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Enjoy a Kougelhopf in Colmar!

A traditional Alsatian cake

This brioche cake owes its shape to its mold. One legend (there are many of them about the Kougelhopf ) says that a wizard had left his hat at a baker’s. The baker had had the idea to use it as a cake mold! It can be prepared in different ways: with raisins filled with rum, kirsh, almonds, or even bacon and walnuts. Forget about tourist shops, head to one of Laurène’s favourite shops, (she’s Alsatian and a connoisseur) and taste the Kougelhopfs (also called Kouglofs) in Colmar.


Laurène says a Kouglof is not a dry cake, at least not in her favourite shops! You may be tempted to bring one back home as a souvenir from  Alsace, the idea is good, but enjoy its flavours and freshness as soon as possible. A good Kougelhopf or "Kouglof" is about 20 euros a kilo.


Laurène’s three favourite Kouglof shops in Colmar


The best Kouglof in Colmar is probably made at Richon Pâtisserie Chocolaterie. The cake is delicious with a strong taste of rum that soaks the raisins (this might not please some people). 
Address: Rue Turenne in the district of the Little Venice. 

Gilg Pâtisserie Chocolaterie is  among the most famous Pâtisserie of Colmar, their Kouglof is very soft, the raisins are soaked with Kirsh water which gives the cake a different taste
Address: Grand Rue Colmar, near the Little Venice

Lorber Patisserie is located in the district of « LesTanneurs ».
The pâtisserie offers a pure butter kouglof, it is mellow, generous but a little fatter (it could withstand a trip back home more easily).
Address: Patisserie Lorber, Grand Rue, Colmar. 






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