy a festive evening at Chester Christmas Market! If you're looking for something a little bit more nostalgic, you are in for a truly magical time. There will be over 70 traditional wooden cottages wrapped around the iconic, sparkling Christmas tree in the heart of the city centre. 


Pick up a delicious, hot mulled wine and browse the unique, locally produced treats and gifts. With handmade crafts, jewellery, clothing, accessories, stocking fillers, local food produce and more. Make sure to enjoy a tasty hog roast bap and stop in the Real Ale Bar for a festive cocktail or a pint of regional cask ale before you leave! 

 Opening dates: From 13th November to 22nd December 2020


 Nearest airports: Liverpool (45min), Manchester (1h), Blackpool (1h20), London Heathrow (3h). 


 Where to stay: "The Hallmark Hotel Chester The Queen", a beautiful Victorian-style hotel in an 1860 estate in the heart of Chester.


Copyright Julien Duval / Zagreb Tourist Board

Advent in Zagreb

European Best Christmas Market 2018

Hundreds of thousands of you voted for Zagreb and made it the best Christmas destination of Europe in 2016, 2017 and 2018! In accordance with our regulations Zagreb was out of competition this year. The capital of Croatia is however more beautiful than ever and will welcome travellers from 30th November 2019 to 7th January 2020 around many events, several Christmas markets, a skating rink and many chalets.


Don't wait for Santa sitting by your fireplace, find him in the city! Make sure you polish your boots before you go because we have in store for you a number of pleasant surprises, including the musical program which will make you want to dance all night long!


Ready, set... Advent in Zagreb!


Book your flights, your best activities in Zagreb as well as your accommodation at the best price in the Capital of Croatia which is also your European capital of Christmas!

 Opening dates: From 27th November 2020 to 3rd January 2021. 


 Nearest airports: Zagreb


 Where to stay: Situated in Zagreb city centre, right next to the Zagreb Main Railway Station, 5-star Esplanade Zagreb Hotel offers a fitness centre and sauna.



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